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  1. Good looking car, looks very clean. Hoping one day I can get my black paints to look as good.
  2. The S-Tunes are expensive, Z1 told me not to go with the S-Tune as they are worse than the standard suspension in my Nismo. If I was in the UK, I would probably have gone for BC, seems to be best for the money but its just too expensive over here in Japan.
  3. I think they are going to be a little above what I want to pay right now. Yeah, I'm in Osaka. Can be very difficult to get what you need when you don't speak the language.
  4. I did think of BC, they seem to be much more expensive in Japan than in the UK or the U.S. Same price as the HKS I mentioned above but still £300 more than you'd pay in the UK for the same units. Still could be an option though. Not sure if that's still the case with HKS, I am in Japan but still wouldn't want the hassle if they do have known issues. The Meister's don't seem to be available in Japan, that doesn't look to be an option for me, thanks for the feedback though.
  5. The time has come where I need to replace the 350Z suspension. I currently use the car for street driving only, the plan would be to eventually get it on the track (won't be drifting) with the hope of doing around 6 track days per year. The car has done 150,000km, there is a few things to do to the car before I even think about going on any track. However the suspension needs done now and I'm thinking about the future and the fact I will take it on track at some point. This has me leaning towards coilovers, with the fact that this is going to be 95% a street
  6. Thanks, if the upper arms and drop links don't fix it, will replace the banana arms next.
  7. If anyone's interested, below is the vlog related to the above pictures.
  8. Got some new tires on the car today, changed out the Bridgestone RE003 for Falken FK510's. Also changed the wheel nuts from silver to black, look much better in my opinion.
  9. Sorry haven't been on for a while, didn't get anything sorted. Garage would just not do anything and legally wasn't able to get any support, shocking service and very unexpected.
  10. Finally got out to a garage, been a while. Some very nice cars, a fair few Nissan Z's too.
  11. Hi Adrian, Interesting to know, do you stock the parts or do they come from Japan?
  12. Over here in Japan, I have been looking to buy some OEM parts for my 07 350Z, I found that there almost a complete catalogue of OEM parts still available at Nissan, given the age of the car, didn't think that would be the case. Just wondered if Nissan in the UK also has OEM parts still available, if not, where are you guys getting OEM parts from?
  13. Thanks, needs a little TLC but that's part of the fun. I love the country roads, just great to drive on.
  14. Finally got the car back after 8 weeks in the garage, so far so good, hopefully stays that way. Time to start cleaning it up.
  15. Had my first trip to UP Garage, a 2nd hand performance store here in Japan. Pretty decent place with parts everywhere, need to go back and have a good look around to see if there is any good parts for my Z33, unfortunately when I got there it was almost closing time.
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