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  1. Absolutely agree, if the car is right a new exhaust is easy to fix.
  2. A guy named Jason Gale from the US 370z site fabricates the pods but i have a feeling he may work for 3g customs, but i don't know for sure as i contacted him direct.
  3. Hi Mate, import duty came to 64.62p, so an expensive solution to mounting the oil gauge but also a very neat one. I use Abbey for my servicing so may give them a shout about the oil pressure gauge but it is always useful to hear other recommendations and experience of others first hand.
  4. Ok so the gauge pod has arrived along with a big import tax charge which i suppose is par for the course with goods from the USA/Canada. The Pod is top notch work and looks OEM, so now i need to get an Oil pressure gauge preferably electrical as i don't want oil lines inside the cabin, any suggestions or recommendations ?
  5. Fully charge the battery and try again.
  6. GJ52 *** along Banstead Road in Surrey at around 4.30 pm possibly coming out of Cuddington Golf Club, very tidy it looked and sounded OEM
  7. Hello and welcome back, nice looking soft top.
  8. Today around 4pm a red 370 LV65 *** traveling along Fir Tree Road towards the A217 it looked to be completely standard, it is the first 350/370 i have seen for weeks.
  9. I am down the road in Banstead.
  10. RIP Sabine. A tragedy and so young !
  11. I have already ordered mine so a group buy for me is out, but if one of you wants to organize it an wants the email to contact him you can PM me. The cost of the Custom A pillar is $350 plus postage which is about another $125 from Canada, as i said in my original post not cheap !
  12. I have been toying with the idea of having an oil pressure gauge for some time now particularly since the timing cover gasket weakness is now a well known issue and one of the signs is low oil pressure My only problem was where to mount such a gauge with out it looking like a mess ! So When my oil cooler was found to be leaking on my recent service it bothered me that if the leak had been catastrophic instead of minor i would not have realised the problem was there until the low pressure red light appeared on the dash at which point it is too late, so my search for a solution
  13. Me too service every year on the dot regardless of how few miles i cover and most years it is less than 2k.
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