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  1. Hi all, Has anyone replaced the following: Rubber trim on the roof that sits under the trim that goes over the side windows (sits between the roof and the trim) Rubber trim that runs up each pillar of the windscreen (sits between glass and pillar) I ask because the windscreen one has managed to come loose at the bottom and was sticking out until I pushed it back in, but it is now shorter than the opposite side which doesn't look right. The roof one is similar in that it keeps on coming out from under the trim and I keep on having to push it back in every so often, so now I'm thinking it might be best just to replace it all. Thanks, Matthew
  2. Bouncing Rev Needle

    Has anyone else any thoughts on this? / Has anybody else had this problem?
  3. Bouncing Rev Needle

    If something was dirty though would I not always have the issue? Not just at one specific point?
  4. Bouncing Rev Needle

    The revs jump as well, the car judders because of it ... That's me not being clear!
  5. Bouncing Rev Needle

    Hi all, I start my car cold in the morning / evening and my car drives fine, until I get to roughly operating temperature, at which point between 1500 - 2500 revs the rev needle bounces uncontrollably. I would say this happens for roughly half a minute, at which point the issue will resolve itself (unless I drop a gear to raise the revs first). My car is up-to-date on servicing, has been re-mapped (but the issue was there before then) and only has a Scorpion cat-back and Cosworth filters fitted. My car is a 2007 HR, and other than this and the clicking axle (which I'll sort), she is perfect! Any help is appreciated! Matthew