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  1. Already crashed.... 🤥 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdC9gpITuww
  2. Yellow for me Silver looks a bit dull even in the US sun can only imagine what it would look like in an overcast Britain. Blue needed to be a couple shades lighter and more pop to it like the Forcus RS Nitrous Blue - would have really suited the car. v
  3. I think used car values aren't increasing like they were few months back. The German brands will hold/increase values more. I'm not sure if using the current used Mk2 Nismo prices gives any indication to the potential depreciation of the new Z if one imports one in in say 2023/24. Importing one in could be risky one as it could take a big depreciation hit as by then depreciation rates will have returned to normal and I don't think the car is special enough to generate any buzz/demand. A safer bet would be to wait for a limited run Yaris GR when that comes . As much as I like the new Z y
  4. The 911 is bit of an exception to the rule imo. Also factor the Nismo will come only in two colours (White and Black) whereas you often see GT2/GT3s in Miami Blue, Lizard Green, Lava Orange etc If there were some exclusive Nismo paints offered as well as quad exhausts then I would retract my opinion 😁
  5. Possible issue with the new Z is that a Nismo version will basically contradict the whole retro/minimal aesthetic that were going for on this new version in the first place. Unless the Nismo is like the 370z Mk2 and has a more factory, subtle & less Halfords look to it then it might be a car that is going in different directions. The type R is based on the Civic which is already a fussy design. The Polo/Golf GTI are mild bodykits on an already simple shell. I think that in order to make a new Nismo Z more cohesive they will have to make the red accenting less like they have been bolted on
  6. 2023 NISSAN Z *EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK* - YouTube Looks alright to be fair. They tweaked the front end by making the gaping hole less apparent by making the silver trimmings inside lighter
  7. The 2023 Nissan Z Spotted on Public Streets! [First in World] - YouTube Good video showing real world footage of the production car and how it compares to the 370z facelift, Corvette C7/C8. It is a looker esp in yellow. Front looks good
  8. Wonder if it is possible for them to bring a RHD Jap car over as a test vehicle not ot be sold and also a press car. And then have one dealership be the sole importer/official service test centre
  9. Yes been saying that for a while. Need a low miler or brand new to get an easy resale esp at the £40k mark. Also leaning more to the Manual now for that reason too although the Benz 9 speed auto is meant to be v good. Not sure if its enough of a head turner to justify the cost esp compared to the 370z Nismo. Quad exhaust and a V8 soundtrack would have helped Question is what will you be able to get for similar money in mid 2023.
  10. 2017 Red Infiniti Q60 T S Sport Tech 3dr Auto [AWD] 3.0 for sale for £27,000 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire (autotrader.co.uk) For those that can't wait Sweet spec. Slightly curbed wheels (the worst feature I've always said was the rim design tbh) Obviously the steer by wire might be an issue. Don't think the residuals will hold tbh
  11. Also nitpicking here but unsure of this fender line - looks like its broken and does not run the entire wheel arch
  12. Not a fan of exterior mods but that Katana blade has to go. Needs to be black. Even body coloured would look a bit odd - see the leaked photo of the silver car
  13. Seen a few videos on the car now. And I think the smaller rims 19" make it look more classy given the trend for oversized wheels which is getting ridiculous now (Type R, Audi S lines etc) . The proportions seem spot on. The long bonnet gives it more of this coke bottle look that reminds me of the new Ferrari Roma esp in the yellow. The videos help you appreciate the car more then the photos esp ones shot backstage or on the street. As mentioned before it would be nice to know what colour options for wheels they have (exclude the bronze as that will be limited). I think the black wheels work
  14. Blue desperately needs silver rims. Wheel not only compliment the katana blade, z badge, exhaust tips but make the wheels look bigger esp with the wheel arch gap. Bronze rims from proto would look sick too tbh
  15. Not bay side but similar. I saw an f type that colour yesterday local to me parked on a driveway and when I say it from the side it looked just like the Z.
  16. Whilst the blue is nice I don't think it distinguishes the car from the rest of the pack. Yellow for me if the stars align come 2023/24 lol
  17. Close call. Depends what kind of look one is going for. The pearl yellow makes it look more exotic/supercar-ish. White is a Nismo colour . The darker colours will make the car slimmer then it is - as mentioned it is longer but narrower then the 370z by losing those muscular wheel arches. Passion red is nice but only Italians stuff like Alfas, Ferraris can pull it off. Same way how a z4 or TT don't pull off red. Silver looks smart. Just think that due to the rarity on UK roads it's best to just go for it
  18. 2 things from this video: The new car has much much less pronounced wheel arches compared to the 370z. The darker colours will "slim" down the car even more. Def less muscular but more beautiful (no homo) at the same time Yellow > Blue. If one is bringing one over here with the wait, expense etc then best to get something that doesnt resemble anything at the price point. This would be four times less the cost
  19. It's either the Yellow with the black interior or blue with blue interior. What would you lot go for?
  20. We will likely NOT see the full pallet of exterior colours imo just a fully loaded (non Nismo) model shown which will prob be the best way to spec one. Eager to see the blue. If its a Lexus Fractal Blue or Porsche Miami Blue then I would take that over the Pearl Yellow.
  21. Hard to fault that. Love that it doesnt look bloated like the new Corvette and that they kept it fairly trim for a supercar
  22. Nice photo. But maybe a bit flattering since this is one the best angles you can shoot it at (other then side profile) - it conceals the gaping front end
  23. When it comes to supercar aesthetics and design we are def in a dark era tbh. Nothing compared to the 90s
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