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  1. veeg33

    Newbie near Brighton

    Hello and welcome
  2. veeg33

    My First Z

    looking great! Hello and welcome
  3. I'll take one mate, please PM details for payment.
  4. veeg33

    Shemima Begum?

    No chance!! None of her interviews shows any signs of remorse, not a single bit!! ISIS has lost all their territories and influence......she wants to come home, I'm sure she'll carry on staying there if ISIS is on top of their game and her husband is still fighting.
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    What have I just bought?

    Nothing to see here???? Welcome and hello
  6. I'll take one please at this price =) Treating myself.
  7. veeg33

    New to Z ownership - Herts

    hello and welcome
  8. veeg33

    A few post MOT questions

    I pick them up from their shop as I drove pass it when I went down to Derby to get my exhaust from Tarmac. My mechanic is in Huddersfield, it's next door to my work hence very convenient for me to drop off in the morning, and pick up after work. Note that the price might be more if you just wanted disc/pads swap. I went there for MOT, oil change, diff oil change, gear box oil change + disc/pads hence got a good discounted price =)
  9. veeg33

    A few post MOT questions

    No worries, i only checked the description when you asked Not a bad price delivered
  10. veeg33

    A few post MOT questions

    Yes, they are. The sizes in the description says 324mm front, 322mm rear. To confirm, check this post https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/57827-brembo-disc-sizes/
  11. veeg33

    A few post MOT questions

    Had all my brake and discs replaced recently, got them from AZ-Parts Wakefield (£220 ish for 4 discs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-NISSAN-350Z-FRONT-REAR-KINETIX-DIMPLED-GROOVED-PERFORMANCE-BRAKE-DISCS-SET-/252898413495). They are Kinetic (some say they are the same factory that produces for MTEC brakes). Brembo pads from ECP (around £50 all 4 sets using discount code that they happy display on their main webpage). I also purchased some pad shims from Clark Motorsports (i can't remember but around £25 ish for 4 shims) Labour of £15 per corner to swap by my local mechanic. All in for £355, hence around £177.50 for just front. I don't track my zed hence any decent make will do. Drove just over 1000 miles since I replace them. Braking improved compared to my previous discs and pads (unknown brand). edit - i got them kinetix as they looked nice (grooved and dimpled)
  12. veeg33

    Hi from Herts

    Hello and welcome
  13. I would say just try all your best to avoid dispute with neighbours........they are nasty (very nasty) when thing goes wrong as seen on Nightmare Neighbour Next Door Unless you can be nasty too, you'll soon give up and move house.
  14. I would check it myself but zed is not with me at the moment. It seems like my switch is almost on it's way to the scrap bin, gave it a wiggle, cleaning and reattach the harness, it seems to be working for a few days and it starts thrown lights up again hence don't think i can ignore this further =) I can't remember it this is a 4 pin or 2 pin switch? Anyone has one handy to confirm or any changed one recently can confirm? Price difference between 2 and 4 is double (£12.99 for 2 pin, £45 for 4 pin). Many thanks in advance.
  15. veeg33

    ABS fault

    Few easy fix to try.... 1.) As Headphones stated, check the brake switch - You can easily get to it, its just behind the brake pedal. Before you buy a new one, try disconnect and reconnect it firmly. If this doesn't help, get some contact cleaner and reconnect. Finally, buy and replace with new switch. 2.) If no1, doesn't fix that, check all brake lighted up when pedal is pressed. If bulbs not working, you might want to check them (Assuming they are normal bulbs, there should be 2 filaments in it). 3.) Make sure brake fluid is topped up to max. Not so easy + expensive fix 1.) ABS pump needs replacing. 2nd hand from Zmanalex is around £250 ish, then around £200 ish labour to replace + fluids.