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  1. antnee

    Quick Question

    They have recline adjustment, they don't 'tip' (like a 3dr car with rear seats).
  2. antnee

    Buying a 370 2010 - advice needed please

    I think the suspension was tuned for the facelift (2013?) to make it a little more compliant for road use, so the 2010 may be a little more stiffer/crashy over the 2014 model you have driven so far. I use mine all the time, had it 4 months and its done almost 4k - not bad for a 2nd car.
  3. antnee

    2017 Nismo £540 Tax?

    You are right, at first registration you do have to pay a 'lump' sum for tax. 370Z is £1700 for the first year.
  4. antnee

    Bonnet Struts/Dampers 370z

    Bumping an old topic but I want to try and find out the truth on this matter after it appeared on FB the other day. There is a lot of people across various forums state that gas struts shouldn't be used with the pedestrian bonnet lifter system - but I can't find out a reason why. The Jag E-Pace has bonnet actuators yet comes with gas struts. The hinges seem to work in a similar way too. Is it all just internet rumours and hear-say for the 370Z?
  5. antnee

    Under bonnet black substance

    Pretty sure it cleans off, I had some on mine.
  6. antnee

    Nissan DAB Convertor

    You can still order it. It seems my dealer just doesn't like fitting them.
  7. antnee

    Santa pod 2018

    There is always Japshow Finale in September? http://www.japshowfinale.co.uk/index.php
  8. antnee


    My 370Z is 3 months old now and the handbrake has always been a bit rubbish. When you pull up and stop using the foot brake, then apply the handbrake the car will move slightly upon releasing the footbrake. I thought it might just be down to different mechanisms used for the 2 brakes, however after stopping on a steep incline and the car rolling back 2ft I decided Nissan needed to take a look at it. Fast forward to yesterday, the dealer had it back in for the day and 'adjusted' the handbrake. It seems to come on slightly earlier in the travel but is still similar performance. I can get the handbrake to come on fully and properly hold the car, however you have to to use a lot of force to pull up the handbrake. Is this normal on a 370z?
  9. antnee

    Bluetooth Phone Quality?

    The first few times I found calls to be rubbish - but then it has sorted itself out. Audio streaming is very frustrating! I had a Moto G5 and the wife has a Pixel 2, both would 'skip' alot while streaming (like a scratched CD) - no issues when streaming to any of the other bluetooth devices I own. However, I got a Moto X4 2 weeks ago, this doesn't skip but I quite often lose the facility to change tracks with the stereo.
  10. Its a shame I couldn't make it today, there was no chance I could have made it at the required time though! Did you guys get to do any parade laps in the end?
  11. antnee

    antnee's 2018 370Z

    I have also fitted another GTR part - an auto-dimming mirror. My other car has one and it makes driving at night a lot nicer by reducing the brightness of lights following you. The situation is even worse in the Z due to it being lower down, so I find there are more cars with blinding lights. It is strange that they aren't standard or even an option on UK cars. IMG_20180528_114609093 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_20180528_115910772 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Other than those 2 mods, I have just been really enjoying the car. It is on just under 3000 miles now - I am having to restrain myself from using it all the time and to make sure I use my other car! Few more pics after a recent clean IMG_2934-01 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_2940-01 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_2944-01 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_2946-01 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr
  12. antnee

    antnee's 2018 370Z

    I think its time for an update. I got my hands on one of the most important 370Z mods - GTR STARTER BUTTON!!!!! I couldn't believe how easy it was to swap over! So much nicer, but I think I might get the GTR surround too FB_IMG_1527870059689 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr I had it on a local dyno too, it didn't quite make the figures I was expecting - but I'm not overly fussed on the absolute numbers. It pulls very well and the it gets to the speed limit very quickly IMG_20180428_105247812 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Then I attended Japfest with the club, awesome turn out. I was pleasantly surprised at how much attention the car got despite it being standard. Most people seemed to be looking at the little changes Nissan made for the 18MY update. IMG_20180428_105247812 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr IMG_20180506_120933432 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr
  13. antnee

    Auto-dimming mirror?

    A few pictures then; Connector made up with the cable, inserted into the mirror (how has some heatshrink on too) IMG_20180528_104246520 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr Mirror mounted, cable routed up and under the rain/light sensor cover IMG_20180528_114609093 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr And the cables I tapped into (for the ambient lighting LED) IMG_20180528_115115577 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr And its done! IMG_20180528_115910772 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr
  14. Im going to the show tomorrow, with an all day drinking session planned - no chance I will be able to get my Zed there for the Sunday
  15. antnee

    Auto-dimming mirror?

    All done I will put some pics/mini guide up in a bit