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  1. Thats a big old lump of torque you have now xD and quite a nice curve too
  2. Its still got a Vette back end (Maybe a little camaro esque) but the front sort of looks like a ferrari 360 but in the style of the 458. I kind of like it but at the same time I absolutely love the front engined look with the landing strip of a bonnet.
  3. If you really want to talk about the oil consumption make a point of it being common on a lot of that generation engine and that if your calculations are correct it actually burns less oil than nissan deem acceptable as others have said above. I went looking for my 350Z in march 2017 and a lot of the cars I was looking at had been waiting for months to sell, some had issues and some were just in awkward places. I actually bought my car a couple of miles from hayling island and the owner who sold it to me said he had so little interest as he was pretty far from anything major and it seemed to put people off. You can be open and honest but try not to make things sound like a big issue, if you highlight things it tends to ring alarm bells in peoples minds. You could for example put in an ad "The car idles at 700 RPM" perfectly normal but someone then asks why was that put in the ad, why is it important. But good luck with the sale from the sounds of it someone is going to be very happy when they get their well looked after zed.
  4. I would speak to @ZMANALEX he helped me out with en exhaust before and has helped tons of other members. The rear chassis strengthening bar is also known as a W brace and you can find a bunch of after market alternatives to the OEM one that other members will say do the job just as well and dont cost as much :). Hope that helps.
  5. So i checked, brake lights all come on, fluid reservoir is full. Let my car idle on the drive for 10 minutes no isses, went for a short drive no issues or lights. I'm kind of at a loss for whats gone on, I guess its something will have to keep an eye on. Thank you for your help though guys, its appreciated
  6. All of my brake lights come on pressing the pedal.
  7. Earlier today I was using a 12v socket pump which randomly stopped working, I assumed it was the pump burning out or breaking but a few minutes ago I went for a drive, the first one since the pump went and about 100 feet down the road my esc, slip and abs lights all came on at once. I stopped and noticed an odd noise so I turned the car off and took the key out but the noise carried on. From what I could tell the noise was coming from around the brake booster/fluid reserve area and only stopped once I took the battery terminal off. It was going for a couple of minutes as I had to sprint back to my house but when I got back there were no odd smells and no smoke. I have had a look around the forum and there are a couple of topics similar to this talking about checking sensors but I havent seen any that include the randomly running part. Any help anyone can give would be fantastic. For reference its an 07 HR with no kind of remap or engine mods.
  8. Redsky

    Clio 182 cup

    My cousin just got his 1.2 2003 clio written off by a left hand drive lorry, im trying to convince him to go for one of the 182 clio's, he always wanted one and he did love his 1.2 to bits even if it was slow as anything xD. How has it been treating you so far?
  9. I had P zero rears on my 350 when I got it, to be fair in the dry they were really grippy, probably helped that they were pretty worn so had a lot of contact but honestly it felt like if someone spilt a drink in front of my I would spin they were utterly horrendous in the wet. The P zero neros I had on a rented mustang in the US worked a fair bit better but again just felt unsure in the wet.
  10. Its looking really good Makes me a bit self-conscious about my little jack and ramps i have...
  11. I wonder at what point they will set the acoustic trap. I mean there are a lot of loud cars out there stock. Jack all they can do about an OEM car. Its just a load of bollocks in my opinion, I live under a flight path half a mile from a motorway and about 2 miles from a train station. If someone cant handle "Hundreds" of bikes driving up and down the road they should probably find a desert island somewhere to sit and mope in silence. Also ignoring the fact that "Hundreds" could mean 1 bike a day....
  12. I do feel a bit sorry for him, probably got a brilliant finance deal got giddy and decided to sign it and run home and start these big grand plans. BMW aren't wrong at all he violated the contract and he is paying the price for it but I do get that sort of almost childish glee when something happens. I bought my very first car and within 2 days found out one of the coil springs was buggered and it needed all new brakes, but you get into that mindset of "This is amazing and fantastic I want to do it, screw it lets do it". But if anything hopefully he will learn from it, or hide it better next time. I imagine he would have had a very confused BMW tech at his yearly service.
  13. It is really comfortable, went on a driving holiday around the west coast USA last year. drove from Reno to Seattle in one day 820 miles. No complaints from the seats at all. I also love how the heated seats can go super warm, drove along one of the highest roads in california around 9000 feet up, awesome to have the windows down and hear the engine in the mountains but still have a nice warm arse xD.
  14. Search push pins or push rivets or push clips (no one seems to be able to decide on one name) thats what they tend to be called. Im not exactly sure of what size the 370Z uses but they are pretty cheap overall from what ive seen. This is what I found again still not 100% sure if this is right so someone please correct me if im wrong. https://www.amazon.com/Lantee-Push-Type-Retainer-01553-09241-Pathfinder/dp/B01LWRW7X5
  15. Very nice indeed I like it a lot What sizes wheels have you stuck under your new arches?



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