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  1. antnee

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    Just checked my GT with standard leathers - after 5000 miles they are still looking fine.
  2. antnee

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    I wonder if the seat supplier for the Recaro versions has switched leather suppliers recently - as it only seems to be relatively new Nismo's suffering from this issue. I'll take a look at my GT later today.
  3. I just put clutch in and hold the button till it starts (about 1 sec or so), sometimes I release the button too quickly and it just goes to ACC
  4. antnee

    antnee's 2018 370Z

    No real updates to publish, I have just been enjoying the thing. Last weekend saw it hit the 5,000 mile mark already.
  5. antnee

    antnee's 2018 370Z

    Sorry, didn't see your question before. The mirror itself was from eBay
  6. antnee

    My White 370z GT

    No messing around here!! The rear is done black from factory on the 18 MY cars
  7. antnee

    had a 350z HR and i want a NISMO 370z

    There is around 35 on Autotrader at the moment. Depending on budget, some good deals can be had on a brand new one, then you get the benefit of the Nissan warranty, etc.
  8. antnee

    370Z Y-Pipe same as 350Z?

    There was a post on the a US FB group about if a 350Z Y-pipe fitted on a 370Z or not - quite a few people saying they do including someone from Soho Motorsports stating they only sell the one for both cars. So anyone got experience to say if the 2 are interchangeable?
  9. antnee

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    I take it you don't work in the automotive industry or design
  10. antnee

    Side Skirts

    Thanks @Nso93 - I think I prefer those. Tarmac ones stick out a bit far for me
  11. antnee

    Side Skirts

    I've been looking at some of the 'add-on' skirts you can get. I like the look of the Maxton and Tarmac Sports ones, but I can't find any pictures of them except for the example ones. Anyone used/fitted either before?
  12. Pre-facelift 370Z Nismo at Norwich Hospital, looked clean Also just seen a 17 plate Nismo at the Morrisions in Speke, Liverpool - made a nice burble
  13. antnee

    Quick Question

    They have recline adjustment, they don't 'tip' (like a 3dr car with rear seats).
  14. antnee

    Buying a 370 2010 - advice needed please

    I think the suspension was tuned for the facelift (2013?) to make it a little more compliant for road use, so the 2010 may be a little more stiffer/crashy over the 2014 model you have driven so far. I use mine all the time, had it 4 months and its done almost 4k - not bad for a 2nd car.
  15. antnee

    2017 Nismo £540 Tax?

    You are right, at first registration you do have to pay a 'lump' sum for tax. 370Z is £1700 for the first year.