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  1. veeg33

    Veeg33's slow dose of Zeditus......

    No mod added to the zed but managed to convince the missus to keep the zed =) happy days. Gave it a good wash and wax today ready for the winter! Jet wash, pre-wash, jet wash, snow foam, jet wash, 2 buckets, jet wash, dry, black hole, buff, superwax, buff...... 2hrs in total. Still need to sort out the front headlights, most likely will remove it and send it to a body shop to sand down and respray. Near future mods before Dec MOT, invidia gemini exhaust and dimple & grooved disc all around. Potentially by end of Nov or early Dec..... Xmas is going to come early this year
  2. Does the steering wheel has cruise control? I just need the silver surround if they are in good condition.
  3. veeg33

    Flyboy Mirror Fold Module - Group Buy 2018

    Go on, I'll have one since i'm keeping the zed now =) 1. TubbyZ 2. Shire 3. Foo56 4. Veeg33 5. 6. 7. 8.  9. 10.  
  4. Oh well.....at least you are still building something...that's the main thing
  5. veeg33

    Nothing surprises me any more

    Enough evidence there to sue them.......!!! Could end up really bad...... %&*!!
  6. veeg33

    Wow this is beautifully done

    I want one now!!
  7. My zed is going for MOT in early Dec 2018, last year i have an advisory on front disc. Hence decided that I'll replace them before MOT this year to avoid MOT failure. I'm not tracking the zed, mainly daily 6 miles commute + occasional nursery runs so won't be going for anything fancy, just some standard fairly reasonable stuff --> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-NISSAN-350Z-INFINITI-G35-FRONT-REAR-DIMPLED-GROOVED-BRAKE-DISCS-BREMBO-PADS/262954137855?epid=575719122&hash=item3d3949b8ff:g:e~UAAOSw42dZGwW4:rk:2:pf:0 Seen a few reviews here, but was dated many year ago hence asking if anyone else have these on their zed or accumulated more miles (the last I've seen was no issues past 6,000 miles). Assuming my current disc have shims on (front and rear), i believe i can reuse them. However, if I don't them on current, do i need to buy specific sets like those CMS are selling or just generic Mintex MBA30 will do the same thing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MINTEX-CERATEC-LUBRICANT-GREASE-AND-4-ADHESIVE-ANTI-SQUEAL-BRAKE-PAD-SHIMS-SHIM/251292559571?epid=539320072&hash=item3a823428d3:g:OEMAAOSwd4tUHVex:rk:6:pf:0
  8. veeg33

    Busters new toy

    Hopefully will see this zed in person soon at Derby =)
  9. veeg33

    Foggy headlight resolution

    Longer term alternative (provided they are not foggy from the inside) - Remove both headlights, send it to a body shop. They will sand it down and spray another few layers of clear coat (hopefully with UV paint). Should last you another 3-5years. I've been quoted £30 each side so £60 for the pair.
  10. veeg33

    Anyone tried these? (Cheap backbox)

    Try find a 2nd hand backbox for around £50-£100? I remember seeing one for sale in the Birmingham area. Or if you can spare £50 ish per month........0% interest with Tarmac Sportz
  11. veeg33

    Key Fob stopped working! HELP!

    Check the circuit board carefully, sometime the battery contacts are corroded, covered with battery acid or leaked battery acid has short circuited the board. Give it a clean with contact cleaner or scrape it out. If still not working, buy a used key fob from breaker. Buy a used one, swap the key blade and the immobiliser/transponder chip 'black rectangular carbon looking bit'. Or if yours looks better, just swap the circuit board around. Reprogram it to you zed again and you're done. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Nissan-350Z-Navara-Almera-Micra-Primera-XTrail-2-Button-Remote-Key-Fob/263368279530?hash=item3d51f905ea:g:IVIAAOSwAHtaJyMl Note: You can only reprogram the unlock/lock function of the key fob yourself on the zed as per instructions link above. The immobiliser can only be done with a device which will cost you £100 to £200 each time.
  12. I need to buy some and start on mine!!
  13. veeg33

    My current makeshift night wash bay

    Lidl has some dual LED on tripod on Special buy a few weeks ago. I think they were £30.
  14. veeg33

    I like mince pies.....BUT SEPTEMBER!

    i love minced pies..........maxed out by end of Sept!!