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  1. nissanjuke

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    love the ragtop
  2. nissanjuke

    Nathan's 370

    tails nice
  3. nice touches Andy how did you find the 25 spacers with the eibach kit ?
  4. like your style main stealers
  5. nissanjuke

    Infiniti quietly pulls the plug on the Q60 in UK

    love that soft top NISMO would buy that in A HEARTBEAT
  6. nissanjuke

    My White 370z GT

    nice brief mate, like your theme black and white I'm going for black and yellow. I put an black eyelid on mine see below,
  7. nissanjuke


    happy new year to you and all fellow members
  8. nissanjuke

    Tar spots

    nice brief
  9. nissanjuke

    New Z in da house..

    dont blame you, still to remap and a gear box service for me
  10. nissanjuke

    New Z in da house..

    welcome nice zed .
  11. nissanjuke

    Advice on cat back exhaust

    my exhaust tone is fine , but I do get a drone from my hfcs when accelerating is that normal ?
  12. nissanjuke

    Advice on cat back exhaust

    just a question to all hfc,s drone at certain speeds.
  13. nissanjuke

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    nice one
  14. nissanjuke

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    can it be mod and tuned
  15. nissanjuke


    would need to check that out, but speaking to my mechanic, we have found that the synchro is out, so I will get the box serviced as my car is getting the UPREV tune next, which I hope will take it to about 360 bhp.