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  1. WhackyWill

    The 2015 F1 chat thread

    A few photos from Mark Sutton Malaysia. http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/12603192/life-lens-lewis-hamilton-wally-brolly-malaysia
  2. WhackyWill


    No I've been down this road with my son at Uni, he had to get his own license.
  3. WhackyWill


    OH..I got a TV in the car that has Freeview, will my home TV license cover it..
  4. WhackyWill

    BTCC 2015 Thread

    All Kicks off at Brands this weekend. Who's going. ? http://www.btcc.net/ http://www.brandshatch.co.uk/calendar/2015/april/btcc-45-april-bh.aspx Also on live on ITV 4 on Sunday 10.30 am.
  5. Almost the exact same happened to me once but I have a mate who owns a skip hire firm so I called him and we put a skip 2" from the guys drivers door so he couldn't get in... Actually thinking about it, it might have been an old Jag and it might have been another mate who owns a cement mixing firm and we filled the car up with cement..... really hard to remember all the bullsh!t to be honest... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk :lol: :lol: :scare:
  6. WhackyWill

    Who do you think Won..?

    Ive been stuck on a tube for over an hour and a half...I reckon they deliberately stopped people watching the debate by leaving them underground..!! :scare:
  7. I had a brand spanking new Escort XR3i back in the eighties. After picking up a number of dings by stupidly parking in between other cars in Supermarkets I started parking in remote areas of car parks. On this particular day I parked several rows away from the nearest car but when I returned to my car there was a white "Marina" style shed parked next to my XR3i , a fresh dint in my door with white paint on it. The Shed had very little life left in it so there wasn't much I could do....apart from............. . Pete Using the Terminator..!! :scare:
  8. WhackyWill

    How many miles do you rack up a month?

    2 tanks of fuel at 14.5 MPG..
  9. Welcome to The Land of Zed.
  10. WhackyWill

    Who do you think Won..?

    Its all kicking off again this evening. Either ITV or Sky News at 8.00pm. Live Debate.
  11. Have you got a job at McDonalds Will? Well no not yet..but this is the bit I don't get...WHY IS ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS, such a Election issue how may students who work at Mc D are really going to make a difference, it cannot be just that.. :scare:
  12. I'm not sure what you're asking here mate? Clearly a contract of this type is not aimed at you: It's aimed at minimum wage workers in cities, who will do pretty much anything at the lower end of the wage scale. Company A needs 10 people for a shift at Generic Fast Food Restaurant, they call 20 people the day before telling them to come in, 5 don't bother showing up but 15 do. They employ the first 10 to arrive, the other 5 get sent home. In that case why has every media made it such a Major Election issue.
  13. OK. But am I getting paid a retainer then awaiting your phone call for me start work well you have employed me....
  14. So why would they employ me then..No guarantee of work.. :scare:
  15. How does that work..!!! :scare: