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  1. I found Bedford Aerodrome to be very strict on noise levels, in fact i won't go back because i got black flagged for being one decibel over on drive by.
  2. Looking at the YouTube videos it appears to be a pretty extensive under taking, unlike the gearbox mounting which is easy.
  3. Hi Dave, sorry i can't be of help as Abbey Motorsport did the gauge fitment during my annual service.
  4. Well it wasn't cheap, the fabricated pod was from a chap on the US forum called Galeforce. The pod including shipping etc. was probably in the region of 400 quid and i got a good deal on the gauge of 150 pounds ( you could get a cheaper gauge but think AEW are quality ) then fitting was again about 400 pounds ( although if you diy it is not relevant ) So my total was around 950 pounds all in, but you could do it cheaper.
  5. My yearly service and MOT was due last week at Abbey Motorsports so i got them to fit an AEM oil pressure gauge to the custom pod i had fabricated earlier last year. As usual great service from Charlie and the rest of the guys at Abbey. As you can see from the first photo cold oil pressure is at 90/95psi and hot pressure around 35/38psi so no timing chain cover gasket problems so far !!
  6. Yep everyone loves a pristine growler !
  7. Got mine today and great pics as always thanks to all involved.
  8. I have signed as well, as with most things proposed by government it never remains sensible.
  9. 1. Zmanalex 2. Stu x2 3. harrison140 4. Kev T
  10. I think I think the Greddy Sump is made in Japan TBF, so probably better quality.
  11. Kev T

    Stolen 350z

    Sorry to hear this terrible news, i am in Banstead just up from Sutton so i will keep an eye out for your Zed when i am out and about.
  12. Posted 21 hours ago Hi all, after my last couple of track days i noticed that under moderate to heavy braking i was getting vibration and judder through the steering wheel but the brake pedal was fine. Thinking it might be a build up of brake pad deposit on the discs i tried the heavy braking from sixty etc. with no noticeable difference to the feel on the steering wheel. Deciding the problem was probably DTV ( Disc Thickness Variation ) i did a little research and booked into my nearest disc skimmer which was Carters Car Care in Dorking Surrey. They were brilliant, taking the disc off first to clean up the mating faces then doing two machine cuts with a Pro cut portable lathe which attaches to the hub, the result is perfect braking with no vibration or judder 👍. If you live in the surrey area and are suffering from the above then i can wholly recommend Carters Car Care to do the work
  13. I would say 5+ years with no problems, i just take them off once a year wipe the coilovers then spray with some MS4 grease, job done.
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