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  1. So if I went for DS2500 again would I have to get Ferodo shims or will any sold as suitable for the Brembo callipers work?
  2. Thanks Alex. Is it expected that the original OEM shims are reused if fitting DS2500, Hawk or other performance pads? It seems StopTech pads include them. Is it possible that the aftermarket Brembo pads I'm current running don't have shims either yet are still quiet? I always just get Japex to change them as they are far more likely to get it right than I am and figured they knew what they were doing.
  3. I'm sure mine are aftermarket as I got them from Euro Car Parts, it seems the genuine Nissan OEM ones are about 7x the price so I wasn't expecting them to be the best but the projected 5,000 total miles for a front set seems ridiculous. I've tried both the DS2500 and Hawk PC previously and whilst I did get 20,000+ miles per set they both squealed a lot for at least half their life. Having to get them removed and re-greased regularly or whatever some people suggest as a solution is a pain. Any suggestions on a fast road pad for use with OEM discs that never squeal up to around £120 would be appreciated!
  4. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but it's on topic so I think I can get away with it! I've just had my car serviced at Japex as usual and have been told that my front Brembo P56047 pads only have 6mm left on them, they have 14mm when new according to the website. It's only been 1 year and 3,000 miles since they were fitted at the previous service. I can't measure them accurately but have been out with a ruler and they are definitely much closer to the advised 6mm than 14mm. I don't track the car but do occasionally use the brakes reasonably hard, can it really be that I've burned through 8mm of pad material already?
  5. Has anyone seen a photo with a front registration plate attached? Looks like there's a sensor in the bottom half so it would have to go over the grill in the top half which seems a shame, unless they intend for it to go on the side like an Alfa.
  6. I really like it. unfortunately I think it's likely that the £60k price will be for the 4-cylinder DCT with the supercharged V6 manual being significantly more. Also, I fear for TVR. How many people will now be contacted them for their Griffith deposits back? I know the Emira is possibly heavier and less powerful but it's also cheaper. You're still getting a piece of British sports car history which will never be repeated, and that may be what the TVR buyers were wanting and still waiting for.
  7. Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce?
  8. They're so rare I guess even you probably don't see them that often. There's one here: NISSAN 370Z 18 INCH ALLOY WHEEL FRONT 8J
  9. That's not the same wheel Alex. He's after a 370Z non-GT 18" wheel!
  10. I think the 19" ones most people have are 8.5" +25 and 9.5" +30 with 245/35 and 275/35 tyres. I've attached a couple of PDFs that show which sizes where available at some point but not necessarily what were factory or dealer options for the 350Z. aluminum01.pdf aluminum02.pdf
  11. No problem, happy to help. Pull that trigger and get it done
  12. A reduced offset brings the wheels out so Chris's suggestion is spot on for a flush fitment. pintopete58's rears will sit further in but then he has a wider rim and tyre to compensate.
  13. Other way around, adding spacers reduces the offset. You would need 15mm spacers to go from your 30 to the proposed 15.
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