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  1. nissanjuke

    Project: WeaponiZed

  2. nissanjuke

    Project: WeaponiZed

    loving the look, what are your wheels and the size,just finished my interior and now onto tuning wheels and tyres.
  3. welcome to the clan
  4. nissanjuke

    advice on style

  5. nissanjuke

    Whiteline front sway

    done eibachs then got all wheels laser aligned,had no problems since then
  6. nissanjuke

    advice on style

    I have renewed my y pipe and have high flow cats, what would be the best half exhaust system to get, do not need it to be noisy, loud enough at present would like it to be quieter, all advice welcome
  7. nissanjuke

    guess where this goes

  8. nissanjuke

    guess where this goes

    clue-near handbrake
  9. nissanjuke

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    love the photos
  10. nissanjuke

    370z nismo resonated from torqen.

    nice brief
  11. nissanjuke

    Got my new 350z Roadster

    welcome buddy
  12. nissanjuke

    350z-uk.com Car Stickers - See Post 1

    need black ones for my car
  13. nissanjuke

    370z in Rock video :)

    nice one
  14. nissanjuke

    Project: WeaponiZed

    nice work