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  1. Buckley

    Little help please...

    Thanks, that what I thought appreciate the reply so quick see how I get on tomorrow
  2. Buckley

    Little help please...

    Hi all, long time admirer but slow poster looking at having a quick clean up this weekend, but got differing stuff in my head Should I go:- rinse wash dry polish wax sealant or sealant then wax? sorry it’s a rubbish post but it’s hard on phone with a 4year old swinging on arms!! thanks
  3. Buckley

    When will the 370z hit the 10k mark....?

    looks like ill have to start saving for spring next year....... gives me time to convince the missus its a good idea!! Daytona Blue is an amazing colour! anyone know about child seats or am i being hopelessly optimistic?!
  4. i bought my 350z back in early 2012 when i paid 10k for it it was an 05 Azure roadster withn 38k on the clock ive been looking at 370s recently but they still seem to be holding their value at around 14k for an 09 plate which is now 6 years old..... i assumed they would be less by now :/ cant really go much above 10k as weve just moved house and the little one is here but i do miss the Z immensely its not looking a good few years yet though after looking at prices anyone wanna sell theirs for 10k oh yeah, any 370z owners, has anyone managed to put a baby car seat in one or is it not safe? i would rather take the little one out for a spink than our lass!!!!
  5. Driving to work today a bit bleary eyed but I spotted an Azure roadster in Renishaw at 8am with WK55 starting plate No roof down and made me realise I miss my Azure roadster sooooo much Not sure why roof was up cos it was a glorious morning Then, driving home I called at the Co-Op in Eckington to pick up a few beers for the BBQ tonight and there was another Azure Z with the Nismo kit I think, only saw the back end, but plate was HS52 and was an import but looked waxed to the hills and very pretty in the sunshine Hopefully a few on here?
  6. Buckley

    Price my Z :)

    Spot on what I thought, thanks for the helpful post Rays by the way ChrisS, not a For Sale thread mate just gouging opinion It would be interesting to see what a dealer would offer on PX but as I said before I don't even know if it should go yet because I can't think of a better car for say 7.5k than a Z, if they'd do 7k against something I'd like then its a no brainer without having all the tyre kickers but will have a glance around
  7. Buckley

    Price my Z :)

    thinking of selling up now as we have started to car-share which is saving loads of money and we only get to use the Z on a weekend, which has been no bad thing with the weather over the last couple of months!! its an 05 Azure Blue roadster with just over 47k on the clock and stock. GT pack. 6months MOT remaining. 11months tax. booked in for its P1 service tomorrow morning with full previous Nissan Service History. had x4 new Falken 453 tyres fitted for the previous MOT which are almost new due to its limited use. roof has been treated twice a year with the Auto-Glym kit and is rip free. Unfortunately, the front two alloys have curb marks all around the rims, ive been meaning to get them refurbed for ages but just never got round to it but have been quoted £75 for them both. it has the usual stone chips on the bumper, as has just about every Z! when i bought it there was a scratch down the rear passenger panel which is noticeable when you know it is there but if you look at the car you cant tell unless its pointed out - i have filled this with a touchup pen but its not perfect. another bad thing is i scraped the wheel arch on the front driver side when trying to park it in the garage when we had the heavy snow, again not massive but i know its there all clean interior with the odd wear-and-tear on the leather seats. i have owned it for two and a half years and it only brought up the clicky axle issue which i fixed with my dad in a few hours, not returned since and never missed a beat at all - great car! what do you think its worth according to the above? i have a rough figure in my head but dont know whether im hopelessy optimistic or under-pricing? if i do get rid then it wont be given away as ive no idea what i would want to replace it (must refrain from Auto-Trader searches!!) and im sure ill miss it if it goes..... thanks
  8. Buckley

    Few pictures for you guys to feast on

    dont suppose you were at The Moorlands pub on Owler Bar rounabout last Sunday? saw a very similar Zed parked up there around 1pm we were on our way back from Bakewell? great pics BTW
  9. It's also there today! Ill flyer it if I'm down that way working...
  10. Seen this before a few weeks ago parked at Wilkinson Head Office in Worksop as I work there!! Gunmetal import 52 plate Z with Nismo kit and aftermarket alloys I'm guessing the owner works in the warehouse as its parked in the lower car park and is probably from Worksop - anyone here? Ill flyer it if I see it again and get no reply Mine is parked in the top carpark on the hill as you drive down, Azure roadster Thanks
  11. Buckley

    Squeaky Passenger Seat

    as above - now driving me mad when driving along and hit one of the 10 billion potholes littering our roads the passenger seat is squeaking its the top part of the seat obviously as if i hold my arm across with a little weight it stops, but if someone is sat in it it still squeaks now and again anyone had this before? im not sure what would need tightening (not had chance to look properly yet due to work but will check this weekend) but thought id put a feeler thread out to point me in the right direction hope ive explained OK bt any questions just give me a shout oh - dont think the tyre pressures are right, ive got standard Rays with Falken 452 all round, is 34psi in all 4 about right? thanks
  12. i was driving to work today in the Azure coming towards Worksop, the main roundabout, and coming off this towards the A619 was a Sunset - which looked llooaaddss cleaner than mine! flashed as we passed but not sure if it was a bit too late anyone on here?