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  1. Hello and welcome :wave; I would check HPI to confirm this is not a Fairlady import if this worries you. Visually it looks like a UK but they can be swapped. Have you physically seen/viewed this zed? Good luck
  2. Just saying hi

    Hello and welcome
  3. 350 Roadster Newbie

    Hello and welcome
  4. 350Z Front Bumper wanted

    Year and model of your zed?
  5. Manchester Krispy Kremes and Blade Runner?

    Surely these can be entered into next year's calendar!!!
  6. So it begins!

    Hello and welcome
  7. M3 Owner from Yorkshire!

    Hello and welcome As Paddy mentioned, you can join one of the meets. Mine is up for sale at the moment (only in this forum at the moment, hence might still be around when you are ready to make a purchase). Link to sales page is on my signature below.
  8. Bluetooth module missing

    I have one of this in since i own my zed 3 years ago. Still going strong https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/in-Car-Audio-Tape-Cassette-to-Jack-AUX-for-iPod-Mp3-iPhone-Converter-Adapter-UK/9002560570?iid=201949727238 However I'm not sure about the current rules, I think it will still be illegal to use your smart phone (to change music) whilst driving or waiting at traffic lights. Hence I never touch it even when my phone is on a windscreen mount to avoid getting a ticket.
  9. Bluetooth module missing

    As above, our zed can't stream via BT. It is mainly for making and answering phone calls. However, they are not very compatible with new smart phones, difficult to pair and connection not very stable. If you are handy with tools, soldering iron etc, you can have a go to fit an AUX cable --> Next best thing is to replace the head unit completely with something more modern, Android ones are pretty good with plenty of apps.
  10. Budget 50' TV

    I've been looking at these Hisense for some time, seems like a good buy. Picture quality was pretty good and sharp when i view them in store, but not sure about reliability as they are not in the market for over 10 years i think. http://ao.com/product/h50n5900-hisense-tv-silver-49755-108.aspx They are pretty cheap for the spec they offer. With lots of spare £££ left. However, i always go for Samsung =) http://ao.com/product/ue50mu6120-samsung-tv-black-50970-108.aspx with £1 spare to spend on your zed
  11. Owner to be

    Hello and welcome You know where to look now when you are ready =)
  12. Hi From sunny Stafford .....

    Hello and welcome If you after a 350z, mine is up for sale at the moment -->
  13. Front handling issue - HELP please!!

    You change only 1 side? what's the thread like on the other side? Also is it the same P Zero on the other side? Change the other side too and I suspect it will fix the issue. Zeds seems to be very sensitive with mixing tyres (different make or different thread depth) especially on the same axle. Seen a few members here having some issue but resolve once they both tyres are matched.
  14. I'm sure there are smaller ones? Use MDF board and add little wheels below should be portable =) £1500 way too expensive IMO. 10% of that will get you something ready made and decent on Ebay, but not sure about build quality.