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  1. Kev T

    Club Calendar 2020

    Received mine this morning, brilliant job as always many thanks
  2. Cool, looking forward to seeing some photos when complete
  3. Out of curiosity why have you removed the duckbill if you don't mind me asking ? It looks so good on the car !
  4. Kev T

    Club Calendar 2020

    1.SuperStu (two) 2.KevT (one)
  5. I have the MXS 5 as well a brilliant piece of kit for keeping the battery tip top.
  6. Kev T


    Ok then i have had the new MPS4s fitted this morning and first impressions are very good, they feel planted and very confidence inspiring from cold, they also seem quieter than the MPSS as well. I liked the old MPSS but did find that particularly when cold they would tramline on uneven surfaces which the MPS4s do not, of course the ultimate test will be a track day which will not be until the spring at the earliest but at the moment i would certainly recommend them .
  7. Kev T


    Hi Ekona i went for the 4S, i like the odd track day so they were better suited to my needs.
  8. Kev T


    With another service and MOT looming soon and my current MPSS down to around 2.5mm i decided it was time to change despite the Growler being a garage Queen over winter, so having read many reviews and posts i have decided on the MPS4s as the best all rounder for me. I went with e tyres as they have 10% off over this weekend and went for a size up as they are currently available, so 255/35/19 and 285/19/35 for a reasonable 733. good old English pounds fitted this coming Friday at a local Tyre fitters I have great expectations of these tyres as the older MPSS were great !
  9. I think the Op is referring to the two strips of plastic on either side under the front bumper that are catching on his steep drive.
  10. In brief Claim Scotland gets 20% more per head because of money that comes from England under the Barnett formula. Conclusion It’s correct that spending on public services in Scotland is 20% higher per head than in England. But this money comes from the block grant from the UK Treasury, rather than from England specifically. An increasing proportion of the Scottish government’s budget also comes from taxes it raises.
  11. I wonder if the Scots realise that if they gain independance from Britain they lose all English taxpayers money that props up their free social services !





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