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  1. Japfest East Mids convoy

    The link worked for me
  2. Shake Up To Regional Meets

    Does this forum software support tags or thread title prompts? If so, a clever person could work a way that if someone tags a thread with 'London', then a user could subscribe to that tag and get an automatic notification of a topic being started?
  3. Storm White Paint Quality: Prone To Scratches?

    Do the scratches look like these? If so I think it is adhesive from the protective plastic they apply for shipping. They polish/wipe off
  4. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    I make that 11 haven't paid - so 104 car currently?
  5. antnee's 2018 370Z

    Thanks guys. @Humpy It is fairly quiet at lower revs but opens up nicely at the top end. I do have an idea in my head about improving the volume levels though I like that it is fairly quiet on start up, so it doesn't annoy the neighbours when leaving at 6am for work. I am going to Japfest, sorted my tickets yesterday
  6. antnee's 2018 370Z

    So my story starts back in October 2017, when I started looking at what car I could get to utilise the work's car scheme as an alternative to the boring stuff everyone else has been getting recently. Lots of head scratching and CarWow quotes later, I decided to find a 370Z at a dealer to have a sit in one, with no intention of doing a deal just yet. First weekend of November I head to Sandicliffe in Nottingham who have a whole Nismo floor in their showroom to find a brand spanking new 370Z Nismo demo car sat outside. 5 mins later and we are on a test drive 2 days later, with another test drive done the deal was signed to buy a manual GT in pearl white - but I had to wait until March 2018 for delivery Not too much of a problem as it will get the winter weather out the way and it would put the car on an '18' plate too which is nice. Fast forward to the end of Feb 2018 and I get a call from the dealer to tell me the car has been delivered 3 weeks early and is ready for collection Collection arranged for the Saturday morning. Friday comes along and so does 'the beast from the east'! Not ideal weather for collecting my first RWD car! Neither the less, crossed all my fingers and delayed collection for a few hours and everything cleared up enough. IMG_20180303_140857_869 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr I was properly chuffed with the car and a little bit over-whelmed by it, so the 50 mile drive home was very steady. Got acquainted to the 2nd home straight away, IMG_20180303_153952599 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Got it home safe and sound, no dramas luckily IMG_20180303_174353862 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Went out the next day and took a couple of photos, you can see the weather was still miserable so the car is dirty! IMG_2917-01a by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_2926-01 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_2921-01 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_2929 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr I wanted to get it run in ASAP to really start enjoying it, so the following weekend I had a trip to my parents place out in Norfolk which put just shy of 400 miles on it. Quick snap while there IMG_20180310_181014544-01 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Took just over 3 weeks to get the 1200 miles running-in complete and loved every mile. The car is exactly what I wanted, it is usable but different. I can take it to work but the journey is much more fun. The noise is addictive. It did take me 4 weeks to get the first wash completed though, the car had been a lot dirtier but some rain had taken the worst of the muck off for me. I had already taken a trip over to my mate @ ATD Detailing in Derby for recommendations on some cleaning goodies, then popped next door to his mates @ Shop n Shine to buy them. Snow foam, decent shampoo, wheel cleaner and a sealant should help me to keep it white. Anyway, pre-wash it looked like this, IMG_20180401_135740758 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_20180401_135756793 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Fall out removed applied, IMG_20180401_142703619 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr While cleaning it, I noticed loads of marks like these below. It looks to be left-over adhesive from the protective plastic wrap they put on cars in the factory for transport/shipping. Some polish got rid of them thankfully IMG_20180401_145848224 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Finished result, IMG_20180401_163159344 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_20180401_163214866 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr That puts us up to date, car is now sat on around 1400 miles after a month of ownership Not sure on any plans to modify as I am really pleased with the whole package as it is currently. I think a few small cosmetic bits could be done, we will have to wait and see though.
  7. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    @andy james is it worth editing the first post to show the new extended deadline? Would help push us to the magic 100!
  8. Japfest East Mids convoy

