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  1. veeg33

    Stolen 350z

    Really unlucky for you however used zeds are going for good money now compared to 2 years ago. I saw range of £6k to £7k for above 80k miles on the clock (DE), HR goes for more money. All the best to you and get max payout soon
  2. veeg33

    Stolen 350z

    Sorry to hear this mate! Sounds like one or few 'a'ssh0L3 decided to play with a 350z just because they can (https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/19343805.gang-live-stream-stealing-car-social-media/) or has been used a a get away vehicle. I'm guessing they put rear wheels on a dolly and pulled it up a flat bed. Ask for CCTV footage in Tesco, they might captured your zed doing donuts in there before it got dumped there when petrol runs out. My colleague's zed was stolen few years ago from a house burglary when he's at work. Police found the car few days later dum
  3. I'll just keep sending it down until I don't have any lense left 🤣🤣
  4. Headlights have been resprayed 4 years ago, but still can't get away with from oxidation. Quick MeGuiar's headlights restoration kit, Autofiness One Step with DA polisher, 5 coats of Turtle Wax ICE. Will try to top up the wax every week and hope this will last longer.
  5. Sorted out my seal belt too on passenger side, not retracting back smoothly. A quick forum search - cheap DIY to sort it out. All working as it should now.
  6. After 4 yrs or so sat in the garage cupboard, I've finally printed out the installation instructions. Took 20mins or so to install, but 30mins to figure out what's going. Everything works great when I first tested it, both connectors plugged in without door card assembled. Removed both connectors to put the door card back on, assemble everything back on.....you guessed it 🤦🏻‍♂️ everything stopped working. Could not figure out what's going on. Thought the fuse has blown, checked and it wasn't. Removed the fuse and replace again, the module works again. Hence decided to hook the door card back o
  7. Emissions should be OK. From what I read, one of the reason they don't bring this into EU is this below "In 2021, the EU will give a fine to any manufacturer who sell a car with more CO2 than 95 grams/km will get a 95 euro fine times the amount of units sold by the manufacturer that year" Not sure about taking this into UK privately, assuming you'll just pay road tax to the latest tax band.
  8. One neighbour walked pass and made a comment 'You are always tinkering with your cars'. Lots of activities for the past month. Rocker cover on my zed, then brake pads on my missus's car, and my car again today. 🤣🤣
  9. One issue after the other. Drove to McD 2 weeks ago on a nice hot summer afternoon for drive thru 🤦🏻‍♂️ noticed the air con isn't cold anymore and engine temp starts to climb. Lucky the queue wasn't bad, managed to pick up my order and start driving again. Temp drops back down immediately. Thought I might have some air pockets in the cooling system as I've removed the cooling pipe from the plenum to swap out the rocker cover. Got home and popped the bonnet to have a look at coolant level in the expansion tank, seems to have dropped from Max and about 0.5cm from Min. I also suspected the coolin
  10. I would recommend fairly liquid + water. Spray on both surfaces, headlights and also the film (sticky side). Lots of water to stop it from sticking when you position/work on the film. Start from middle and work you way out with a squeeze or credit card. Once you 'squeeze' the water out, the film will stick to your headlights. Depending on the film quality, you want to consider to either cut the film to size ie no folding at the edges or 3-5mm extra to fold it. Both have their pros and cons. To size - No risk of edge unfolding due to film not sticking to headlights well but you migh
  11. I guess that's the price to pay if you don't know a good honest mechanic.
  12. Not mod related but swapped both cam covers today as a found cylinder no6 leaking when I was trying to diagnose misfiring issue with my zed. Research shows that oil in no6 cylinder is always due to oil seal on the cam cover have given up. Unfortunately, the oil seal is moulded into the cam covers hence it needs drilling out to replace. A new seal kit cost about £230 (all 6 seals). I can't be asked to drill them out when I can buy full set of cam covers + seals + shiny new bolts from Zmanalex for only £250 delivered next day. This is my first major DIY on the zed. Did some research
  13. Replaced them covers today, probably picked the wrong day for it. Way too hot to be working on the zed today, sun burnt as I was under the hood got a good 4hrs in total. All went well, started the zed and still misfiring 🤦🏻‍♂️. Drove it around to burn out all the oil left in cylinder no6 which previously had oil leak in it. Didn't stop the misfiring. Back to basics again by unplugging one coil pack at a time. Guess what, it cylinder no5 🤦🏻‍♂️ started playing up. It was the connector. When I wiggle it a little, the misfiring stopped. Took it off and give it a quick clean with conta
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