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  1. New coil pack in, everything seems ok after the swap. Will just have to drive it around as per my usual routine and see if any more misfiring.
  2. Small update after I have some time to diagnose. Checked the coil packs whilst the car is misfiring, used the screwdriver method to listen for spark ticking sound. Not easy to start but managed to hear one that's not ticking. 1st coil pack, driver side closest to front bumper. Removed the spark plug at the same time just to check. Swapped the driver side coil pack with passenger side, confirmed the offending coil pack. Order one for collection on Tuesday to swap it out. Hopefully that's the solution.
  3. I checked the coil packs by disconnecting one at a time, but thinking about it now, it might not be misfiring when i checked them hence I could not identify which cylinder is playing up as each one I disconnect made a change in engine noise. Car passed MOT today, with lots of luck for Zed's god, the misfire went away when it was on for emission test. Mechanic checked everything he could at that time and found nothing. Guess what, I started to misfire when I drove off..........lucky it's lockdown now meaning I can do without my zed for now. I will do the coil pack/ plugs check again this weeken
  4. MOT tomorrow, so I'll leave it to the mechanic to diagnose the issue. My money is on injectors at the moment.
  5. Not so great after all. Back to square one. Took it out for a drive and 5 mins into the drive, misfiring again. Makes me think it could be wiring issue? but that doesn't explain why swapping the MAF sensor seems to fixed that issue. Or having a think about it, is my electric system sending high voltage/amp to the MAF when i drive hence it has short my MAF sensor? If that's the case what's next? But this doesn't explain why the misfiring suddenly goes away whilst waiting at the traffic lights. Going to chuck in a bottle of Redex since i have one in the garage.
  6. After some advise from Alex aka ZmanAlex, I've managed to get hold of a spare MAF from an ex-colleague that lives 15mins away from me. His zed is in pieces now (engine rebuild) and far from being complete hence he has kindly borrowed his MAF sensor. Start up with current MAF sensor, misfiring. Switch off, swap to another MAF sensor, no more misfiring. Switch off, replace with old MAF sensor, misfiring. Swap again to another MAF sensor, no misfiring. I think this is now pretty conclusive that my MAF sensor is playing up.
  7. Was ok until Friday when I was doing nursery run =(. Started up normal, drives normal, started to misfire when I stopped at a traffic light about 3milea away from home. ECU reset at daughter's nursery, no luck. Drove slowly back to house, 2 miles in the zed is alive again. Cleaned the MAF again yesterday and also cleaned and oiled my popcharger at the same time. Assembled everything back on, started up normal, 2mins in the misfiring starts again. Maybe wiring or loose connection somewhere? I wanted to get a new MAF to try but no stock within my area (GSF or ECP). Hoping someone or @ZMANALEX ca
  8. I'm glad to see your updates!! Keep them coming when you have spare time away from your day to day job!!
  9. Nice weather today hence decided to check what's causing the issue. Remove MAF sensor, cleaned with contact cleaner, reassemble - OK at start up but start to misfire again after 5 mins. **edit - Someone on google search said best to leave it to dry for 20-30mins (which i didn't follow as i thought contact cleaner fluid from the spray usually dry up quick) Remove engine cover and strut bar - Start up and disconnect one coil connector at a time. All of them made a change of engine tone. Did a ECU reset and start up again...… No more engine light and car is idling normal aga
  10. Small update - started the zed up to try to get a better video. Car started absolutely fine and normal. Managed to warm up until engine speed dropped to below 1k rpm, all good. Did a quick around the block, no problem. When I reach home, reverse to my drive. I noticed engine warning light, P0300. Turn engine off, then on again. The same idle issue came back. I guess I need to unplug each coil to identify which one to replace or could it be the MAF?
  11. Driven about 7k to 8k with it. Vibration seems to change with engine speed, higher rpm higher vibration I wasn't dare to put my foot on the throttle, incase I might damage something. Mine doesn't normally smell so rich or petrol. Standard cat with Invidia Gemini exhaust.
  12. Standard clutch and flywheel replaced around 5k miles ago. Vibration higher when I touch the throttle to rev up the engine. Started the zed again, heavy smells of petrol from the exhaust. I will upload video in next 2-3mins.
  13. Thanks mate. It's a DE. Plugs were swapped before I purchased it. Only says spark plugs on the service invoice hence no idea but will remove them to see what they are this weekends. Spoken to a local mechanic on phone when I book my mrs's car in for annual service, he don't think it will be coil packs since I'm not getting any warning light. Will try/rest what you mentioned above over the weekend to diagnose.
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