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  1. nice your car just gets nicer every time i see it ,love all your mods pure car porn
  2. cheers for that just popped in k/n drop ins.
  3. car had its P3 service today / mot /passed no problem / wax oiled underneath and installed new black coated brace from tarmac sport along with 20mm wheel spacers at front which i feel drives better than the 25 mm spacers, great quality in the tarmac brace as old one seems paper thin, chris at dynatune done all the good work as usual and we also had to replace the battery which was the original nissan one,it had lasted 10 years not bad.Sad news is that I ave sorned my car today for winter.
  4. whats the best air induction kit to buy at a fair price and is easy to fit
  5. update on mods,car goes into dynamic tuning on sat, for service and mot,and have bought the new w brace from tarmac along with 20mm spacers for front wheels, will try and get pics when fitted, oh and thanks to chris at tarmac for a 1st class service as always.
  6. depending on what colour your car is, so put up a picture and let the forum decide.
  7. love the idea of this battery as my battery does not fire up m z ,if i have left it more than 2 weeks without using it!
  8. it will get you in the end ,it did with me zeditis its a terrible disease
  9. present from my wife
  10. THIS IS my wife's car a 900 turbo and is really fun to drive and our other vehicle is a baby camper Nissan outlander



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