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  1. Wanted to add some colour to the engine bay, replaced the OEM strut brace with a Cusco one. Also changed the plugs, trying to get back some of the lost HP.
  2. If it was a 2.5 it would be about £75 cheaper per year than the 3 ltr. If they are complaining about it being a 3 ltr then maybe they should go for a BRZ/GR86
  3. The yearly taxes for the Z will be cheaper than my 350Z and the 370Z due to engine size. The new Z will fall into the lower category than the Z33 and Z34.
  4. I think the running light on the bottom of the headlights and the big open area on the bumper mkaes it look more similar than it actually is. I don't like the mesh on the Z bumper, its something I would hope there is an aftermarket solution for.
  5. Its about owning the car for 6 months in Japan, to save the tax and duty costs when I take it back. In Japan you have to have a licence to register a car, meaning her not having a licence would not allow me to have it under her name.
  6. Nissan Engine Museum in Yokohama
  7. Unfortunetly, she doesnt have a driving license. Something to worry about at a later date though, As it stands I only have one car to worry about
  8. I wish I could. I am actually not sure how many cars you can use this 12 months out the country for. I would also be taken back my 350Z Nismo, so hoping it works for both.
  9. Based on the information from shippingmycar.co.uk I wouldnt ahve to pay Duty or Tax if I own the car for over 6 months, I have already been out the country for over 12 months, so no issue there.
  10. Its screaming out for a replacement front bumper though, that mesh (or whatever you want to call it) doesnt look that great on that grey, didnt notice it to the blue or yellow until I seen this, now I cant un see it.
  11. I would think there will be no side markers, been that case with all previous models. Good luck with your saving
  12. Good post, lots of useful information in one place for the people who are interested in the car.
  13. At this point I cant see past the blue, yellow looks great but like the blue is much classier. Japan said they will announce their price and release date in Winter, I will have to be patient. If they charge much more than the U.S model, then I would probably not buy it.
  14. Thanks for that, I looked twice on your original post and still missed it . Yeah you should open up a spec thread and pin the important information, will be useful for me anyway
  15. The 370Z base model new in Japan is 3.8 million, 4 million for base Nissan Z should be about right. Nissan Z Nismo will be around 6.5-7 million yen based on the 370z new price. Yeah seen this posted by Z1 but still no mention of the body colours.
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