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  1. antnee


    The dealer made an adjustment on it which has made it marginally better. I suspect the real issue is with the auto-hold, which itself is a bit iffy and only seems to work randomly.
  2. antnee

    Dash cam

    If you do put it on the front screen, remember to run the cable the screen side of the A pillar trim
  3. antnee

    New Tactile Steering Wheel

    I would be interested to see how he does the flat bottom
  4. antnee

    Boot not un-latching

    I'm sure I have seen this issue mentioned before, but I can't find it now. The boot should completely unlatch with just one press of the switch, but I am now intermittently having to press it twice and the first press releases the boot but it is still latched. What is the supposed fix for this? My car is a 2018 model.
  5. antnee


    Its for the pop-up pedestrian safety feature. There are some pryo-technic actuators that push (and break) the hinge to lift the rear edge of the bonnet up. This gives more room for the bonnet skin to deform under a pedestrian hitting it before it contacts the engine.
  6. I used to run one for an old club which was the same week in the month, same location every month - that way word spreads. I would be up for something, Im in Hinckley, just off the M69. I reakon something around the Tamworth area could work well, easy access from lots of major roads to include people from most of the Midlands.
  7. Where is the info on this meet? Its not far from me
  8. antnee

    370Z Nismo Auto Head Light Setting Problem

    My 2018 goes DRLs to headlights. I don't know of any auto lights that use the side lights.
  9. antnee

    Recaro Seat

    You should be able to just get the cover - will be a lot of £££ through Nissan though.
  10. antnee

    Ride Comfort

    I found the Nismo is on the verge of being too stiff. The GT is much more compliant for day-to-day use.
  11. antnee

    Recaro Seat

    I also had the bolster wear through, I took the cover off myself and a local place charged me £70 to sew in a new panel.
  12. antnee

    Recaro Seat

    You may need to use a flat blade (ideally plastic to avoid marking the material) to fully push the rubber into the slot. Work all the way along the seat too. I had the same Recaros in a Clio and the sides would pop out every now and then.
  13. antnee

    Recaro Seat

    Has the material come away from the rubber edging? If not, you can just put it back in by hand. the material folds over on the rubber then pushes into a slot of the hard plastic of the seat. Should take about 2 mins to sort.
  14. antnee

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    If you haven't already, PM Bikeracer and bigjackb to get their reg's and nissan dealer details, send on to Nissan UK - then they can't dispute
  15. antnee

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    Just checked my GT with standard leathers - after 5000 miles they are still looking fine.