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  1. Is the 370Z Reliable? Warranty Cost?

    go for the z its trustworthy , lots of fun,you can modify it to your hearts content, its your japanese aston martin!
  2. Nathan's 370

    where they easy to fit as they look good!
  3. Nathan's 370

    I have a maxton rear boot spoiler,good stuff!
  4. Nathan's 370

  5. Nathan's 370

    cheers.Im just waiting on my steering wheel coming from jack royal.a early xmas present for me
  6. Parello's Purple & Gold Bagged 370z

    Is anybody else doing up their 370z as seems to be quite at the moment
  7. Parello's Purple & Gold Bagged 370z

    looking good
  8. Write Off

    thats good especially coming up for xmas
  9. Project: WeaponiZed

    the beast has landed
  10. Door handle part number

    yes pm him ,he is always very helpful
  11. Bubbling paint behind mirrors. (warranty repair)

    Nissan don,t seem to be getting a good name just now,even in america as someone I know,over there has a nismo and decided the car was not handling right,nissan could not find anything wrong,he likes his car and was deciding to lower the car and was just going to change the springs,but decided to go with shocks as well to sort out handling and guess what on removal of front suspension ,the dreaded rubber transport packers!!! What is it with nissan??????
  12. Write Off

    good luck and let us know how you get on.

    SEEN ANY 370Z?
  14. Nathan's 370

    let us know what more goodies you plan to buy. cheers