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  1. not a lot happening at present ,just ordered louvre windows from tarmac and trying to fix my dash screen, would like a tablet fitted in it if my screen is ****** I see brainiac a company do a tablet kit from america, but it is for non navagation models ,you would need to get the control module with the 3 circular dials from the non navagation model ,could that be done in the uk.
  2. MY SCREEN on my dash some mornings plays up and cannot read anything ,then 2 days later it comes on no problem,this is now happening every so often, any ideas before i take it some where help
  3. Love it can anyone point me in the right direction to install it in my 2009 gt model with sat nav, looking at this as I am getting a lot of interference on my dash screen which is making it unreadable so all of my controls are useless as I cannot see what's on or off. Cheers The yellow fellow
  4. Can you replace your nav system, stereo etc with a tablet
  5. thank you I will call the LEE
  6. cheers that would be but im in scotland
  7. BIG QUESTION will it work on my 2009 non -premium system
  8. does any body know where i can buy louvred windows , looking for back and 2 sides in gloss black. cheers





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