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  1. well, don't think that matters when you are selling the car but will need to buy new plates rather using the old ones. Sounds like DVLA listed them as for sale and someone bought it.
  2. Being treated with a private number plate for the first time but not sure what to do after I've swapped them to my car......I'm sure many of you have private plate on your car and has swapped them many times hence I'm hoping you could shade some light here. The gift comes with service from the company to transfer it to my vehicle, so I just need to send them my documents and they'll sort it out and send me new number plates. Do I automatically retain the current number plate that is on the vehicle? ie if I sell the vehicle, I can apply to swap it back to the car? Assuming I'm still hunting for replacement car, do I need to do anything with my private number plate? or can I just wait until I found a replacement and do the swap? Everything is done online via DVLA website? Any do's and don'ts will be much appreciated Many thanks Veegee
  3. I got my replacement from Zmanalex, DIY is possible if you are confident (Took me 5 hours in total). Make sure you download and print out the torque and tightening sequence to reassemble everything back together. Bolts on the plenum have different length hence labeling them up as you remove will help when you assemble it back.
  4. 1. What do I look out for during my inspection? - Rust around wheel arches, oil leaks & rad fan are the main ones that I can think of 2. How can I tell if this car was look after? Good service history and MOT history. 3. If we identify issues or works to be done, What would be a reasonable offer without offending the owner? Depends on what needs doing really, biggest issue will be rust, can cost £1000++ to sort out properly 4. Are they worth and do they hold its value? Zed has gone up in value recently due to boom in 2nd hand car market and I suspect it will go down once the issue is sorted (electronics components shortage leading to long lead time for brand new car). For this, i think zed's value are based on market rather than being a rare car/soon to be classic. Good luck in your hunt.
  5. Turns out I can't attach video 🤦‍♂️
  6. Sold my zed 5/6 weeks ago. New owner just had an issue with electronics in the car, he's not in the forum hence asking on his behalf. When he gets into the car, turn key to 'On' position. Windows works sometimes, but not all the time. When engine is fired up, windows doesn't work at all. Engine off, key to 'on' position - Lock (on the door latch) on the driver side is fighting to lock/unlock. Can't remember which way but if it is locked, when he tried to unlock it, it will automatically lock it back. And sometimes makes a loud 'beep' sound. And the lock/unlock button above window up/down buttons doesn't work. Car started fine and drives normal, just issue with windows and lock. I installed the auto folding side mirrors around 18months ago, never had an issue hence I ruled that out. And I've not seen any issues reported here as well hence confident nothing to do with the module as he can still fold/unfold the mirror as it should. I had new battery put on the zed (2 months old now), but don't think this is the issue as the car starts and drives OK. No issue at all when this is installed 2 months ago. Any help/guidance/pointers will be much appreciated to help out new owner. Note: Missing my zed when i saw my old zed in the video he sends about this issue
  7. I take it no one with OCD was present on the day 😝
  8. +2 for Lockwood and Greenwood. I drove 45mins to them for big jobs (ABS module and clutch + flywheel)as they definitely knows their way around a 350z.
  9. Car now sold 😭 Not once I've seen my zed being driven away by someone else. Sounded pretty awesome !!!!!
  10. SOLD at full asking price 😃 - Mods please lock this, many thanks!
  11. Unfortunately sale was cancelled as potential buyer choose a V8 over a V6 😁. Can't blame him 😎
  12. Yep, sad day indeed. Only if I have a spare space for it 😢
  13. Car potential sold mate. New owner might come picking it up tomorrow or Thursday. Making arrangements as we speak 🤞
  14. Whilst I change a new battery, why not refurb the battery brace as well since I have spare primer and black spray paint left from wiper job.
  15. Reduced to sell before insurance renewal date by end of September 22'
  16. Selling my zed hence taking these bad boys out to return to standard 04 lights. No intro needed really for these lights, a great upgrade if your zed is still on bulbs rear lights. These are plug and play ie direct like for like swap that takes 20mins max to swap them out. No more changing light bulbs after. In great condition, no cracks or water poling inside, all studs are in great condition. Some dirt in the corner but you'll need to look close to notice it, I have removed as much as I could using a tooth brush and don't want to clean it further with a sharp/thin object to get deep into it as this might damage it. Collection is preferred or I can deliver within 30 miles of HD3 for fuel money. I can even fit it for you for FREE. Due to the design of the lights with sharp corners, they can be damaged easily during transit by courier. Happy to pack as much bubble wraps as possible into the packing (original when I buy them) and you will have to arrange your own courier at your own risk. I'll take as much pics as possible before I wrap them for your courier to collect. Currently selling at £450 average so save yourself around £150 for other mods on your zed. Will accept reasonable offer, try me. PayPal or direct bank transfer.
