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  1. Had my de engine zed since 2012. Never had to top up between changes.
  2. Good luck Andy. Nissan hate paying out for anything as i've discovered.
  3. Looks great mate. She all fixed up after Japfest then?
  4. Glad to see you with the bike mate nice bike as well. Soooo much cheaper on running costs like you say and there is nothing that matches the freedom you feel while on a bike. I have to fix mine sometime lol
  5. don't worry - it won't stay that way long - we're off to play tomorrow - shame you couldn't make it There'll always be next time hopefully. Hope so mate, was a great day today. Thanks as well car was lovely and clean till after today's run lol.
  6. Mark Sorry i've been behind with things lately. Catch is on its way
  7. Got mine mate. Cracking! will get the other one back ASAP.
  8. wizurd

    My Supra

    Bad earth somewhere?
  9. wizurd

    My Supra

    Reckon it could be a coil? I don't know if supra's run one coil pack or those ones on each spark? Sounds on and off though so loose or a going connection? I'm not an expert as you can see lol
  10. Change my post since didn't answer your question lol. You can retrain in most things. It's just the cost to retrain while you're earning pittance possibly. IT isn't too hard to get into and a few years down the line you can be earning decent money. But it's not all that rewarding as I find it, but then everyone's different
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