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  1. First time on a forum

    Hello and welcome
  2. Hi all!!

    Hello and welcome
  3. I tried Ebay but not gumtree. However, I might keep it now As from further research, i can fit a forward facing child seat in the zed. Just need to go test one to firm up the decision to keep it. I don't really fancy selling it to be honest. Seen many going for more especially traders with worst history and ugly (not to my taste) mods. I had few interest on this but they bought something similar but closer to them hence this is still here unfortunately. Further more, I'm not in a rush to sell it. I would rather keep it, buy a cheap banger for nursery runs than selling at such low price. (just an excuse not to sell it )
  4. Hi to all, New to the Forum

    hello and welcome
  5. Decat Performance Gains Pros/Cons

    Just decats pipes alone won't gain any without an uprev and your EML lights will be on all the time. Only gain will be a bit increase in exhaust volume. As above, the get the full potential, you'll need all those other mods before uprev.
  6. Car cover ... Maybe??

    IMO, the main issue is old deteriorating rubber seal on our old zeds You can try to recondition them --> https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gummi-Pflege-Rubber-Stick-100ml/dp/B007TNOQDI/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_263_lp_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=MRA818TY51PE4NAQ0JE2 Mine improves a little bit after using this and I suspect they 14 years old seal has passed it expiry date.
  7. Windscreen washers not working

    Not sure if they have the same t-joint (splitter) as the 350z, faulty no-return valve can be the issue. This can be a cheap fix with a non-valved t-joint. Few quids from Halfrauds.
  8. Windscreen washers not working

    Blue print do them as well but at around £31 - Part number ADN10311. I think purchasing in the UK for slightly higher price will benefit from returns if they are faulty. USD$9 is cheap.....once you add duty and shipping (assuming they are willing to ship to UK) it will be around £15-£20.......
  9. Fuel Filler Flap in Azure Blue

    That's what I remembered as well, plastic cap vs metal body work........not easy to get them to match. I'm assuming car manufacturers have sort of sorted this issue now but not 10 years ago.
  10. Fuel Filler Flap in Azure Blue

    I don't think it has been resprayed IMO. I've seen a few Azure and most of them suffer the same issue, looks odd from different angle and doesn't match the car. Hence I think another filler flap will have the same issue.
  11. The worst day

    Condolences to the family and sorry for your loss. Not an easy one, been through 3 deaths (close family member, due to illness) last year. Things happened too quickly and until today, I still thought they are around. You guys are doing a great thing by supporting the family, respect!!
  12. I

  13. Good luck and hope you'll get is sorted soon so that you can start enjoying the zed.
  14. Have you spoken to Alex? He might have what you are looking for.