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  1. nissanjuke

    370Z Ark Grip CBE £800

    nice piece of kit!
  2. nissanjuke


    go clear map lenses of a gtr , sometimes its the wee touches that matter.
  3. nissanjuke

    370z Advice Please

    check my build thread, the yellow project got steering wheel as well, fitted clear map lenses and will be going in for a retrim in September, gearbox service, then thinking of putting a final drive kit on at diff. Then maybe a tune?
  4. nissanjuke

    Z servicing in or close the Herts

    nice what is the exhaust on your brief
  5. nissanjuke

    People keep calling my 370Z Nismo a GTR.... yeah

    nice to hear that, too many Porsches.bmw,Audi,s on the road, 370z is just different to see
  6. nissanjuke

    Project: WeaponiZed

    nice I have a Nismo one which is similar
  7. nissanjuke

    Project: WeaponiZed

    well done good to see the z in the magazine and flying the flag for the z community.
  8. nissanjuke

    370z Advice Please

    dave you still got my white car ,how is it any more mods.
  9. nissanjuke

    370z Advice Please

    cheers ,where would you get these parts for a 370z
  10. nissanjuke

    370z Advice Please

    is the synchromesh a fixable part or a replacement part you can buy?
  11. nissanjuke

    370z Advice Please

    cheers for that
  12. nissanjuke

    I broke me Knob !

    nice job
  13. nissanjuke

    370z Advice Please

    as regards gearbox in the 370z, I have a crunchy 5th gear, does that mean I will have to take the gearbox out and strip it down to find the fault. cheers
  14. nissanjuke

    My new car mats

    mats look nice
  15. nissanjuke

    Re-Badge or not Re-Badge

    could not get centre caps for my wheels but made my own up