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  1. George1966

    Rattle noise

    Suddenly developed a strange rattle noise when braking sounds like coming from front drivers side, not all the time and has done whilst braking from relatively slow speed. Anyone any ideas the car is September 2006 and has just done 40,000 miles.
  2. Does anybody know whether a Pioneer AVH-A3100 DAB stereo will fit in a 350z and can anybody recommend a competent stereo fitting company.
  3. Having returned from Aberdeen late on Friday night I woke up feeling very unwell and absolutely gutted not to have made it to the meeting as I had been really forward to it since the meeting at the Ace Cafe. I apologise to Andy and all those who clearly worked hard to organise the event which having looked at the photographs was another outstanding success.
  4. Firstly could anyone recommend the best interior cleaning product for the dash etc of my 350z which will not result in it looking more plasticky and clean evenly. Also can anyone suggest a new stereo to replace original cd/cassette player which will fit straight in without any modification and a company to fit it as electrics not one of my strong points.
  5. Hi Andy James, reference your question my reg and colour, CK06ACK and colour gunmetal grey.
  6. I shall make every effort to attend but as live within 1/2 an hour drive will not need accommodation I shall also encourage a family who live in my village who have 2 x 350s and a 370z to go I did manage to get them to go to Coventry last year. I would also like to say I enjoyed yesterday at the Ace Cafe although a shame more members didn’t attend as the organisers put a lot of effort into arranging these meets and generally keeping the club going and one way of showing your gratitude is by attending these events. Please put me down as a yes for the Museum, thank you.
  7. Will come back from Scotland early to be there, great meeting at Coventry last year, will encourage my friend who has 3 z’s in their family to go as well he did last year, already looking forward to Ace meeting
  8. Enjoyed previous meets there the place is an icon in motoring history so what a great place for a iconic car make.
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