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  1. Hello and welcome.
  2. If you concerned about stone chips then get a clear film fitted to the front end of the car, i had this done when i bought my 370 new ten years ago and i don't have a single blemish, not cheap but any thing worthwhile rarely is.
  3. Nice colour, hello and welcome.
  4. A Titanium Grey 370z coupe with what looked to be ARK style exhausts DY61 *** pulling into Sainsbury's car park in Sutton Surrey around 11am this morning.
  5. Selfish and Stupid people are everywhere unfortunately !
  6. Hello and welcome, lovely car colour !
  7. Kev T

    Club Calendar 2020

    Received mine this morning, brilliant job as always many thanks
  8. Cool, looking forward to seeing some photos when complete
  9. Out of curiosity why have you removed the duckbill if you don't mind me asking ? It looks so good on the car !
  10. Kev T

    Club Calendar 2020

    1.SuperStu (two) 2.KevT (one)





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