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  1. @HarryH Mine is up for sale soon, here's my build journal if you are interested to know more. Currently at around 90200 miles.
  2. Might sound silly but if your nissan mechanic that rebuilds your engine could not diagnose your issue and you have to come here for help 😵? I'm not a mechanic but I'll be trying these below if I'm in your situation: Have you swap the harness to another know injector that's spraying (probably easier said than done as I think/assume the harness might not reach)? Some contact cleaner on the connectors? Check every cm/mm of the harness (4&6) ensuring they are not damaged? Good luck
  3. Finally found some time to sort out the wiper arms, thanks to the Queen. Arms removal was pretty easy and straight forward, took me 5mins or less to remove both. Took them water nozzles out, masking tape on the main hole and spring. Sand it down and peel off as much original paint as I can. Wash with soapy water, and dry before 3 coats of primer and 4 coats of satin black paint. Let it completely dry for 24hrs before going back on the zed. Added grease to the shaft as well whilst they are out to make it easier to remove in future. Turn out pretty good.
  4. Oh @*!#.....wrong wipers 🤣 Might as well give is a spray whilst they are out back on the zed again....panic over 🤪
  5. Mod that everyone is banging on about, finally I have some time to sort this after 8yrs of ownership. The wiper delete. Takes literally 5mins and it's done, why didn't I do this sooner 🤔
  6. The only thing I can think of is the key you have is not a like for like. I can't remember exactly, but i think i got one for Micra (being advertised on Ebay as compatible for 350z) and it didn't work and I have to send it back for refund. I think the part number isn't same but again, it was many moons ago hence I can't remember details. Since you mentioned you get stuck at registration mode, I suspect your new PCB isn't emitting the same frequency that your car is expecting. I ended up buying one from @ZMANALEX or Paul on this forum (I cant remember who but both break 350z) and it works fine.
  7. Try this procedure (i've not compare the procedure you posted vs the one i use in the topic attached). However, when I did mine many moons ago. I remembered that the warning lights (hazard) didn't flash but I can hear 'Clicking' sound, hence try to do it in a quiet surrounding. When you swap your blade over to new key fob, you'll need to transfer the immobiliser transponder over too if you haven't already done it. Its like a little square/rectangle box that looks like a carbon block. Else I think you car will not start or driven.
  8. veeg33

    Quieter exhaust

    Standard cats should make it much better IMO. However if your zed has been remapped with sports cats, that might affect your performance. I know someone run pretty similar setup as your except sports cats. I think he has a non-res Cobra. Sounds pretty good and not too loud. Get a pair of used standard cats from @ZMANALEX
  9. Looking great but my OCD kicks in when is saw 'Zose'
  10. As above, been using auto-foam for some time now and on it's final 10 or less use. I'll be getting the touch-less next.
  11. Feel for you Andy. Is the the offending Audi??
  12. Thanks to Andy, managed to click and collect 2 bottle from local ECP
  13. That's what @HEADPHONES been telling 😀
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