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  1. veeg33

    Best beginner DSLR camera

    Depends what you fancy carrying around what type of photography you are doing. A basic DSLR with kit lens should be a good start, Nikon or Canon will be pretty much equal in performance. Main difference would be where the buttons are but if you are new to DSLR, don't think it matters as you'll learn how to use them from zero. The entry level DSLR kit usually come with 18-55mm lens which is OK but as soon as you are into it, you'll probably need a new lens and things can go expensive pretty quickly. Another options is to get a 2nd entry level DSLR from Ebay and see if you like it. Entry level DSLR depreciate pretty quickly, for example, Nikon D5000 with 18-55mm lens for less than £200. I think this should do what you described in OP.
  2. veeg33

    Flyboy Mirror Fold Module - cs2000

    Arrived on Tuesday, now just sat in my garage waiting to be fitted
  3. veeg33

    Weird engine RPM when I put my foot down

    Thanks guys!! I'm likely to go for the like for like Exedy + LUK DMF
  4. veeg33

    Veeg33's slow dose of Zeditus......

    Zed passed MOT without any advisory!! But starts to have early signs of clutch slipping =( hence need to edit my Christmas wish list. Will very likely go for a like for like replacement, Exedy clutch + LUK dual mass flywheel. Just for my own record - Engine oil, diff oil, gear box oil + molyslip, disc + pads change at 85,800 miles. Edit - Just checked my MOT history......I've only did around 1650 miles since last MOT. This is mainly wife was on maternity from Sept 2017 and I've been using her company car mainly
  5. veeg33

    new exhaust needed

    I can recommend Invidia Gemini B), just had mine fitted at Tarmac Sportz HQ in Derby. Just a tiny bit louder than OEM but much deeper/solid tone. I'm still on original Cats.
  6. veeg33

    Bose Stereo works after a while....

    Tape deck works fine for me - I purchased a cassette adaptor to plug it into my mobile
  7. veeg33

    Bose Stereo works after a while....

    I suspect when the previous owner put his zed for sale, he/she might have swapped the unit back to the original Bose without care? Maybe remove the head unit and check every connection, or the head unit itself is faulty which means a good excuse to get a new head unit
  8. veeg33

    Weird engine RPM when I put my foot down

    Oh dear........parts + labour will be similar to a remap + parts
  9. I think this started a few weeks before I change my exhaust. I felt it but wasn't sure. But after exhaust change, this seems to be getting more and more obvious hence I did some trial to confirm. I hope this is not related to the new exhaust, just purely coincidence that it happen at the same time. Cruising at 20 mph, on 3rd gear. Put my foot down on the accelerator, without downshifting to 2nd. Engine RPM shoots up rapidly about 1000RPM to 1500RPM, then decreases about 500-700RPM and then slowly raises up again as the car accelerate. Or sometimes when I shift to 2nd gear (low speed at around 15mph to 20mph), similar thing happened, shoots up rapidly and decrease 200-500RPM before continue to accelerate as per normal. Will the pedal dance sort this out or maybe not? --> Can't afford a remap now as just paid for a full exhaust system + W-brace + side diffusers. Before remap, I'll need to purchase more stuffs (HFC and plenum spacer) hence easily another £1k including remap
  10. Interesting stuff guys...... I can see this is going to expensive. I like the ideal of motion sensor for doors. My house has alarm but not at the rear garden door. Will looks into this further, which I did earlier. The MiHouse I think by energinie, a hub to control everything and integration to Nest. I guess the possibility is endless with this technology, replacing all the switches and sockets with smart ones and have few Alexa in the house.
  11. I've looked into Hive before I then moved to Nest after some research. I found out yesterday I have a S-Plan heating/hot water system (I think). And I like the idea of the Nest thermostat is wired to 12v rather than batteries. Hive have 3 devices whilst the Nest have only 2. For £40 more (Screwfix), I can have the LCD display turns on every time it senses movement. If I were to install it again, I would say 1 hour to 1 hour 30mins. Pretty cool stuff really, this is my 1st smart device and I've been looking into other smart devices. I've just purchased a set of 3 wireless socket adaptors. Wanted to buy the Echo Dot too but delivery is Jan 2019 hence that has stopped me for being more lazy.....
  12. well, maybe you are correct........
  13. It's pretty easy once I've tracked the cables going into the original programmer. Got a quote this morning from a 'Pro Installer' near me, £99.00 including VAT.......That's extra £99 in the pot for mods on my zed
  14. After an hour tracking the existing wiring, I've managed to install this and now fully working