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  1. Gutted about my Z

    Glad you're ok but yeah its pretty cut and stuck, you were driving normal attempted to brake and evade other guy was just carrying waaaay to much speed. Not even sure if he could have made the turn let alone not hit you.
  2. Yeah now that i think about it my brakes and pads are pretty tired, starting to feel groves on the surface so ill +1 to the brakes
  3. Soon to be Z owner

    Welcome along Hopefully we will get some nice pictures when you pick her up
  4. £1995 on autotrader

    Hopefully if someone goes to buy it and it does have a big issue it makes itself apparent. I would hope even someone who isnt into cars would see it chucking smoke or an EML on and would have a second thought.
  5. £1995 on autotrader

    Yeah it could be pretty badly battered up, to be honest it was a quick spot I saw that i meant to look into more which obviously you have saved me having to do. But anything thats half the price of the "normal" cars has to have some kind of issues. Still failing 5 years in a row is pretty bad, would definetely take a mechanic for anyone interested in it. In hindsight my first post makes me sound like im on the side of the car but i meant to speak more on the side of caution, i guess if you could prove the engine is in good nick it might be worth it but a big risk otherwise :/
  6. An Azure blue jap import supposedly running fine with just a driver side window issue and rear hatch struts. I might be right in thinking a working VQ35DE is worth more than that? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201711181363334?onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=price-asc&postcode=lu13rw&make=NISSAN&radius=1500&model=350 Z&page=1
  7. To add to the stages thing I learnt in a 1.3 diesel corsa which felt like it was running in the single digits for horsepower. Then had two 1.6 Astras about 105bhp brand new so probably on the underside of 100 by the time i drove them then straight to the 350. I think in some regards its a fantastic car to learn more in, if you have the right mindset. Its a bit of an arse to see out of so makes you more aware to check blindspots, the clutch is pretty tricky (coming from an astra where the clutch just did it) and means that now whenever i jump into another car the clutch isnt an issue. Also the fact that its RWD it a different experience too you can feel it on wet days sipping and chirping a little under heavier acceleration sort of letting you know where the edge of its grip is. (obviously that takes a bit of finese to not just mash the pedal). I personally think the 350 has already made me a much better driver or at least more aware of how i drive and made me want to improve. But i think its because I didnt get in it and immediately take it down to my local tesco and try to drift it about and wrap it into a wall.
  8. Ill agree with everyone on here its more about mental age and driving ability than physical age. Its like a lot of things some people have an outright knack for driving and could make any car dance other people could drive for 20+ years and still look like they are day 3 of driving school.
  9. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    It says it smokes and has an EML but doesnt say what its for, EML could be literally any of the codes and the smoke could be a bunch of stuff too. Just meant it could be something little or it could be something really bad.
  10. Cheap 350z on Ebay £2999 85k

    I mean from the outside at the very least it looks in pretty good shape. Just got to wonder what dark secrets she holds xD
  11. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    Looking fantastic I really hope I do get so see you shoot about the track when the Phoenix is at her fullest
  12. Too much worry?

    Well yeah xD Whats the old rule "Dont buy a porche unless you can buy two" I think was the saying xD
  13. Too much worry?

    From what I remember and im no expert just to put that out there. But i think the HR comes with the stronger transmission, oil gallery gasket is sort of hit and miss it'll happen eventually but can vary on miles. Had to redo my slave cylinder on day 3 of ownership but that was at 75K miles seen other people pull over 100K. If you wanted there are lots of CSC upgrades like stronger units and things like that, im sure someones got an upgraded CSC and can weigh in a bit. I would say just enjoy the car If it happens it happens same as anything else in life, go for a jog and fall over and hurt yourself you getup and carry on. Just see how you feel with the car, I had mine 3 days and I was already totally taken with the car so when it came to replacing the slave and clutch I was willing to pay. I will admit to sitting there thinking "Do i sell it on, do I maybe get an M3 or try for a cheap boxster" but at the end of 6K miles and 8 months I can say hand on heart i am really glad I didnt go for the M3 or the boxster, I just think theres something about the 350 thats grabbed me entirely. So rambling aside thats my little 2 cents kind of thing, see how you feel about the car and see if in your mind its worth the "risk". Every cars got its issues just have to embrace them and roll with it
  14. M666 plate parked up

    Yeah this is around letchworth xD Forgot to add that to the first post.....far too little sleep.
  15. M666 plate parked up

    Saw you around letchworth didnt get a good look since you were tucked away from the street but was a nice silver/grey couldnt tell if you were a HR or not since I only got a look at your boot xD