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  1. yes although not the silver it’s that grey/silver it’s apparently a 56 up rev model although didn’t realise that until a member of the club told me at one of the Melbicks meets last year mind you only had it 6 years 🤷‍♂️😂
  2. Cheek I bet you are assuming I was born in 1966 🤷‍♂️😏
  3. I have mentioned on the Facebook 350z sites that it was unlikely the 2023 Ace meeting would go ahead and it certainly generated some interest from owners interested in going but we know from last year that on paper there were quite a number going to attend but only 7 did on the day. 🤷‍♂️😒
  4. You did a great job and clearly I am disappointed it’s not likely to happen this year but thanks for the memories. 🤗
  5. yes I 100% agree and have been to every one since I joined the club, it’s not that difficult to get to although couple of years ago I missed the turning to Park Royal and nearly reached Wembley before able to turn around, as a venue what more could you need motoring history, decent cafe and toilets, problem last year there were an awful lot of members said they were going but didn’t turn up and worse still not say they weren’t coming, your car looked stunning and loved the colour and wheels combination.
  6. Great looking car and just in time for Japfest in April
  7. Having looked at the Ace Cafe list of planned events over the coming months and beyond would it be fair to assume there will not be a 350z meet at this iconic cafe this year which would be understandable given the poor attendance last year.
  8. I hope no other club members are having the same problem I am having with Kelsey Media I was sent an email from them before Christmas confirming my payment for the Japfest event but no ticket attached as stated so I emailed them to ask where ticket was and had an automated reply stating they were closed until 3rd January which was fine but then the same email has been sent to me continuously since 24th Dec every day I am receiving over 30 same emails per day from 6am until late at night, bloody annoying to put it mildly. 😡
  9. Hi Andy Thank you for adding my name to the list I guess from past shows you remembered I am IT illiterate amongst other things although did manage to change the spark plugs 🤷‍♂️😹
  10. well I have sorted advanced as now had an email confirming I have purchased a club ticket however the ticket was not attached to the confirmation as stated but hey ho it’s Christmas 🎄
  11. Not sure whether anyone else having difficulty with purchasing tickets I have been on the site filled in all the details referring to club etc paid the £23+ but then nothing no reply nothing but can see on my credit card the payment has been made, I have emailed them but so far no reply 🤷‍♂️
  12. Thank you all for your seasons greetings and I have to say that over my many many years I have belonged to various clubs but this is the only one I have felt I have belonged and I owe it to all those I have met since joining after purchasing my Zed 6+ years ago, there were some great meetings this year and I am looking forward to our meetings in 2023.
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