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  1. veeg33

    Newby from Southampton

    Hello and welcome
  2. veeg33

    New Member

    Hello and welcome
  3. veeg33

    Ducktail Spoiler - Sourced & Group Buy Available

    I'm not sure on the boot if they are different shape or not but I think they should be the same as it will be expensive for Nissan. I'm sure guys here will appreciate your heads up to avoid complications after purchase. I know i would
  4. veeg33

    Ducktail Spoiler - Sourced & Group Buy Available

    i could be wrong but the main pics showed the diffuser on standard 370z rear bumper whilst the pics above is on a Nismo version hence probably why the diffuser needs to be chop to fit?
  5. veeg33

    coilovers collapsed

    Holy molly.........looks like that's a major quality issue!! Potentially metal they used are not to specification. Lucky you are testing them on speed bumps not motorway as i suspect heavy breaking will have enough force to bend them!!
  6. veeg33


    Some pics below of my current CCTV system. Only have 2 cameras hooked up at the moment. Also caught a low life b@st@rd trying our car doors hoping to find one that is unlock. He's been trying everyone's car door as few of us caught him on CCTV. He's a regular as he has gloves, hoodie and scarf on. And a bottle of wine on the other hand.
  7. veeg33


    I have a HIKVision 2.4MP camera with 1TB hdd. They are set to record if there is any motion as default hence 1TB will be plenty, the only issue I have is spiders building their web near the camera lens, it moves when it has some wind hence recording almost all night (only visible at night). I have to clean it every other day but I'm planning to buy a spider repellent spray. Their mobile app is pretty simple to set up and use for live view or remote playback. The only downside on the DVR is lack of wireless however I overcome this by using a WiFi range extender that has a network cable. But won't be an issue if your home router is nearby 5MP 4k quality is around £315 but 2.4MP will be just over £200. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hikvision-5MP-CCTV-KIT-4K-Ultra-HD-DVR-Dome-Camera-Fix-Lens-Home-Security-System-/273203154679 Something to consider for an upgrade will be to replace one camera (main front entrance) with 'starlight' camera. This will be give you full HD coloured video at low light which will allow you to read car number plates and better at human face ID (night IR lighting will 'flash' out the number plate as they are reflective, as you can see in the night image above from Marzman)--> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-Starvis-WDR-60M-IR-1080p-CCTV-Bullet-Camera-Varifocal-HDTVI-HDCVI-AHD-UK/322487066172?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D50545%26meid%3Da7c5970143e0429f822934308f7267b0%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D322480248365%26itm%3D322487066172&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  8. veeg33

    Photography and a change of camera.

    I see your point there, older tech will struggle as you'll usually have only 1 window of opportunity to shoot wildlife (not with a rifle) Looks like an upgrade is unavoidable I struggled with my camera when i was shooting at my mate's wedding in a church.......it was so annoying that most of my pics were out of focus and grainy (when i pump up the ISO). I was on the edge of getting a newer body (D800 or something newer) but decided against it as i wasn't going to do this as a business.
  9. veeg33

    Photography and a change of camera.

    i personally think mirror-less will work well with landscape, for animals/birds you'll still need a telescopic lens but mirror-less will benefit from a lighter smaller body. Phone will never be able to replace telescopic lens. Found this pretty interesting article --> https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/best/mirrorless-cameras-for-wildlife-and-bird-photography/ I'm still holding on to my Nikon D90 =) old camera that doesn't really perform well in low light but good enough for what I need (portrait and street). When you say not happy with the pics you have taken, what's the issue? poor AF performance?
  10. veeg33

    Photography and a change of camera.

    What sort of photography are you doing at the moment? With smart phone doing so great at the moment, i'm constantly thinking if i should just get a good smart phone (Huawei P20, Samsung S9, Sony, IPhone, etc) and sell all my DSLR kit. Compact mirror-less is good for portrait and street photography imho.
  11. veeg33

    New Mats

    The look good but need to make sure they don't move about whilst your are driving as they will cause the accelerator pedal to get stuck.
  12. veeg33

    Pay at pump story

    More like an excuse to avoid embarrassment of putting £5 fuel in but still wanted to go viral with her complaint.
  13. veeg33

    Advice Needed - Check Engine Light

    Some info here --> https://my350z.com/forum/engine-drivetrain-and-forced-induction-diy/524603-o2-sensor-simulators-complete-guide.html
  14. veeg33

    Advice Needed - Check Engine Light

    When you said no sensor, did previous owner removed the O2 sensor completely? If so, i would check the connector for the 02 sensor. I might be wrong but suspect the previous owner replaced the sensor with a dummy connector with a resistor across it to cheat the system thinking there is a sensor, the resistor is now faulty hence your zed is giving you an engine code now.