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  1. Redsky

    I need a V8 (AKA Porsche thread)

    Got your heart totally set on a vette or do you want me to do looking for the weird and unusual ones again? :P
  2. Redsky

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Sorry to hear the end of this, this is one of those forum posts I picked up part way through and really did enjoy reading. Sort of a lot of what I wanted to do to my 350 but never had the funds xD. I do understand prioritizing though, making some changes now to have a bigger effect later on. I will definitely be looking out too see what you'll get up to with a supra of GTR though. Good luck with your future plans
  3. Redsky

    HR oil gasket problem?

    Could also be a few different things after my first oil change my resting pressure changed. Called the last owner and he had filled it with 0W-40 oil rather than 5W-30 so when I put the spec stuff in the pressure changed slightly. But i think most cars will sit a little differently thanks to all the different ages and wear on parts etc. you look to be in the ballpark so to speak so to me at least yours sounds fine
  4. Redsky

    HR oil gasket problem?

    My HR sits at just about 30PSI per 1000RPM (30 psi by the gauge anyway not sure how much I trust the numbers on it lol) so I think mine sits just below at a 700RPM idle.
  5. Spotted a black 350 coming out of wheathampsted onto the marford road this morning at about 06:30 you came out of the roundabout ahead of me and went off towards welwyn I think you gave me a wave I couldnt see through the windscreen. I was in the grey HR.
  6. Redsky


    PM Zmanalex Tends to be a good bet
  7. Redsky

    Badly Rattling in Clutch area.

    I could be wrong but i remember reading from a few other posts that its normally just a case that the gearboxes are pretty noisy or there's an undertray under the car (was on the 350 not 100% sure if its on the 370) that likes to collect stones and gravel and rattle them about.
  8. Redsky

    Getting my first 350z

    Also just adding to looking for rust the rear arches like to rust out as well.
  9. Redsky

    Getting my first 350z

    One thing I could say is it might be worth looking at some of the cars that are for sale on here. Quite a few have got pretty detailed build logs, sort of proof they were well looked after. The one you are looking at could be absolutely fine or it oculd be like my one and the slave cylinder could die within 3 days of ownership ;( . I havent driven the auto myself so I cant comment unfortunately but i will say if the paint is in good condition the orange does look fantastic.
  10. Redsky

    Getting my first car soon and need help!

    Your best bet is to take the registration number of a 350 for sale that you like and put it into a comparison website it should give you a vague idea of prices. A lot will affect it, the type of car, age, no claims, area you live in, how the car is stored. I would say its probably not going to be super cheap if you have just passed but you should find somewhere that will insure you. Just be careful if you do get black box insurance as im sure the 350 would be able to set that thing off constantly. Elephant car insurance have been the cheapest for me so far but I do get a couple of loyalty discounts, but i would give them a check.
  11. Redsky

    New member

    Hey welcome along
  12. Any chance i could hand my number to someone and you give me a little message as you pass junction 9 of the m1? I should be able to meet up with you when you pass junction 10
  13. @cs2000 Im right on junction 10 of the M1 so it is a bit of a trek down to south mimms xD. Its probably only 2 or 3 minutes from my house to being actually on the M1 though so I might be able to catch you all as you pass.
  14. Do you have a route planned out yet? South mimms is the wrong direction for me to go but I live along the M1 so i might be able to catch you all as you go past if thats your route.
  15. Redsky

    Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Got all my tickets and bits If this helps I found the map from last years japfest silverstone so maybe they are keeping it the same? http://www.japfest.co.uk/sites/default/files/Japfest Map_0.pdf