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  1. Khan isn't spending 250,000,000 on cameras not to use them for ppm, he is a weasel and i can't believe that most people are not protesting or even aware at this new tax, it will eventually be country wide if we don't stop it now and will cost every driver thousands of pounds every year, ULEZ must be stopped !!! Join the protests and complain to your MP.
  2. got my one yesterday as well, many thanks STU
  3. great work and well done, lovely looking old girl 👍
  4. I have seen a couple of the street light chargers and in principle a good idea until someone comes along and steals the cable !!
  5. I did it to my 370 GT years ago and it wasn't that difficult, no need to remove any sensors or the bonnet lift mechanism but you do need to be creative.
  6. Yep the snowflakes soon start whinging when they get left and ignored, it is shameful that our authorities have not got the back bone to do something similar.
  7. I found Bedford Aerodrome to be very strict on noise levels, in fact i won't go back because i got black flagged for being one decibel over on drive by.
  8. Looking at the YouTube videos it appears to be a pretty extensive under taking, unlike the gearbox mounting which is easy.
  9. Hi Dave, sorry i can't be of help as Abbey Motorsport did the gauge fitment during my annual service.
  10. Well it wasn't cheap, the fabricated pod was from a chap on the US forum called Galeforce. The pod including shipping etc. was probably in the region of 400 quid and i got a good deal on the gauge of 150 pounds ( you could get a cheaper gauge but think AEW are quality ) then fitting was again about 400 pounds ( although if you diy it is not relevant ) So my total was around 950 pounds all in, but you could do it cheaper.
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