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  1. How have they come off a brand new car? The wheels were changed for 18MY?
  2. Welcome, what are the specs of the car?
  3. Starter button still available. Mirror is now unavailable. Net is from an R56 Mini I think
  4. Now my 370Z has gone I have a few bits available; GTR Starter Button Add a nice bit of colour to the cabin with the GTR starter button. Nice easy mod to do and looks miles better! IMG_20190225_183024425 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr £30 Luggage Net Net from a Mini which fits the 370Z boot really well IMG_20190225_182406678 by Anthony Molyneux, on Flickr £25 Auto-dimming rear view mirror Retro fit kit for auto-dimming rear mirror. Mirror is from a GTR, then I ma
  5. antnee


    The dealer made an adjustment on it which has made it marginally better. I suspect the real issue is with the auto-hold, which itself is a bit iffy and only seems to work randomly.
  6. antnee

    Dash cam

    If you do put it on the front screen, remember to run the cable the screen side of the A pillar trim
  7. I would be interested to see how he does the flat bottom
  8. I'm sure I have seen this issue mentioned before, but I can't find it now. The boot should completely unlatch with just one press of the switch, but I am now intermittently having to press it twice and the first press releases the boot but it is still latched. What is the supposed fix for this? My car is a 2018 model.
  9. Its for the pop-up pedestrian safety feature. There are some pryo-technic actuators that push (and break) the hinge to lift the rear edge of the bonnet up. This gives more room for the bonnet skin to deform under a pedestrian hitting it before it contacts the engine.
  10. I used to run one for an old club which was the same week in the month, same location every month - that way word spreads. I would be up for something, Im in Hinckley, just off the M69. I reakon something around the Tamworth area could work well, easy access from lots of major roads to include people from most of the Midlands.
  11. My 2018 goes DRLs to headlights. I don't know of any auto lights that use the side lights.
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