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  1. There are a number of points raised in all the above comments but the facts still remain that Martin went to a lot of trouble to organise this event and was let down I travelled all the way down from Northamptonshire and intended to turn up rain or shine I didn’t buy my 350 6 years ago to keep it in the garage and push it out on a Sunday to polish it and I use it everyday winter or summer. I personally enjoyed the day and it was great to meet other members so well done Martin.
  2. The paintwork on the Candy Apple respray 350 at the Ace was stunning although so recently painted it was still soft and no I didn’t test it, the bronze wheels really set it all off.
  3. After traveling down from Northamptonshire it was disappointing that about half who said they were coming failed to turn up although reasons such as having a baby and your car failing it’s MOT was understandable so congratulations to one member and commiserations to the other, Martin who organised the event must have been disappointed but didn’t show it so huge vote of thanks to him and for those who didn’t arrive you missed a treat who would have thought that a 350Z would look so fantastic in Candy Apple Red. 🤗
  4. Thanks but have decided to come straight down M1 to Brent Cross then around the 406 and hopefully not miss the turning like last year.
  5. Coming down from Northamptonshire so if you see me on the M4 I am lost so give me a wave 🤷‍♂️😏
  6. Hi Davey please put me on the list although I should say it’s my birthday day before so I might still be high from a mixture of rennies and sanatogen 😏
  7. it’s good to see the numbers picking up as those who organise these events need all the support we can give them to make it worth all their efforts
  8. I am a bit confused.com I thought I had seen time at the Country Park as 10am or was that just wishful thinking on my part 🤷‍♂️😂
  9. Thankfully it seems as if someone has come to my rescue as my IT skills are somewhere below zero on the ability scale, so thank you.🤗
  10. wish to attend 350z CK06ACK thanks
  11. Is a wetsuit going to be necessary if not I will definitely try to get there this time but will go straight there as not needing any gardening items at the moment if you decide to go to multi storey hideaway then let me know thanks.
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