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  1. veeg33

    Z Purchased

    Hello and welcome :wave:
  2. veeg33

    350z HEL braided brake lines

    Mine didn't fail but has started rubbing after 2 years. No issues for 2 years then it start to rub on my wheel. Strange???? But i made my own conclusion that they have stiffen up perhaps as they didn't really reshape to it's free state. Going in straight line is fine, as soon as i turn my steering to full left of right, the brake lines just won't go back to its original position and started to rub. I notice this when the rubbing/contact is heavy as i can hear it inside (i thought something stuck on the wheels, it was really loud). I have to manually route the cable again but issue comes again after full lock. It has been rubbing for a while hence some of the stainless mesh has worn and almost getting the rubber hose inside. Contacted HEL and they sent me another set of lines. My mechanics fitted the new lines and said the old set is much longer than the new ones hence he's not surprised they actually rubbed and also commented the old ones are much more stiffer (I'm not sure if they are supposed to be like this). I've been keeping an eye on it every now and then to ensure no rubbing and it has been since fine for 2 years now. If they fail again, i'll definitely switch to Goodridge
  3. veeg33

    Spacers are on!

    Ah, i see what you mean. No issues with the 5mm less on a 20mm spacer. Doesn't have to shorten the stock studs.....all fits nicely, just bolt on and off you go =) Yeah, that 1 inch bolt is there for fail safe, not to hold the disc as mentioned in my thread as I've found out after the post why they put an extra bolt there.
  4. veeg33

    Spacers are on!

    both front and rear are same, you'll need to bolt them onto your current wheel studs. Stock studs aren't long enough for proper thread engagement (or it might not even reach the nuts. For front, you'll need to remove 1 bolt (about 1 inch long) from your disc hub on each wheel. They are there as 'fail safe' to stop you from putting rear wheels into the front wheel (Touring wheels or Rays). You'll see what i meant after removing the front wheels. Few pics on in built thread (link in my signature below) in page 1 or here if you are on mobile -->
  5. veeg33

    350z T shirts

    1. SuperStu - In for a large blue. 2. Jay84 - I'll take a black in large. 3. andy James - Large white please. 4. GeraldD - White XX2 5. GeraldD - Blue XX2 6. GeraldD - Black XX2 7. Rabbitstew - Large blue one for me too. 8. PPOD - White XL 9. Stephanie -Blue Medium 10. Matthew - large white please 11. Grumpyoldjanner - medium blue 12. Zelda - medium black 13. Flashback - XL Blue 14. G1en@waxandshine - White medium 15. The Big Meister - Large Blue 16. Veeg33 - XL White
  6. veeg33

    Spacers are on!

    I have same combination 20mm front 25mm rear for just over 3 years now. Car felt a little bit more planted to the ground but that might be a placebo, no issues at all. I got them from Tarmac Sportz who is a trader in this forum.
  7. Hello from a dirty kuro black 350z! Waved to each other, then 20 mins later saw you parked up on Wakefield Road when I return to town. I used to live near there, Greenlea Court (2 years ago).
  8. veeg33

    Passenger door unlock

    doesn't work on my 54 plate =(
  9. welcome back :Wave:
  10. veeg33

    1st meet

    oh dear, not good and sorry to hear this. Hopefully your zed will sorted out and you can soon enjoy again.
  11. veeg33

    Replacement Battery

    Good luck with finding the dimensions, can't help with the spec but Euro Car Parts is doing a deal at the moment, Bosch S4 battery is only £82.79 with discount code SUMMER70. Seems a pretty good deal to me if this fits your 370z and you are near ECP.
  12. veeg33

    HR low oil pressure

    Can't answer 1 or 2, but 3 ---> Atkin (https://www.atkinmotorengineers.com/) near York or L&G (http://www.lockwoodandgreenwood.co.uk/service/) near Oldham. I've never used Atkin before but they are recommended by many here. I've used L&G to replace my ABS module, they are good and know what they are doing. They'll be happy to drive you to nearest train station and also pick you up when you return (5 mins drive) I'm still unaware of any Nissan specialist in West Yorkshire. As you said, this is not a small job and you want someone who really knows what they are doing.
  13. veeg33

    Too Good To Be True? Wheels & Tyres

    List has ended.......if you are local and can check them wheels before handing over your hard earn cash!!