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  1. Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce?
  2. They're so rare I guess even you probably don't see them that often. There's one here: NISSAN 370Z 18 INCH ALLOY WHEEL FRONT 8J
  3. That's not the same wheel Alex. He's after a 370Z non-GT 18" wheel!
  4. I think the 19" ones most people have are 8.5" +25 and 9.5" +30 with 245/35 and 275/35 tyres. I've attached a couple of PDFs that show which sizes where available at some point but not necessarily what were factory or dealer options for the 350Z. aluminum01.pdf aluminum02.pdf
  5. No problem, happy to help. Pull that trigger and get it done
  6. A reduced offset brings the wheels out so Chris's suggestion is spot on for a flush fitment. pintopete58's rears will sit further in but then he has a wider rim and tyre to compensate.
  7. Other way around, adding spacers reduces the offset. You would need 15mm spacers to go from your 30 to the proposed 15.
  8. Sounds like a wise move, I'm sure it'll look great.
  9. Chris knows his stuff so I'd be inclined to go with his recommendation. I personally would prefer a 275/40 on the rear to maintain the 20mm stagger of the standard tyre widths but with a 15 offset he may be playing it safe. Might depend on which tyres you're going for as some are wider than others even when marked as the same size. The difference in offset will either be down to his experience or the availability of offsets for the wheels you want. Most wheels come in limited sizes and offsets.
  10. You shouldn't need to extend your wheel studs if you're not using any spacers. My car is dropped 20-25mm and I've run 245 front, 275 rear with offsets as low as 20 for may years with no rubbing. If you you really want to max the drop and the width, i.e. 30mm drop and a low 12 to 15 offset with 255 and 285 tyres then you would be best to check if anyone else has done it, 25 to 30 offset would be safer with those tyres. Also, if you decide on the 285/40 rear tyre you could consider 10.5" wide. Your best bet might be to speak to one of the forum traders like Ta
  11. I would go with 245/40 on the 8.5", 255/40 on the 9.5" fronts and probably 275/40 for the 9.5" rears, possibly 285/40. I'm not sure what offsets Rota Grids are available in or what look you're going for but offsets in the 15-30 range for front and rear would work.
  12. Are you looking to get 18" or 19"? Might be helpful to know what size tyres you're thinking of running too.
  13. I spotted this yesterday: https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/nissan-350z-w-brace-stay-bar-oem-03-08-vgc-/1366568507
  14. I'd say it's a DE with 280PS, the Rev-up had a facelifted interior, headlights, rear lights and front bumper which this car doesn't have. According to Cazana it was registered on 1st March 2006 so cheaper pre-23rd March vehicle tax of £325 instead of £570.
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