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  1. Thanks for that, will give it a go. This should be done when the engine is warm?
  2. Yeah they did, was the driver side. Coolant is no longer going down, seems that issue must have just been the car was not bleed properly. Car still lagging a little, will now look at options for the throttle body. Do you know if there is an alternative to the OEM or is it best just to go with the very expensive OEM
  3. I went to Nissan, they told me the issue with the lagging throttle is the throttle body. I drove the car yesterday, after bleeding the system again and it seemed to drive ok. I will give it a couple of days and see how it goes.
  4. Ok, so this has taken another twist. Yesterday I checked the coolant before driving to work, it was a little low, I topped it up and then drove to work. After work, I checked again, it was slightly low. There is no leak, the oil seems fine and there is no overheating or smoke from the exhaust. Would this suggest my issue is head gasket?
  5. I am in Japan, will go to Nissan due to it being near by and there not being an suitable option close to me. When I know what needs done, then I will get it done somewhere else or do it myself if it's not too difficult. The exhaust is a cat back, was on the car when I got it almost 2 years ago.
  6. I checked the fluid, they are all fine. I haven't had the gallery gaskets done since I owned the car. I will have to put it into Nissan for them to look at it.
  7. I had this exact issue when I first bought my 350Z in Japan. It was the VTC.
  8. Yesterday, on my way home, I noticed that the car was not driving as smoothly as normal, there was a laggy throttle response at lower revs. Did a bit of research on that and was told it could be the fuel pump. Today on my way home, I still had that laggy throttle response but things took a turn for the worse. I was driving along at around 15mph and the engine, TCS and slip light all came on and then car went into limp mode, could only drive about 6mph. I parked up, switched the car off. I had the fault reader (very basic one) in the car, so connected that and turned the car on. The lights were all off and there was no codes. The car then drove with normal power, still with the laggy throttle though. When I open my engine bay, it seems very hot, I know its normally hot after driving but this seems hotter than normal. My car is a 2007 HR I just replaced the radiator and thermostat, they are now Mishimoto, coolant bleeding was done properly and the car does not over heat. The engine is standard, I have an exhaust only. I replaced the spark plugs and panel filter within the last 4000 miles. Would be grateful for any information on what this could be.
  9. Wanted to add some colour to the engine bay, replaced the OEM strut brace with a Cusco one. Also changed the plugs, trying to get back some of the lost HP.
  10. If it was a 2.5 it would be about £75 cheaper per year than the 3 ltr. If they are complaining about it being a 3 ltr then maybe they should go for a BRZ/GR86
  11. The yearly taxes for the Z will be cheaper than my 350Z and the 370Z due to engine size. The new Z will fall into the lower category than the Z33 and Z34.
  12. I think the running light on the bottom of the headlights and the big open area on the bumper mkaes it look more similar than it actually is. I don't like the mesh on the Z bumper, its something I would hope there is an aftermarket solution for.
  13. Its about owning the car for 6 months in Japan, to save the tax and duty costs when I take it back. In Japan you have to have a licence to register a car, meaning her not having a licence would not allow me to have it under her name.
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