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  1. paid £400.00 deposit and estimate for full job £800.00 plus vat.
  2. gearbox out and away to be serviced had a notchy 5th Syncro so decided to get this done and might as well to a full service on the gearbox.
  3. are you a fire starter or fire farter nice brief.
  4. how will this affect the value of the z, will it go up ??
  5. I have only cleaned my engine bay and put stainless steel in panels on the hood.
  6. where did you get the yellow tubing , nice touch.
  7. like what you have done to engine bay,any more pics
  8. are 370z starting to drop in price, I ask this question as I was looking at a second hand Porsche mecan and the dealer only offered me £9000 ,but I said to him the last minted yellow fellow went for £16000 retail, he checked up on this and it was correct, but said prices are dropping 2010 minted one now was retailing at £14000, well so give me a good price for mine, o he would not budge, ell I walked away, o just looking for views on the 370z selling market.
  9. always a fan of your car, let me know if you ever sell it, as I could have his and hers 370z,s
  10. I've always ran 34 psi front and back.
  11. I have Maxton products and they are quality, us yellow fellows must stick together



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