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  1. Is the Bluetooth reader from Ebay or from a shop? You might be very unlucky and got a faulty one as it seems like you might have short circuited the on board electronics systems but i could be wrong. Have you try to disconnect your battery and leave it for a good 10-15mins. This might reset your car. My zed did weird things when I installed some LED dome/map lights many years ago, electronics starts to play up (window can only go down but won't go back up, car will only unlock but wont lock when I press the key fob, electric seat wont even move, and all interior lights doesn't light up) I disconnected the battery, things reset for 5-10 minutes but went crazy again after. I ended up taking it to Nissan, they did a full electronic reset and everything is back to normal after that. Give it a go and see if you managed to start up your zed, then drive to a Nissan dealership and ask if the can reset it. Edit: Mine's a UK zed, and I'm assuming your is import since you call it Fairlady?
  2. Try pair it again and if that doesn't work, open the fob and check for any damaged solder. Worst case buy a used fob, transfer the transponder (black rectangular thing) and key blade and pair it again.
  3. My new mobile not connecting with my ebay's special Bluetooth dongle. It was OK with the old phone. Will try with missus's phone over the weekend. Wanted to check and make sure defo need a new sensor before I buy one (£100+++) each. Will get to my local garage and ask them to do the swap and see after I done some logging.
  4. Had EML lighted up yesterday morning, car drove OK, not in limp mode or anything. Drove to nursery and work, then back to nursery and home. Checked the error code, it was P1051. Cleared the code and drove zed for 15-20mins, EML did not light up. Started zed up this morning and same code has reappear. Is this related to cold weather? was 3degC when i got in the zed this morning. 1st time having code since 4 years of ownership hence suspect the cold is just coincidence or the heater on the A/F sensor is dead hence needs replacing? Don't think I can ignore this in the long run as I have MOT in Dec hence suspect this needs sorted else I would fail the MOT? Assuming it will only take 10-15 mins to replace but part will be costly?
  5. Looks good and I like them. Just wonder if they are too bright and fail MOT?
  6. Hopefully you are all sorted after alignment and new shoes on the zed.
  7. Sounds like you'll need to get alignment sorted as Alex suggested or those 'crap' tyres are not great after 3 years of wear. Sounds like a OK tyre to me if it only gives you issue after 3 years, that's pretty cheap motoring there provided you are doing quite a bit of miles with them.
  8. Very late to the party but after reading (apologies if i've missed anything crucial) what the OP has written, it sounds like OP only has issue with the tyres recently after 3 years owning the car (car came with this tyre). If this is correct and assuming OP has driven the zed like this for the past 3 years, isn't the tyres he had on was ok and the issue he has now is down to wear on the tyres. Unless he always have this issue for the past 3 years and only just asked for advise now or he hasn't driven in the rain??
  9. veeg33

    Cat support bracket

    Have you ask @P15UL T, he's breaking 350z and might have some.
  10. Covered here --> https://my350z.com/forum/engine-and-drivetrain/347400-changing-oil-crush-washer.html
  11. Who do you report to when there is an incident? ........ Just curious who is your supervisor
  12. How much for posting them rear spats? Looks like it needs some repair hence I'm up for abit of DIY to fix it =) PM on its way
  13. Blit Hamber in action, shot with Huawei Mate 20 pro, one of the pic with 5x zoom. Waxed half (a bit more than half) vs non waxed just to see how long Blit Hamber last.
  14. Thanks for confirmation they are all digital. The noise is intermittent. And sort of matches the noise when windows are down. Not easy to try to record it and describe it properly too. Don't think its rubbing as the noise is continuous, pretty much sounded the same (same frequency is you will) from 1mph to 30mph. Only there when car is moving, not there when stationary even revving engine doesn't create it.
  15. When windows are up/closed, the noise comes from the speedometer/dials. Frequency pretty much stayed the same from 0-30mph. Noise goes away when I'm stationary. Not familiar with the speedometer hence unsure if they are digital or cable =) above explanations are the reason why I pointed at the speedometer.



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