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  1. 4th rear fog/brake light

    Got this little item a few months ago from adrian @ torqen, been lazy about fitting it but decided to make the job multi task and change the reversing bulb for LED's at the same time as all the plastics have to come out anyway. The replacement is very straight forward except that the nuts holding the original fog light are locktighted on and attempting to undo them resulted in the stud turning so it took me an hour to hacksaw the nuts off with a short hacksaw blade as there is not a lot of space to do it ! Having said that the result is pleasing and i now have more reversing light as well.
  2. StarTrek and Expanse

    I have started to watch Expanse and it has definite promise, i do find that they mumble a bit though making it hard to understand the dialogue.
  3. I like the way the Titanium Grey changes shade depending on the light angle.
  4. New Fairlady Owner

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  6. Hello and welcome to another 370 owner, strangely enough i have an external kit waiting in a box for if/when my CSC goes pop.
  7. Hello from a 370z owner

    Hello and welcome to another 370 owner.
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  9. Tein Flex Z Coilovers with EDFC Active Pro

    Ekona is correct when he says the EDFC is a bit of a gadget and also correct on the 2 settings observation, but personally i like a gadget and being a bit lazy i also like being able to dial in my suspension settings with the touch of a button it just depends if you want to pay for the system or not. I would imho change the ARBS first as well.
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  11. Recommendations for Indy in London

    I can recommend Abbey Motorsport in Oxted, not far from London in Surrey.
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