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  1. Project: WeaponiZed

    live car porn .love it! sounds awesome!
  2. Winter wheels and tyres

    just wax your wheels and have some fun!
  3. Spotted on the internet . . . LOL

    that's what I call a real yellow fellow
  4. EVO R DOES carbon pod covers but they are about $139.00 --not cheap!
  5. Tramlining feeling like driving on ice!!

    ask your dealer to check alignment or get it done yourself, it will cost you about £90.00 and you will get a full print out as evidence to prove if they are out.
  6. Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    BRAUM ELITE SEATS are nice, they have a choice of coloured inserts blue, white or red but not yellow, could you colour the white inserts yellow???
  7. new 370z owner :-)

    welcome, but we need pics!!!!
  8. Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    love the seats, but don't love the price
  9. Cargo nets

    sorry I dont, just type in cargo nets in car accessories and a full range will come up, I just checked there the now , size just measure the length and width between your eyelets in the boot, you will get one to suit.cheers
  10. Nathan's 370

    as long as they do the job, no worries

    I do like carbon fibre effect, would be nice on centre console and dash parts. I like working on my z check my build thread out, the yellow project, I HAVE ZEDITIS and there is no cure as far as I know! That's me I am now following Jaydee on facebook.
  12. Recaro Cross Sportster CS

  13. Cargo nets

    you will get one n ebay for about £15.00
  14. Window nightmares

    glad you got it sorted, I have the same sort of problem with no reverse lights
  15. Recaro Cross Sportster CS

    looking for yellow and black seats for my car, any recommendations ????