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  1. Nice one, thanks @Keyser Don't think I can borrow my wife hence will do the same as rabbitstew
  2. Yeah, I've read about etching and using industrial polishing machine to prep it which puts me off doing it myself as renting the machine is well over £100 per day . Thanks for the info.
  3. Off topic but interested to know what you guys used for garage floor (brand) and what prep work is needed @Keyser @rabbitstew.
  4. veeg33

    350z x Tesla

    Interesting.... One for @gangzoom to consider next maybe? https://insideevs.com/news/365753/nissan-350z-tesla-motor-world-first/
  5. I have been removing the door card pretty much every year prior to swapping the motor to clean the motor but it gave up eventually. Takes about 10-15mins to get to the motor. I think I know which one you are on about. If I remember correctly, the new motor came with it. I think they are designed to be fitted once unless you can get your fingers behind to pinch and remove it. I think I cut it out with a wire cutter. If you are talking about the connectors harness to the switch, you'll need a flat head screwdriver to press a little tab whilst at the same time pulling it out.
  6. They are pretty straight forward if you are good with tools. Nothing tricky, there are few 'how to' in the forum. I can't remember which one i used but instead of removing the window completely, I used masking tape to hold the window in fully closed position before i start removing bolts that are holding it. I find it safer compare to removing it and place it somewhere safe whilst you replace the motor. Or if you can get someone to hold it for you but he/she must not let go as it will drop into the door and get damaged or end up in pieces. Similar procedure --> https://nicoclub.com/archives/350z-diy-changing-the-window-motor.html I think i used this one as guide to reset -->
  7. I went for this one for passenger side - Still going strong after 7 months. Just make sure you get the one with a reset button, which makes life easier. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Window-Regulator-Motor-Front-Left-For-Nissan-350Z-Z33-Skyline-V35-2002-2009/183510741412?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  8. Mine started to drop automatically when I start to have issue with the window motor. First symptom was not dropping or going back up when i press the switch. Sometimes it drops, but refuse to go back up unless I manually pull it up by hand. I did try to refresh the motor by removing the housing and give it a quick clean with contact cleaner. Works OK for a while and issue starts coming up again. After 6-8 months, eventually the motor starts to get worst, dropping automatically especially when door is open. I have to manually pull the window back up to fully close before i shut the door to ensure fully sealed, but after awhile it will still drop by 0.5cm to 1cm creating a leak and I can hear it at around 60mph onwards. Anyway, in the end, i swapped a new window motor (ebay specials) and everything is working as it should hence no more dropping automatically. Hence i guess your next step is to get a new motor installed and take it from there.
  9. Local bodyshop in Huddersfield called GW Bodyshop. Insurance company wants to send me to a bodyshop in Bradford but I told them to use my local bodyshop as this is just opposite my work.
  10. Zed is back from the bodyshop with a new front driver wing, refurb front driver wheel and full front bumper respray including the lip/splitter. They also polished the whole car Collected my car last Friday but the gap between headlight and front bumper is big ish (noticeable), took it back in Monday morning to sort it out. Can't be any more happier!
  11. This is the seller i got it from --> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Window-Regulator-Motor-Front-Left-For-Nissan-350Z-Z33-Skyline-V35-2002-2009/183510741412?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Don't bothered with the instruction that comes with it. And if you do remove the motor, i find it handy by using lots of masking tape to hold your current mirror in position. This should save you from removing it, placing it in a safe place and putting it back after you swapped the motor.
  12. If everything is moving as they should, i think the mechanism is OK but no harm greasing it again. I'm pretty sure the motor drives the window up and down, not down by gravity. IMO, i would change the motor as my next step. £25 ish from Ebay specials. Make sure you get one with a reset button on the motor. Plenty on sale without the button
  13. Get a proper code reader (Consult or similar) when you have all them lighted up and see what fault code. Mine came up with something like brake sensor or something many year ago. I did all the checks above myself (brake switch, fluid level, abs sensors, etc) but nothing solve it. Ended up replacing the ABS module/actuator and issue goes away. I got it from trader here, pre-owned loved 2nd hand actuator. if you need it. Edit: Mine were faulty at around 82k
  14. Give him a ring, I think Ewen is not so active on forum these days.



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