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  1. Looks like I dodged a bad one! got my eye on a few others now, really like a light blue one (don’t know the colour) I liked the yellow GT4 350 but for some reason not sold on the 370...
  2. Already have done mate, it’s a no go from me im just keeping an eye on it he does reply back though even if I entertained going down to where it’s at I’d probably meet some unsavoury characters if I went with cash not worth it it wasn’t that my budget was 7k it’s just you see something and think that’s a steal when our lass is looking at Ford Kugas for twice as much cant keep myself off AutoTrader i hope that lottery syndicate comes in when I get to work tomorrow and I’ll buy that Z and crash it for a laugh
  3. Just had a quick look and it’s dropped to £6,750 now.... tried to text ‘Will’ but no reply yet. if he does I’ll mention the go kart another bum
  4. AutoTrader says CatD too so that adds up as well, it might be legit, but if hea pissing people about you sort of know what he’s like
  5. Just done a search of the address on RightMove and the pictures he sent yesterday show that house In the back ground...... all a bit weird as I said earlier if I was anywhere near it I’d go to have a look out of curiosity now, some parts add up, some smell of poo ill keep watching the auction and ad see what twists it takes next he mentioned someone looking at it Friday night and Saturday but took that with a pinch of salt, he seemed cocky it would sell anyway, if it’s legit
  6. Thanks a lot lads as always, stylish and impeccable forum wishing only the best for fellow members after consideration and messing about it’s not worth the hassle ill leave it, maybe someone will get a bargain maybe someone will get a pig, either way I’ll leave it thanks again for all the replies and help ill be keeping my eye on the auction and AutoTrader ad too as a mate told me this was on eBay for 7,500 before and now it’s dropped again its either a steal or another fraud,but to be fair to the seller he picked up the phone and sent extra pictures
  7. Well Well to my surprise he’s posted 4 brand new pics with original reg too its got a slight scuff on rear bumper but that can be sorted easily and alloys need a refurb ive asked for service history so see what we get from tfay 7k with this many miles still seems cheap but ok for a weekend runner? anyone willing to help that’s local to view it for me?
  8. I’ve spoken to him he said car was SORN but said a few weeks ago, the app says November when it passed MOT damage was bonnet bumper and headlight apparently, all repaired now though MOT advises on catalytic converter heat shield corroded and rear subframe slightly corroded im no mechanic at all so have no idea what that entails or how to fix it he is due to be banned he says for doing 145 in his mates M6, he said 6month but that seems a bit too lenient for me, he is in the marines and he’s selling all he can to keep his job, he stands to lose 7k + from when he bought it he is more than willing for someone to look at the car and asked me times, said I’d get back to him ive asked for fresh pictures so I’ll check my phone now and again at work..... let’s wait and see for 7k with those repairs due it seems good I think, what you think? I’m just wary of so many bum holes posting crap that isn’t real, wish it was near me and I’d be round tonight for a look
  9. It sounds too much hassle and I’ll probably get my fingers burnt ill have a play about on the app / sites later and see what I can see ive got their mobile number if I need to give them a call
  10. downloaded vehicle smart app but it isn’t recognising the reg C4 PCD unless I’m being stupid....
  11. I’ve got a contact number for them, might try on my dinner if I get chance. can I ask what sites you look on for tax and MOT etc so I’ve got a bit of ammo when I ring? anything else I ought to be asking? seen it on AutoTrader too and at the bottom it says it’s for sale as they have been banned...... makes me dubious as to what it’s been up to
  12. Thanks for the replies it was me that posted that obvious scam other one thus one seems ok as they say car is viewable but I’m miles away in Sheffield which is my problem ill message and ask for a number later but anyone in that area fancy a gander!?
  13. Hey guys been looking at 370s again and stumbled across the below https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-370z/233122675929?hash=item364731bcd9:g:oRwAAOSw5xhcVbVY anyone else seen it and what do you think? its Cat D but apparently it was wing bonnet and headlight which has been repaired i can live with mileage at that price, just to use at weekends etc any thoughts? or, even better, anyone near Verwood to view it as I’m 171miles away and would mean a day off work to travel all the way down south to have a look - if anyone can help it would be appreciated not sure what else to be looking out for with insurance claim ones but it looks clean enough despite only camera phone photos cheers
  14. hes replied saying payment by Google Pay Safe now never heard of it before think I’ll stay well clear i dreamt for a short while back to the drawing board now is there any way of reporting this or is he ok to do what he’s doing!?
  15. I’ve had communication back.... apparently it is now located in Midlothian, Scotland as he has moved jobs i have checked LinkedIn and it does show him as moving there he can arrange delivery for £150 I’ve asked if I can view the car prior to buying obviously so I’ll wait and see what comes of it not holding my breath now though thought it too good to be true thanks for your help, appreciated if anyone around that area is free for a look soon could someone help out? thanks



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