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  1. Hi guys, i'm quite new to the forum, but i've been loving the Z ever since i got her, but now i'm starting to get a little frustrated with her So i changed the coolant at the weekend (not a full flush just a drain from the rad and a top back up), amongst having issues with bleeding, there is now a loud water pump like squeal coming from what sounds, and seems like the transmission. It happens when the trans is in neutral and you rev the car slightly, but the noise stops when the clutch is pushed to the floor. I know the transmission is usually noisy, but i've never heard anything like this come from it. I'm not sure if its in any way related to the coolant change (I can't imagine it would be), but any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. As a side note, there is also a fairly loud deep rattle coming from inside the dash (when revving around 2500), somewhere around the centre, which i think might be trapped air in the heater core. But could this potentially not be air in the heater core, but linked to the noise described above? I've attached a couple of vids to help. Hopefully this is all just trapped air and a good bleeding will sort it, but something tells me its not going to be that simple Thanks.
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    Thats a really nice guide and quite thourough too. Unfortunately though, thats exactly what the dealer said they did Wheels seem too lock fine, but its almost like the diff has some play in it
  3. Bit old i know, but i have had this issue since i've owned my car and no one seems to know the answer garage or forum. From my experience, iPhones especially newer ones (I have the X), seem to have a hard time interacting with the Bluetooth radio in the Z's. Androids seem to be almost completely fine bar a few phones. The best solution i found is to update the phone software to the latest version of iOS and around 90% of the time its ok. Still get stuttery audio every now and again but a lot better than when i was on a lower iOS version. The problem probably lies with the phone and the radio software, I imagine maybe something to do with the phone having bluetooth 5.0 and the radio maybe not supporting a2dp very well?
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    Did you ever get this issue sorted? I'm having the same issue on my 370. I took mine in last week to the dealer and they supposedly adjusted the handbrake and said that it wasn't rolling back anymore. In fairness, it isn't rolling back as much but still a fair bit. Does yours have the automatic hill hold?





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