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  1. coming away from sports cars and fancy getting a wrangler jeep as I frequent Glencoe/Glen Etive all up the west coast of Scotland and my favourite is the isle of Skye,where we go on the trails and go skinny dipping in the highland pools.😀
  3. sorry to say lads my yellow fellow baby has gone to a new home.
  4. SORRY to see this car go /loved it ,but I might follow your foot steps/my yellow fellow has not moved in a year/been customising a camper van and the yellow fellow has just sat there a waste not getting used but its hard to let go as you want your baby to go to a good home.😭
  5. what are your intensions with the boot as I stripped my boot out got rid of the subwoofer and now have good boot, happy days 😊
  6. I have my bose subwoofer available for sale after converting my boot.
  7. love the carbon effect dip/how or where can I get this done LOVING IT
  8. have you tried wireless kits you can get ??/ seen them on ebay, I have even seen a kit that links to your smart phone wireless.
  9. SORRY to hear about your bump but its been bad every where with this bloody ice, we cannot even walk on footpaths its that bad ,I even had ice on top of my engine and underneath the bonnet/starting cars was also a problem as it was about -9.GOOD LUCK with the repairs and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL
  10. love your photos of the NC 500 ROUTE must do for 2021
  11. added my samurai brolley and gave car a needed clean up inside and out , only used the car twice this year due to covid and buying a camper van, wife is hinting why dont you sell !!!! you know my answer to that, it would need to be a good price and it would also need to go to a good home I said!!!, here are some pics from today.
  12. love the way you have done your wheels as I do not like solid black wheels.
  13. 370 bhp for my 370z would be just right
  14. nissanjuke


    stick to tarmac , i will be ordering some soon for my 370z
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