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  1. Great advert and that's way too cheap mate!! If i have spare £7,500 now, I'll buy it!! GLWTS
  2. Hello and welcome That's really low mileage for 2005. Good find!!
  3. Thanks guys! Much appreciated @LRF4N @CAL-85 @marzman
  4. Ladies and gents, Looking to get a contract hire/lease, any recommendation please a part from Ling's cars? Don't think I'll keep the car at the end of the lease hence not going to PCP. Just pay monthly for 48 months and return as my company has a policy - no older than 4 years old. Few in mind at the moment (£380 to £400 budget) with around 17,500 miles per year, and good boot size and overall vehicle not too big in size 1.) Merc C-Class C220d AMG Line 2.) Audi A4 Avant S-Line Avant 3.) Jaguar E-pace D180 AWD - Seems to be on the top of my budget hence might drop down to just 2WD thanks =)
  5. I'm familiar with the 350z fob and can confirm they can be recoded. If the 370z uses the same/similar parts, it can be recoded. In the 350z key fob, there is a black rectangular block about 1.2cm long x 0.3cm width x 0.3cm height which can be recoded as long as it is still functional. I went to Malaysia for holiday and took my keys there to clone for a 2nd spare key. My dad knew an auto locksmiths hence I went there. He showed me the whole process --> place original key onto a machine to copy the code --> go a piece of black block out from his stock --> paste the code into new block --> check both key and new block to ensure both is transmitting the same code --> insert new block into spare key --> cut new key --> Done. Dealership in Malaysia chargers similar to the UK Stealership here, I had mine coded and cut for £25 at mate's rate (I supplied my own fob that i purchased from a breaker here in UK as he don't stock UK fobs). Charges around £50-£70 normally including aftermarket fob. He said the high price is to pay off the price of the decoder machine which cost a fortune to buy. My assumption is Nissan dealership will send you key off somewhere to be cloned.
  6. I hope not.........I'll need to sell my kidney and liver to fund it.
  7. Small mod yesterday, swapped the brilliant OEM air box for a JWT popcharger.... Loving the 'pop'....... Purchased from a fellow forum member, being re-oiled with K&N hence it has turned red rather than blue. 99% sure it's placebo but my zed accelerated a tiny bit better.
  8. There's no black hole as the world is flat
  9. Start a new 'How to' page here --> https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/35-guides/
  10. IMO, it all depends on how you use them. Regular day to day commuting, these will be more than adequate. I recently swapped all 4 corners with Ebay specials discs + brembo pads from ECP (50% discount code back in Dec 2018). All in was less than £260. Been driving around 2000miles since, no issues at all and braking power improved slightly but probably thanks to new pads and disc. I went for dimpled rather than drilled as drilled tends to crack but again, IMO if you don't heat cycle the disc often, it should be OK. Ebay specials - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-NISSAN-350Z-INFINITI-G35-FRONT-REAR-DIMPLED-GROOVED-BRAKE-DISCS-BREMBO-PADS/262954137855?epid=575719122&hash=item3d3949b8ff:g:e~UAAOSw42dZGwW4 Assuming it will be similar for 370z
  11. Hello, I'm assuming all bits needed for the popcharger to fit my standard DE engine is all present? All i need is just to swap parts and fit them? If yes, i'll take them. You have a PM
  12. veeg33

    Engine noise

    Can't hear much apart from nice exhaust sound...........sorry
  13. Ok - Here's how I summarise this.....few tanks of Momentum99 then a tank of V-power to clean them up.....repeat the cycle



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