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  1. Nickbee

    Side repeaters

    Hi all Look, I have no side repeaters! The previous owner thought 370 repeaters were a straight swap so just had the wings resprayed as they were. I know a bodyshop just needs to bore a hole to get the 370 units fitted, but is doing it now going to mess up the fresh paint? If so it might be safer to drill a smaller hole for standard 350 ones. Asking a bodyshop is the obvious solution but without an indicator to actually show them I don't suppose they'll be able to say. Cheers Nick
  2. Hi all! I thought I'd drop back in with an update, sorry it's been a while. I tried the WD40 thing to no avail so ended up taking it into a local performance car specialist to get it up on ramps. The squeak was just one of a number of noises but the one far easiest to capture on camera. When I booked it in I said "it sounds like something's disconnected" and I wasn't far wrong. One of the lower bolts in the suspension hadn't been tightened up properly and everything was moving about. Cut off and replaced, and all the weird noises; the squeaking, the banging, the grinding, have sto
  3. Reading it again I think you're right.
  4. It's on HSDs, but no idea how old they are. I have the standard setup too but I don't know if they're decent. Get rid of a squeak by oiling it? Sounds almost too easy 😂 Thanks, I'll give that a go before spending any money.
  5. No, no. I've massively overpaid for it. But that's done, so now I have three choices; move it on for a loss; live with a car with more faults than I'd like; or get to work fixing them. Neither of the first two are acceptable so I'll just have to fix it.
  6. Hi all Niggle no.1 on my Zed's long list of niggles to address is this squeaky noise: https://youtu.be/x4PXkoudheg I'm thinking of changing the droplinks first in the hope it's a cheap fix, but does anyone advise differently? Thanks
  7. For anyone interested I just reported this to the DVSA who were very interested in what I had to say. Having had the car fixed, I can't present it as evidence but I do have a couple of photos which I am sending over too. 👍
  8. I went for Eagle F1s. It was a toss up between those and PS4s
  9. I picked up the car today having had the work done. The manager there has a history of Japanese cars (primarily S-bodies) so I asked him his thoughts on the Zed. Condition-wise it's not perfect but "one of the better ones we've seen", he's very comfortable that's it's mechanically sound and general opinion was that it drove very well (I'm not quite sure how many had a go 🤔). So aside from remaining gentle on the new brakes, I had the confidence to push slightly harder. There are still a few squeaks and groans over bumps that I hadn't expected but a lot of the noise has disappeared
  10. Thanks @Azurez33 and @Mikey_S The underside is rusty but it's a Japanese sportscar and having come from MX5s, I'm hard to shock with rust but I don't know how bad it is by 350Z standards. The rear arches do have signs of rust - a few small bubbles and you can see an orange tint to the paintwork on the nearside. I've been under the car and got pictures when it was being inspected so I'll look at those videos and compare. I get very attached to cars and I'd bought this expecting to keep it long-term but I'm gong to have to think carefully about value versus expenditure
  11. If only, but it was a private sale so I'd be harassing an MOT centre 400 miles away about an check they performed for the previous owner. I really don't think I'll get far. I fully accept I took a bit of a risk, lessons learned and all that...
  12. I dunno, either it was MOT'd by Stevie Wonder or the tester turned a blind eye for a pint. It's a shame as a clean first-time MOT was a big reassurance when deciding to take a gamble. My guys wanted to instigate some sort of formal procedure but we're outside of the two week period. Angry though I am making a call will not get me anywhere and then I'll end up even more annoyed. The things that need replacing are things that would probably get done eventually anyway. I'm trying to look at it as upfront running costs! The work's being done tomorrow, so I'll l
  13. Well, I visited my local F1 centre over the weekend. It should never have passed its MOT early last month, they were quite angry. Needs 4 new tyres, rear discs and pads, a new wheel bearing and a replacement track rod end. When the car's up in the air you can literally shake ithe wheel about so hopefully the bearing is what's causing the noise. £1400 in the first week - if it doesn't solve the problem I'm in even deeper. I don't think it's been garaged but I won't be able to garage it either (mrs bee won't sacrifice the gym). There's definitely rust underneath, it ain't
  14. @ShortPaul well, I reckon at some point it's had a cheapo respray, there are points where the paint is peeling to reveal other paint beneath, if it carries on it'll need re-respraying. And then there are the noises. I know these cars make the occasional weird noise but much of the time it honestly sounds like something's falling off, to the point where I was on my hand and knees at the roadside earlier. I think my first proper drive will be to somewhere with a ramp! I have spent a lot of time staring at it out of the window though.
  15. Hi everyone I just bought my first Z - a yellow GT4, 115/176. I fell in love with it in the advert, so bought it unseen from a private seller in Scotland and had it shipped down. "That sounds like a stupid idea" I hear you say. Well, yes it was: I'm fairly sure that it's a complete dog. It does look nice in photos though. Anyway good to be here, I'll need all the support I can get. Nick
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