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  1. Buying my Zed Saturday

    Hello and welcome
  2. Kids in passenger seat

    From my research, any child seat that uses the seat belt to secure it on the seat will work. However, there isn't a switch in the zed that you can switch the airbag off hence making it illegal. You can remove the fuse or add a on/off switch to the airbag system, however you'll need to declare this to your insurance and I suspect they are very unlikely to accept this. And for all those reason above, I'm selling my zed to get a 4-door car =(
  3. Worth buying Nissan Manual Transmission Fluid?

    Don't get them from stealership!! OEM will work perfectly with Mollyslip. or Clark Motorsports will do you a deal.
  4. Passed MOT yesterday with an advisory on front disc brake (consumables which can be fixed easily), my mechanic told me it could last a few more MOTs as I'm only clocking around 2k miles a year. 13 year old and still going very strong!! I never tracked my zed and not planning to hence will not be replacing it with high spec disc and pads, OEM works perfectly for my driving. OEM front disc and pads will cost around £150 hence I'm happy to reduce selling price to reflect on this or if you want I can sort this out at full asking price (I'll be doing the work myself) All MOT history can be tracked here -->https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/

    Which model/year is your zed?
  6. New Member

    Hello and welcome
  7. "relay crime"

    I agree with ilogikal1 ^^^ A simple press on the key to unlock can only be a pain if both hands are occupied with child/shopping/etc, i can see this being useful in these occasion. If you hands are just dangling around there before you enter your vehicle, why not give it a press to avoid your car being stolen? Knowing that you can prevent a car theft, can this be used against you when you make a claim? 'I disabled this feature as I can't be asked to press a button to unlock my car, hence left it as it is and I'm now a victim of relay crime'. If it involves putting keys in the keyhole to avoid my car being stolen, I'll do it!! Technologies is supposed to make life easier, not lazier
  8. "relay crime"

    I wonder if the victims can claim the manufacturer?? To me, this is a manufacturer's issue as their current system can be breached easily. I won't buy a vehicle that I know I will need to spend more on security because of relay crime. I wonder what the insurance company's policy on this? 'We are not paying out as this is a manufacturer's design flaw' Pretty sure the next time we fill up the questionnaire, we'll be ask if vehicle has keyless entry/start fitted.
  9. https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/117982-for-sale-clutch-and-flywheel-combo-kits-10-in-stock/#comment-1748915
  10. Definitely he has some deal going at the moment which might suit your needs.
  11. Good God...why.......

    He's got some 'balls' to do it
  12. Playtime Cancelled

    Winter rally maybe??
  13. My Dad

    Sorry for your loss. Great pic
  14. First post by roadster newbie

    Hello and welcome