    I'll meet you at LFE too.
  9. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Andy James + Kat. PAID,Tracktime 10.20,12.40 2. Shezza - PAID 3. Valy - PAID 4. Keyser +1 - PAID 5. Paul k + Dawn - PAID 6. Nso93- PAID 7. Humpy - PAID 8. G1en - PAID 9. Rickdon - PAID 10. Veilside z +1 PAID 11. Beb + Colombia. PAID. Tracktime 10:20, 12:40 12. Bob94+1 PAID 13. Buster - PAID 14. Lumby101+1 PAID 15. Teejay+1 PAID 16. Flashback PAID 17. Modo +1 Paid. 18. TT350 (try) 19. Papa PAID 20. Olly350z - PAID 21. Louis350z (not on here) - PAID 22. alexclabbs 23. Jay84 - PAID 24. jackf + 1 - PAID 25. Dillydot82 +1 PAID 26. retro_al PAID 27. 350z South West 28. EzeePzee - PAID 29. cs2000 - PAID + Tracktime @ 13:40 30. chippychip123 +1 - PAID 31. Mark123 32. DrMurderDeath +1 33. N1ck- PAID 34. Nismoandy +1PAID 35. Conlonl 36. Apoc124 - PAID 37. LewisH - PAID 38. pintopete58 PAID 39. KG350z PAID 40. SUPRAWOOKIE +1 PAID 41. LMStaples + 1 42. BenHz33 + 1 PAID 43. ShortPaul +1 44. Zero:One +1 PAID 45. wvSTUwv +1 PAID Tracktime @ 13:40 46. Mr.szarvas +1 PAID 47. Kingsley + 1 - PAID 48. V1H- PAID 49. Cob1980 (+1) - PAID 50. Mattrwebb +1 - PAID 51. Jake.Lowther +1 (PAID 2 Tickets) 52. 14N - PAID 53. 350gottwins +1 (paid2tickets) 54. Jonnymonno +1 PAID x2 55. KBAD + 1 56. Matt V6Z +1 Paid Track time @ 9:40 57. Yorkie +1 PAID 58. GracieB + 1 PAID 59. Sebastian PAID , Tracktime 10.40 60. Zebedy + 1 61. RoxZ + 1 62. Stephanie 63. MatthewThain 64. Kostask +1 PAID 65. Chris141084 +1 PAID 66. Stocker11 +1 PAID 68. Finners PAID 69. bam350z +1 PAID 70. AbiiPow +1 PAID 71. MattRwebb +1 PAID 72. N15GTE (Richard James + Sharon James) PAID 73. eroll_350z - Plus 1 (2 Adult Tickets) - PAID 74. Coops1958 + 1 PAID 75. Cloud1440 paid 76. Shire350z + 1 PAID 77. MarkSt PAID 78. Stevod 79. Mambofever PAID 80. Gorbash (Ian + Gen) PAID 81. kayjay0_7 - PAID 82. Harry-HR PAID 83. WwZed, Track time 10:20 PAID 84. Sisson18 +1 PAID 85. Andy_Muxlow. PAID 86. Mark350Z +1 PAID 87.Liviu Broscoi PAID 88. scottdky +1 PAID 89. Longsh07 +1 PAID 90. Matt89 PAID 91. Aus10 PAID 92. Dans3403 +1 -PAID 93. bluesimmo +1 -PAID 94. slates -PAID 95. Hypnosis + 1 - PAID 96. griff_350 -PAID 97. Kayla +1 PAID 98. Adam46z33 +1 PAID 99. Pattzed +1 PAID 100. Redsky +1 PAID 101. Svothe +1 PAID 102. Miller350z +1 PAID 103. Pusztai Norbert +1 PAID 104. Martinw +1 PAID 105. Jimbo117 PAID 106. omegacloud PAID Tracktime: 09:40 107. a.roden +1 PAID 108. antnee +1 PAID
  10. Road Tax Rates wef 1 April 2018

    Mines only £140 a year
  11. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    Given the 4 or 5k deposit contribution plus the amount of discount, you should never really end up in negative equity.
  12. Nissan DAB dealer fitted option

    I originally specced this, but when the car arrived the dealer said they couldn't fit it. How does it work? (ie how do you control it?)
  13. I spotted a white 370Z Nismo (mk2) on the ringroad near City Hospital/Sherwood last night, probably around 7.30. I was travelling the other way and waved
  14. New 2018 370z Finance Offer

    I went through a similar decision. I initially saw the offer on a Base model, but looked at the specs and decided I wanted the GT. I test drove the Nismo (twice ), but for me the Nismo was just a touch too harsh for the almost daily use I am having the car for. I find the GT rides really well where as the Nismo was verging on a crashy ride. And I like heated seats.
  15. 370z turn off passenger airbag

    Normally you don't have fused in the airbag circuits, the inflators are connected directly to the RCM (control module) as you need a very quick response time. Airbags can fire within 15-20ms from point of impact.