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  1. You can only program lock/unlock yourself without any equipment. For starting up car, you'll need to clone the immobiliser hence an auto locksmiths. I heard Nissan charges around £300 for a new key all programmed in. Cheaper option is to buy a 2nd hand key (£20-£30), replace the key blade (£5 for a blank, £15 to cut), get an auto locksmiths to copy/clone the immobiliser (around £100).
  2. For oil, i always go to OPIE. They do a bundle of oil and filter. I usually go for Fuchs Titan + K&N Oil filter. Diff oil and gear box oil + molyslip I usually go to @Ewen@Clark Motorsport.
  3. Let me know when you get bored with it, i'll buy it off you next
  4. I know that feeling!! I'll probably do the same to have my remote lock/unlock working. Mine failed MOT yesterday, but they have accepted that what they think was structural, was actually not true. They updated the system and gave a pass. Unfortunately the 'Fail' is now recorded. So my zed now has a fresh 12months MOT. Good luck in getting it sorted.
  5. Still having issues with your remote central locking by the sounds of it? Try going to auto electrician--> Autolec HD in Hudds (2 Colne Rd, Huddersfield HD1 3ER) are pretty good.
  6. Garage has accepted this and gave a pass.
  7. Many thanks Alex. I'll see if I can talk him to accept this is not structural and can be removed without replacing.
  8. Having done some google search, looks like that's a kidney braces? and the part i need to replace is the one above is board assembly - rear floor? Would be great if you guys can confirm how easy it is to replace these 2 items? I have access to tools and ramp to replace the if they are easy enough? Probably the toughest will be the rusty bolts and nuts.
  9. Just failed MOT this morning, this parts needs fixing or replacing. Anyone had similar problems and how do you sort it out? Was it a big job (sub-frame out, exhaust out, etc) or something as simple as replace the part (without removing other parts) ? Passenger side has corroded, driver side still OK but if they can be replaced, I think both needs replacing at the same time. @ZMANALEXdo you have parts if it can be replaced?
  10. Nice one, didn't know they have this. Will look into this
  11. Not my cup of tea/coffee, love child of Ford Fiesta (front) and a Renault Megane (rear)
  12. ^^ I'm with Dan on this, voting Tory to get Brexit done and dusted. Also not keen with Corbyn for PM.
  13. veeg33

    Best hoover

    Addition to that ^^ , if you can wait for Aldi or Lidl special buy. They are usually around £60-£70 with 3 years warranty.
  14. veeg33

    Best hoover

    I've been looking at this from Argos --> https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8815785 Seems to be good value for money.





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