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  1. Performance Mods question

    it's always hard getting a good one, my car came from Colchester, the right one will come along


    wee engine clean and some bonnet mirrors, still the 2 big ones to do. excuse the blue tape.
  4. nice, let me know your mods
  5. Performance Mods question

    car must suit you, not anybody else!
  6. Advice On A 370Z On Auto Trader - anyone know it?

    shop about, be in no rush!
  7. Performance Mods question

    I have driven both and like both-especially the flappy paddles on the auto, so if the car was right it would not bother me.
  8. Advice On A 370Z On Auto Trader - anyone know it?

    the car seems a bit grubby, get them to valet inside and outside of the car and jet wash the engine as well. It seems a good price, check it out on a test drive, see how the car drives and brakes, clutches usually go about 80000 miles, then ask them to put it up on a ramp to check underneath for any rusty parts like w brace, exhaust etc.
  9. Performance Mods question

    yes you would gain 15-20 bhp depending on your car.
  10. Polished at last!

    ah well cleaned up the yellow job today
  11. New tyres

    try eBay for your tyres.
  12. Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    really funny, a man after my own heart I always park furthest away and clearest space, but it made me laugh
  13. Shake Up To Regional Meets

    you could be right here i have seen more z stuff on facebook recently.
  14. Popped my zed viginity