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  1. Had my first trip to UP Garage, a 2nd hand performance store here in Japan. Pretty decent place with parts everywhere, need to go back and have a good look around to see if there is any good parts for my Z33, unfortunately when I got there it was almost closing time.
  2. Hi All, I bought the RSW carbon cover for the rear strut, one of the reasons is due to the Z logo being worn and the coating pealing off. I assumed that the cover would come complete with the Z logo but it just fits on top. Where can I get a new Z logo for the strut? Is replacing it just a case of peeling it off and stocking a new one on?
  3. Could be, garage won't even tell me what the actual issue is. They have found a 90k engine which they are going to fit and give me a 3 month warranty on, This is the only option I have, it seems there is very little rights for someone who buys a 2nd hand car in Japan and I have no choice but to take this option. Would have preferred them just to give me the money back, that also wasn't an option for them.
  4. I recently bought a 2007 350z Nismo over here in Japan, it started to have issues between 1500-3000revs when cold where it would shudder, then after 3-5 minutes would be fine. Car is under warranty but they don't seem to know/want to fix it, research points to VTC issue. Anyway they have told me they will replace the engine, I have lots of concerns about this, unknown mileage etc but is the Nismo HR engine exactly the same as a non-Nismo 350? I want to ensure they put exactly the same engine inside if they do replace it. Also would the 370z engine drop straight in, or even a 380RS engine?
  5. Such a beautiful car, I love the 370Z Nismo in White. Have barely driven the car and don't have a good deal of knowledge of them, couldn't be able to give you a great deal of information, I'm sure others will be able to though. 1 thing is for sure, make sure you test drive it before buying.
  6. First garage visit for a while, what you think of the bright orange 350z?
  7. Hope so too, I think they are just trying to run down the warranty to be honest.
  8. Haven't been on for a while, been having a nightmare with the car. Put the car back to the garage on 3rd October as had an engine issue, to this day still don't have the car back. On idle the car is fine but when cold between 1500-3000revs the car would shudder for 3-5 minutes until the car was warm, after that the car run perfect. After doing some research I found this was linked to the VTC, the garage has just been giving me bull***t replies since its been there and now they want to do engine replacement, which I don't want as you don't know what your getting. Pretty pi**ed off and so far had no solution for them to fix this in a professional manner.
  9. To be honest, had the car 1 day before going on a road trip with it. Then went straight in to working. Plan to send it to Nissan for a proper check over, would be more comfortable with them looking at it and then me taking it to the garage as if I found the issue , if there us anymore.
  10. Couple of photos from my recent road trip.
  11. Had the car 2 weeks now, just back from a 1300km road trip, car done great on many different types of roads. I did face an issue on the second day, during a cold start-up, between 1500-3000 rev the car would shudder until it was warm, done this everyday and now back to the garage to be fixed, looking it up, sounds like its the VTC valves (If I remember right) Anyone have any information on that? They gave me an unexpected courtesy car, a Nissan Laurel, its a beast and looks huge on these small Japan roads.
  12. Has a set of Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003's, they do look great on the car
  13. Its the video, some are in great condition but some need a little attention. The 300zx are in good condition though, I would have been very interested in buying one but after doing some research I found its hard to get someone to work on them who knows what he's doing, GTO was another option but due to same reasons went with the 350z. The plan is to send it home, was always my plan while in Saudi (had 2013 Camaro SS) but my job in Japan came up so quickly, didn't have time to sort it out and selling was quicker option. Camaro was on finance, 350 is paid for, so there should be no issue , Well just the 4k or so to go through the process of shipping, testing and on the road.
  14. Yeah Costco is place we can get a little of the things from back home, do love a trip there. I do the same, when I go home I take so much things back with me, unfortunately haven't been able to get a trip since Christmas and not looking good for a trip anytime soon. Still no news on International flights coming with tourists, daily life here is back to normal, just the tourist places a little less packed, which isn't a bad thing at times. Seem a few NSX around, stunning cars but cheapest one I have seen is 50k, oh if I had money





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