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  1. FITTED performance chip to help my mpg and this is my daily for work car, states it is about 150 miles before it kicks in, worth a try as I am only getting about 18mpg just now.
  2. looking at obd performance chip and carbon fibre pods for the 3 dash pods, maybe wrap front mouth black and rear lower valance, along with handles, wheels maybe colour code to black and yellow.
  3. that's the gearbox done, had 5/6 and reverse replaced and gearbox fully serviced, back on the road
  4. it's in your blood, zeditis never leaves you
  5. yes, my wife bought me a 370z watch off eBay .
  6. paid £400.00 deposit and estimate for full job £800.00 plus vat.
  7. cheers post some pictures when you get the specials
  8. gearbox out and away to be serviced had a notchy 5th Syncro so decided to get this done and might as well to a full service on the gearbox.



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