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  1. You'll be fine unless you really really want that extra 5mm to fill your arches.
  2. Check all them as it wasn't mentioned, there isn't many of them.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A-Premium-Front-Right-Window-Regulator-Motor-for-Nissan-350Z-Z33-Skyline-V35/163699495383?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D58649%26meid%3Ddb3f6f5c47eb4572a01aa8c4bdb9a059%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D173702791417%26itm%3D163699495383&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 EBay's specials should work if not (link above, check when they arrive to ensure it has the reset button, as mentioned, black nipple on the round metal casing) or buy from Alex for 100% correct part. If you are swapping it alone, i recommend duck tape to stop the window from dropping, use lots of them to stop it dropping whilst you are replacing the motor as you'll pretty much unbolt everything that's holding the window up. If it has moved or dropped, you'll need to reset it which can be a pain.
  4. My money is on the motor. Had this issue for about 2-3years and finally got an eBay's special motor to replace. Mine was working fine all year and will stop working every now and then. I tried to fix them previously by cleaning the motor and last year the motor finally give up. Whilst i got the motor out for cleaning, i greased up all the mechanism thought it might be one of the cause but after few months the motor stopped working again. If you do get an eBay's special (£25-£30 each), remember to get one with a reset switch as some of them comes with none. Its a little black nipple on the round metal casing. While you had the door card out to find route cause, might as well swap the motor since you already had them in bits. Mine's a 2004 zed as well and i should had just swapped the motor 1st time removing the door card to clean the motor.
  5. Hello and welcome you might struggle to get decent reply here as the site you are referring to is a US dealer. Most of us here is in the UK.
  6. Since the zed is in, got him to sort out the front headlights too, sanded down and sprayed with clear coat..... Nearly as good as new. No more home DIY sanding, buffing and sealing again for next couple of years. And I wash n waxed my zed to give it a complete new look
  7. Still awaiting 'engineer' s' report to be submitted to my solicitor, it is almost 3 weeks since he came! He spent less than 5 minutes looking at the damage and took some pics yet can't produce a report in 3 weeks. Very slow! In another news, my rear driver arch is now sorted, no more rust and full of wax
  8. I'm sure the cable has been chopped (velux window) I'm pretty 100% sure this table belongs to a dentist......2nd picture of the drawer gave it away (typical tools to remove a wisdom tooth
  9. Nice one guys. Don't think hackers have a specific look they are everywhere. I did try to find list of devices connected to my router but can't seems to find where to look for it. Will try again, but since I've changed my password, the Roku TV is not appearing again when I search with my phone to mirror. Will make some changes to make it more secure. No problem at all @ATTAK Z
  10. I always project stuff on my phone to my smart TV so that my daughter can see it (holiday videos, etc). My understanding - Both my TV and phone needs to be the same Wifi connection for it to work. To connect, I just need connect to my home WiFI, select 'Wireless projection' on my phone, it will then search for my TV which is hard wired to my router. Found my TV, clicked on it and it connects within few seconds. Recently, when my phone search for my TV, my phone showed another device 'Roku TV' and my 'Samsung TV'. This prompted me to suspect my password has been hacked and this 'Roku TV' is on my WiFi. I've change my WiFi password and since this 'Roku TV' doesn't show up any more. My questions - Will my phone search any random device when I wanted to project wirelessly? Or my suspicion is correct that my password has been hacked and some has been connecting and using my WiFi. If he/she can do it once, i'm sure they'll do it over n over again which means i need to change my password regularly
  11. Looks like you got another new project new welding table and vise to refurb/restore



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