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  1. Y pipe should help a little, about 5bhp to 10bhp ish after remap. I won't expect much tbh.
  2. Hello and welcome
  3. ^^ - beemer is a little magnet =)
  4. It's called --> If you want a 2nd hand one, Alex should have it
  5. I'm sure he have them in stock and could delivery next day if you can get to him early
  6. Hello and welcome
  7. Sorry boys n girls, can't make it =( have fun and have a great drive.
  8. I wish i had £63k spare in my offshore bank account , it will be a great buy for a lucky person!! GLWTS Alex!!
  9. Have you try ZMANALEX?
  10. Hello and welcome
  11. Old McDonald like to sue.....yi ya yi ya oh......sue sue here....sue sue there, here sue there sue very where sue sue........
  12. 580 type works, this is the one that Halfords, EuroCarParts or GSF have in stock if u ask or search. T20 or 7443 will come back with zero result on their website. Bought 2 for a fiver as it is always recommended to swap both sides else the older one will give up soon. (don't know the science behind it) The bulb I have replaced seems to be from factory as it has same supplier name (Ichikoh) on the brake lights. If it is, they lasted 13 years =)
  13. It's only £2 for them 380 bulbs, and I've ripped then off the packaging before I check what's actually in the casing hence I can't return them anymore. I did some digging, I think T20 = 7443 = 580 are all the same type of bulb. As all the search I did on T20 and 7443 linked them to 580. I'm going to a local auto parts shop later to check and will report back. I took my LED facelift rear lights out and replaced it with the old ones, one of them are not working as one of the filament is snapped.
  14. Should have checked here first =( bought 380 off eBay and it doesn't fit my 04 UK zed. Bugger!
  15. Hello and welcome