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  1. I'm looking for some burnt orange / tan leather seats to replace the rather warn ones in my car. They must be heated with electronic adjustment. Looking in particular for a driver's one in good condition with no tears or major damage. I live in Oxford and am willing to travel a little bit or just pay for a courier.
  2. I'll definitely give that a try on the replacement seats. My current ones have a tear so my priority is to replace it with seats that aren't torn (or last resort replace that torn panel), then it's definitely worth trying the hide food etc
  3. Thanks Stan That helps a lot. I understand that i'd be paying for someone's craftsmanship, they would have spent years perfecting their skills, if I could do it myself on a Saturday afternoon £200 wouldn't be justified but i can barely sew a button back onto a shirt so I don't think I'm going to try this I think refurbishing these isn't going to be cost effective, I was thinking about recovering some leather from some other passenger seat but that would just be the start. I think I have decided that I am going to keep an eye out for a set in good condition that I can either treat as you described or get them professionally refurbished with saddle soap etc but without having to stitch in whole panels etc. I may even have found a pair, reasonably priced from a breakers up in Derby, just waiting on them to send some more pictures.
  4. Aftermarket seats did cross my mind, the only issue there is I'd lose the heated seats and I assume the electronic adjustment. No idea if I would permanently have an airbag light on as well? I won't be tracking this car ( I bought another 350z just for that) so no technical need for bucket seats, whatever I have I'd like to make sure it's comfortable and In keeping with the general look of the car
  5. Cheers Kryptek. The problem with all of the second hand seats I've found for sale so far is that they aren't really much better than mine so I'll be paying for a refurb anyway. One idea was to take a used passenger seat which tend to be in better condition and strip the leather off it and use that to replace my torn panel but i don't think i'll be saving anything there compared to just getting new leather from the upholsterer.
  6. I have a HR with electronic + heated seats. The driver's side one is getting pretty warn and has a couple of tears so I'm thinking about getting them refurbished. I got a quote for replacing the torn leather panel (the bolster that always gets bashed on the driver's side) and the chap wanted to find out if there are any special instructions when removing the seat with regards to the airbag in the seat? The quote I had was about £250 to replace that one leather panel then about £300 per seat for general restoration + leather painting. It's starting to add up! Any thoughts on a more cost effective way to get these refurbished? I've seen some full leather seat covers for sale but they appear to be in the US, has anyone had any experience with those?
  7. Let's go for it... Sending a pm now
  8. Thanks Alex I'll wait to hear from you on Saturday then. Assuming I wanted to take them would you be able to post quickly ( and I'd pay for next day delivery if possible)? I need to MOT the car next week so am in a little bit of a hurry.
  9. Thanks Umster! I'll drop you a message if I do buy one. Tagging @ZMANALEX as he's the expert here
  10. Hi Alex Do You have any idea of their condition or price? Trying to decide if I should buy new or 2nd hand
  11. Got a leak from my power steering cooler, looking around for replacements I cam across this: https://www.mishimoto.co.uk/mishimoto-universal-transmission-cooler-kit.html?utm_source=facebookUK&utm_campaign=DPA&gclid=CjwKCAjw7MzkBRAGEiwAkOXexB778B1nnxcGxlGM-evWcXYJq_SlDznVbRmEjJ3jWVKpuj9yx7cVbxoCmlIQAvD_BwE Does anyone here have experience fitting one of those, will it be ok in a 2008 350z?
  12. My 2008 350z was just in for a service and my mechanic has reported 2 different leaks. One from the radiator and one from the power steering cooler so I'm now looking for those parts. Does anyone have those in good condition that they'd be able to get posted quickly (or I can collect this weekend if you're not too far from Oxford)? @ZMANALEX Do you have either of these in stock?
  13. One of the front drop links has sheared in half: I didn't get a chance to take the other wheel off to compare this weekend but I'm guessing that normally the top of the drop link is attached to the round black thing on the end of the red bar, is that correct? Figured I'd have a go at replacing it myself and will do both of them. Is the process as easy as unbolting each and and re-bolting the new one on or is there something more to it? Do I need any special tools? Planning to track the car so can you recommend some good hard wearing drop links?
  14. Hi Dan Yes I did. It came in at 7 hundred and something which is about £100 or so more than my sky insurance quote. I bought the car but haven't insured it for the year yet, gonna put it through its MOT v soon then think again about the insurance. Do you think there's anything we can do to get your quote down? Happy to speak on the phone or private msg on here. Cheers Martin



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