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  1. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    I will admit I think its the combination of the toe and almost being down to the 2mm bars on the front but driving over anything relatively smooth like the brick looking concrete you get made into those big riased speed bumps at T junctions I can feel the front wheels slipping and dragging it is wet though. Dont feel it on tarmac and at higher speeds but its really noticeable going slow.
  2. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    Coopers it is then. The rears held up a lot better than the fronts so i would say they've got a long way to go yet. I guess ill save up for a bit and get all 4 done. Although thinking about it it does make sense gripper on the front might make you back end want to swing out faster than normal.
  3. Am I missing something here ?

    I would love to buy this black and red is epic But for now im happy with my 350 ....also cant afford this xD
  4. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    Another endorsement for the MPS4, its looking pretty definitive to be honest xD. I think im going to check the price difference between the tyres i had on and the MPS4, im assuming there wont be any issues with coopers on the rear and MPS4 on the front? @Toon Chris Small victories xD. From a brief google search thrust angle seems like it would be something really big to adjust but i could easily be wrong xD.
  5. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    From the readouts i would assume toe and camber. He gave some specific bolts at the rear a good dose of WD40 to make sure they would move when he came to adjust them. Ill make sure to ask when i take my 350 in.
  6. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    Fair enough, was just suggesting them as the man in the tyre shop liked them but then i went back and the other guy said MPS4. But ill throw your vote in for the MPS4 side but Yeah I think for now then put some coopers back on havent got a massive chunk of cash for all MPS4 right now xD. Goals though.
  7. Painful reminder to get your alignment done

    Yeah I will be honest I saw a post about tramlining and suddenly my brain kicked in and thought back and yeah i was tramlining like mad all down the roads. I got used to correcting it since i drove them so much but this explains why it was driving a bit off. Its been this way probably since i bought my 350 though so ive never had reference for it.
  8. So long story short I went in for my MOT on tuesday came out with 1 fail and two advisories (front marker bulb is dead so ive got the joy of replacing that this weekend -.-) But my front two tyres were advisories, I asked the mechanic if he was sure and he showed me that my front were practically down to the 2mm bar all over. I went back to the tyre place and questioned him about the tyres he said they should be good for 15-25K miles and mine had lasted 7500. After a bit more back a fourth I found out that they only do tyre alignments on the front wheels and they cant do it on all 4 so times ive been aligned there they were basing the fronts off the rears and well all the tyres were out. Went to a proper 4 wheel alignment place and got some almost funny results. Apologies for the blurryness on this one. So from what I understand of toe I was driving down the road with both front wheels badly pointing in so my fronts were scrubbing down the road absolutely ruining the tyres. So the plan now is, payday, 2 new tyres then a proper 4 wheel alignment, probably ask them to check the suspension components too while they have her up in the air check I havent done any damage. The only question I have now is what to do about replacements, I could put my coopers back on the front which were pretty good or maybe I could put something like toyo proxes on since I think I want to do at least a bit of track this year, but obviously the toyos woudlnt last as long being softer. Any reccomendations from the tyre gurus out there?
  9. 350z Ebay Finds

    I was considering some pop chargers to get some induction noise They seem to have quite a good reputation unless ive missed the horror stories.
  10. 350z Ebay Finds

    So its not so much turbo lag as throttle lag? So you get all the power at once but with a sort of hesitation from the car? From what I understand about engines individual throttle bodies are about the quickest you could get your throttle response because of how short the travel is i think?
  11. 350z Ebay Finds

    I was kind of hoping your response would put me off buying it not encouraging me xD. Although I do kind of feel like the turbo lag might mess with the feel of the 350, i really like the instant power pretty much anywhere in the rev range xD.
  12. 350z Ebay Finds

    I think I would be interested in giving this a go if my insurance wouldnt go through the roof, also a little paranoid about blowing my engine apart xD
  13. The worst day

    Im really sorry to hear that and it is going to hurt you wouldnt be human if it didnt. But right now you have to be strong for her she is going to be reaching out to anyone and everyone to be a pillar for her to hold herself up on, she might close up or she might want to talk and talk to help her process what has happened but all the advice I can give is make sure whoever it is there is always some available for her to talk to. I might not know her personally or even yourself but im so sorry for what happened you wouldnt want this happening to anyone not to mention someone you really do value as a fantastic person. Stay strong and from the bottom of my heart I hope it gets easier for all involved.
  14. 350z Ebay Finds

    So it is still all the same hardware so to speak its just longer lines and tubes? Im assuming its lower temperature since its away from the engine bay but since its got longer to travel the turbo lag is exagerated?
  15. 350z Ebay Finds

    How exactly does this work? I dont think ive ever seen a rear mount turbo before, well minus rear engined cars anyway.