  17. Definitely time to sell up now as I no longer have excuse to keep it due to arrival of 2nd child, needing a car with 4 seats and a big boot 😃 2004 Nissan 350Z DE GT at around 91,530 Miles. (Going up slowly as still using as daily) - UK car, not imported Service summary (Inclusive of Oil change + filter change + sump plug + air filter, extra will be listed): - An A4 folder full of receipts and service history to prove the above records - Nissan recommended service interval of 9000miles or every year whichever comes first, however this Zed has been serviced more than recommended. As per current mileage and age, the zed should be serviced 13 times (every year) or 9 times (mileage). This zed had 17 recorded oil changes throughout its life. - Engine oil change interval for this zed is pretty OTT (never once oil managed to live longer than 1 year in the engine or sees more than 4000 miles) however this is also the reason why this zed's engine is running extremely smooth and sweet!! This zed is a very well taken care by myself and previous owner. The VQ35DE engine is pretty much bullet proof if being treated well and this is the perfect example - Engine let to warm up every time before driving (60psi and below 1k rpm), ever gear change at or below 2k rpm for first 2 miles or so every time without fail. - Next MOT due in December 2022. - Only run on Shell VPower or equivalent (Tesco 99) during my ownership. Never on ron95 _ Black full leather interior, all the other standard GT goodies for this model (Cruise control, Bluetooth speaker phone, heated and electronically adjusted seats, folding mirrors, heated side mirrors, full steering controllers, Bose sound system and the Brembo brakes all around) - DE 2004 model hence benefit from lower tax bracket - £305 per year - Runs perfectly, starts first time every time - 4 previous owners including myself - UK Car (not import). - The car is in excellent condition throughout apart from few age related cosmetic flaws (supermarket battle scars) - OEM touring wheels refurb (power coated) to satin black - Front number plate holder removed - HPI cleared“ No outstanding finance, not imported, not stolen, etc - New discs and pads fitted in 2018 (covered less than 8k miles) - New clutch and flywheel fitted 2019 @ 86k miles hence covered less than 6k miles - Both original Nissan leather booklet available (post cards, owner's manuals, service history, etc) - Dyno results (11th April 2015) Print outs available - pretty good for an 13 year old zed. - 1st run (as arrived) 261.2hp/331Nm - 2nd run (HKS super hybrid panel filter) 264.4hp/332Nm - 3rd run (panel filter removed, filter box cleaned before run) 266.3hp/333Nm Service histories 18,479 (Nissan Dealership) P1 30,052 (Specialist) 31,800 (Specialist) 34,241 (Specialist) 43,544 (Specialist) 46,394 (Specialist) + spark plugs 49,808 (Specialist) 52,127 (Specialist) 56,217 (Specialist) 58,326 (Specialist) 63,309 (Specialist) + spark plugs + AUX belts 64,752 (Specialist) 69,493 (Specialist) 72,690(Specialist) 78,600 (by myself) + magnetic sump plug 81,217 (by myself) 83,227 (by local garage) 85,819 (by local garage) 88,974 (by local garage) 89,995 (by local garage) 90,957 (by myself) Bad points: Minor stone chip and parking battle marks - Normal for a 18 years old car Minor kerbing on front left wheel, could do with a refurb Skipping Bose CD player (common issue) but never really bother me as I'm using my phone + cassette adaptor to connect to Bose will be included in the sale for FREE Involved in a minor car park accident - A van parked next to me at work turned in too much whilst leaving his stop, scraped front right wing and bumper at less than 5mph, no damage to wheel/suspension/arm/etc. Sorted out via insurance hence new front right wing and full front bumper respray. Both rear tyres are nearly at legal limit hence could do with a pair of new boots. Decided to leave it as it is so that new owner can put on their own tyre choice - Selling price reflects to what I'm planning to put on. Issues during ownership that have been resolved; ABS actuator has been replaced with a low mileage pre-loved OEM part. Not an issue anymore both worth mentioning. Sorted out by Lockwood & Greenwood (Manchester, Nissan specialist) Passenger window stuck. Resolved by myself. Window motor removed, cleaned and fully working again. Rear windscreen washer pump. Resolved by myself. New rear pump installed Bose base cutting off. Resolved myself by replacing a new relay on the amplifier Rear boot poppers replaced and boot weight removed, 1 press only to open rear boot New rocker covers replaced by myself last summer (2021) - Oil leaking into spark plug cavity leading to misfiring. Additional upgrades since my ownership (Over £2000 spent): Invidia Gemini true dual exhaust JWT popcharger air intake LED light bulbs throughout the zed (rear number plate, vanity lights, cabin lights, boot light and side light) Reverse camera + monitor. Due to location of monitor, image is reversed but still great for not reversing into a brick wall, car, drain, etc. Slam/cooling panel HEL braided stainless steel brake lines all around Tarmac Sportz front lip Tarmac Sportz side skirts Tarmac Sportz hub centric wheel spacers 20mm front, 25mm rear most popular setup for them 18" Rays and OEM touring wheels Honda RDX stubby antenna (a must with 20BHP gain) DRL - custom made and installed by myself. Details are in my build thread original smoked orange reflectors included in sale for FREE 6000K DR2 xenon light bulbs for the ultimate white look PU Suede gaiter for handbrake and gear, replaces the OEM tired looking gaiter Nissan Titan gear knob with 1-off custom 'machined from solid' aluminium spacer 2 remote keys and 1 spare key (bought with only 1 remote keys but spent over £150 to get new remote key and spare key) Unfortunately, all test drive will be performed by myself. Car is located in Huddersfield, less than 1 miles from J24 on M62 Reduced to £6,750. I believe someone will find value in the amount of attention goes into this zed throughout its life 😃 and lots of £££££ spent to keep this zed in great condition. Price is based on average Autotrader/Pistonhead selling price and condition of this zed (great service history). I'm open to offers try me......all I'll do is politely decline it if it doesn't meet my price Below this thread will be some glamour shots of my zed, latest pic of my zed added as well below. My build thread in my signature below ***edit** - Pics in next post as it is easier to post from my mobile once admin approves this post.
  18. @HarryH Mine is up for sale soon, here's my build journal if you are interested to know more. Currently at around 90200 miles.
  19. Might sound silly but if your nissan mechanic that rebuilds your engine could not diagnose your issue and you have to come here for help 😵? I'm not a mechanic but I'll be trying these below if I'm in your situation: Have you swap the harness to another know injector that's spraying (probably easier said than done as I think/assume the harness might not reach)? Some contact cleaner on the connectors? Check every cm/mm of the harness (4&6) ensuring they are not damaged? Good luck
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