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  1. I agree thats the downside of the higher spec trim level - the spoiler and mud flaps look tacked on and def going to get dust/dirt trapped inside also. The base econospec looks better but unless you like gun metal or black then will have to opt for 2 tone Yea the 370z Nismo is tempting for me too but I sold mine for £26k so will not be wanting to pay more than £20k. Ideally 1/2 owner. White, silver or red. Market still strong maybe 2024 it drops. I know the new Z wheels are the same size as the Nismo so potentially get a mid miler Nismo and swap the wheels if they are in terrible condition.
  2. If it meant settling for two tone then maybe best to get the premium trim (with the fancy interior, LDSm rays etc) but with the rear mud guards - they actually compliment the rear spoiler somewhat to make the rear end a bit more cohesive. Still prefer the simplicity of the base version tho
  3. I was going to do a post about this which echoes you're thoughts. (Unfortunately) the mono colours are that gun metal grey, black and burgundy (yuck lol) in the base trim with those five pointed star wheels not the Rays ones. I think the look completely changes just by having one bodycolour throughout. Also notice that the hatch rear glass does not have bottom section beneath it painted black like with the two tones. This car is becoming more of a what if tbh real shame
  4. I'm p sure the Japs are offerred a econo spec that's lower then the cheapest US spec. That's the one im referring to and is v cheap considering.
  5. Base cloth seats don't look too bad tbh and passable given the cost saving Aesthetically the rear spoiler/front chin spoiler delete looks cleaner imo This base spec has a different exhaust but tbh the high end trim isnt known for its sound note Think the only omission is the open diff instead of a LSD - but is it really going to negatively affect the driving dynamics esp for daily driving? I'm still confused as to whether this econo-spec is Jap only? That would be better for us intending to import
  6. Had a look into the Jap specs and tbh the very basic spec seems like the best deal 5,241,500 YEN / $40,890 Auto or Manual (Rev match tbc) Pretty much all the exterior colours to choose from Miss out on the suede seats but doesnt really matter esp if you're happy with black cloth (which pairs well with the brighter exterior colours) Better looking alloys (subjective I know) Day to day British cruising no need for the performance add ons, staggered set up. Together with the Auto I feel this would be the best daily driver spec esp in cities. more then enough performance for the price for most ppl Cleaner rear end without the spoiler (subjective again I know) Bose set up on this spec should be sufficient as well as the infotainment esp coming from a 370z Seems like this $40k spec is only for the Jap market not US - can anyone confirm?
  7. I dont think the base manual has the Rev matching tho tbh I prefer the wheel design although the wheel arch gap is a bit big. Plus would be more comfortable around town
  8. Stateside ppl are getting impatient with this now. The longer they leave it the more of a performance gap with direct rivals and other cars that perform same/better at sim pricepoint. Don't think it's special enough to import one over sadly
  9. Just saw a Nissan crossover thing recently in what I believe is the Boulder Gray colour and tbh I think in British weather it looks a bit flat/dull. Could also perhaps have something to do with the model I saw not really being a looker. Could have been a Quashqai? I've seen a photo of a blue 350z along side the new blue Z and tbh the new car is only a shade or two lighter. You have to remember all these shots have showroom spot lights and/or outside in the American sun so it really flatters and makes the colours pop more. I have a feeling the boulder gray and blue won't pop as much in British overcase conditions Given the yellow has a fair amount of pearl in it I think it makes it alot more appealing then Vegas yellow on the Audi S1. Would like to see the car with a front registration plate on it as it would break up the gaping grille somewhat.
  10. I'm likgin that Boulder grey with the blue interior. The grey is light enough to contrast with the gloss black detailing. I think the Blue might be a bit dark but its really difficult to tell without seeing it in real life esp in the British overcast weather.
  11. Having seen those videos I'm starting to think that whilst not a bad looking car, the proportions are more stretched out compared to the 370z giving it a less compact/muscular look. The area above the rear wheel arch is a bit less cohesive/more separated off compared to the 370z which literally has a huge fender flare to it. The new doors look sharper with the angled side creases but the bonnet appears more stretched out. Just doesnt have the same planted, stocky look of the 370z. Maybe they will suprise us with the Nismo. That deserves to be a £50k car, not this
  12. The refurb s work well with the old rays wheel design. Presumably these were in black stock? Has aged well this car. Black def colour to go for for a non Nismo 370z
  13. Hate to agree with you on this one My personal opinion is that its only worth making a left field choice if there is something unique about the car - Alfa 4C with the carbon tub, Lexus LC with its looks. The new C8 Z06 has a ridiculous engine and sound. Still a slight chance the Nismo might be something special
  14. Better off spending an extra £10-15k and getting a LC500 if the new Z comes in at £50k Better resale (V8) , better looking, Lexus reliability and sensible owner history usually, still a rarity, better sounding (V8), nicer interior
  15. Better off spending an extra £10-15k and getting a LC500 if the new Z comes in at £50k Better resale, better looking, Lexus reliability and sensible owner history usually, still a rarity
  16. Do you think its reasonable to presume therefore a newish import from Japan will be late £40s/early 50k mark? I know with inflation and increasing costs but I'm sorry but its not mind blowing enough visually or performance wise to warrant that cost.
  17. Heres a comparison of the Blue compared to the 350z in the familiar blue - seems to have a bit more pearl but ultimately is still a rather dark blue. I think the car needs a lighter shade for it to pop more and contrast with the different accents (wheels, black roof, in takes, diffusors etc) to give it that 2 tone look Leaning toward Boulder Gray (with blue interior) over the Blue now. Silver is a safe option as the katana blade would match up and you can still get away with the blue interior imo Yellow is a risky one
  18. 2022 Nissan Z Spotted!! - YouTube Starting to prefer the look of the base spec without the spoiler - gives it a cleaner look. Plus those five pointed star wheel designs still retain that concave look to them Even cooler debadged imo
  19. Doesnt help also that the silver katana blade only "works" with certain colours - notably the Blue and light Silver car Will this be the only Z car in history that isnt offered in Silver rims?
  20. Boulder (Nardo) Gray looks cool Do you think this is a bit more of a sports saloon colour though - Audi RS, Kia Stinger GTS etc Not sure it works on a coupe. The enlarged rear gloss diffusor does look way more pronounced with these brighter shades or is it me?
  21. Anyone know how long the 350z Super GT was used for until the GTR R35 replaced it? Would give an indication of the R36 release year. Esp as the R36 will replace the new Z racecar above
  22. These real life shots are what we really need tbh Can see why some people won't like the front end. Easier to disguise by getting a darker colour with Blue being the sweet spot. Would def like to see this side by side with an F type to compare size/proportions to give it something to compare it against that we see on UK roads regularly
  23. Already crashed.... 🤥 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdC9gpITuww
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