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  1. Now I’ve got my Z back I thought about booking it in for a full detail, they’ve told me the wax they’ll use is Fusso Coat, never heard of it before but the detailer has got good reviews so I’m in two minds. Any thoughts? id love to do it myself but I’m on nights next two shift patterns so won’t have time unfortunately
  2. Hi all. Finally got the car back yesterday, it’s had a good job done on it and you cannot tell at all, four alloys refurbished and all fitted with new tyres as well. There is one problem though, the daytime running lights aren’t working. After they plugged their diagnostic laptop into it to read the fault apparently this has been disabled by the ODB Unit (I have no idea what this is at all) and recommended I take it direct to Nissan to see if they can re-enable it and run a diagnostic check, they would then fix it through the insurance claim. Does this sound
  3. Oh they also mentioned about EMC and resetting bump damage from it -I don’t know what that means but should I be concerned? Apparently it’s stored from the bumper impact
  4. Sorry for the belated reply Its been back and forth with insurance/repairer so I’m starting to get a bit fed up to be honest, they told me a week ago I’d have it back by yesterday but now it’s another week in this crappy courtesy car Checked the offside and an alloy was curbed hitting the wall but nothing major, they are refurbishing all of my wheels so that’s bonus I suppose, but tyres need to be replaced due to degradation, they won’t foot the Bill for MPSS4s even though I said I’d pay whatever was on top I was adamant I didn’t want runflats so they are pu
  5. It’s going through neighbours insurance, they’ve said they’ll ring me if it has to be recorded, just gutted it happened but I bet he is too and he’s been really good about it all
  6. Aftermath when our lass took pictures
  7. Been a rough Christmas working through it and if things couldn’t get worse I woke up to this after my last night shift To me it looks like wing is slightly bent in, bumper crushed, headlight bottle knackered, and light is cracked Not my fault, neighbours 40k Porsche slid down the drive and nailed into my Z, it’s booked in to get repaired when they collect it Tuesday, my concern is will they write it off or even make it a Cat N?
  8. @ZMANALEX I think we posted at roughly the same time mate, but thanks for your input, I’ll put the alignment on hold for now @davey_83 I think I’ll give that a go in the meantime before I price up tyres, cheers again, thanks for all your input and advice, it’s appreciated it feels like a different car to be fair, I knew the ride would be more harsh on bigger wheels and lower profile tyres but I could live with that as the looks outweighed it, but it just doesn’t feel right and I can’t give it the burst every now and again it deserves
  9. I’ve come from the 18” (mine came with non-GT alloys) so a decent jump Im gonna see if I can book it in for alignment tomorrow to see what that does, hopefully an easy fix. Just come on school run and it’s weird at 60mph, pulling and tramlining, daren’t go any quicker Failing the alignment I’ll look at tyres...
  10. Thanks for all your input, appreciated I might take it to the garage to double check balancing/tracking cos it won’t cost much in the first place but it sounds like I’ll be pricing some different tyres sooner than I had planned, unless anyone else has experienced similar?
  11. That’s the plan after Christmas coldel, but as I don’t do much miles at the minute I thought I’d use them Surely just having runflats wouldn’t cause tramlining!? I never had it in previous BMWs etc. strange one....
  12. Hi Stu No, the tyres haven’t been changed as they are still good and have plenty of miles left in them They are Bridgestone Potenza run flats that are on them at the moment
  13. Hey all, Ive recently bought and fitted some GTR 20” alloys to my 370z, they fit perfect with no spacers and really give the car a more aggressive look - really happy with them... however Wheh I am now driving it feels like the car is tramlining a lot causing erratic steering, luckily I haven’t had to go far in the car with lockdown but really want to get this sorted, I daren’t drive the car at any speed really and am great full I only do the school run nowadays! Ive checked the tyre pressure and set them all to 34 PSI but it has made no differen
  14. Hey all im planning on buying some 20” alloys with tyres for my 370z but it means me collecting them does anyone think/know if x4 20” rims would fit in a 370z? Or would I need to take my dads Mondeo with me instead? im thinking two in the boot easily with the shelf thing collapsed, one on the passenger seat with seat as far forward as it will go, and the last behind passenger seat...... or perhaps two on the passenger seat side by side as far back as it will go? under no illusions it won’t be a tight fit but is it doable? I don’t want to get the
  15. Curious to see if anyone on here has done it? ive seen a few pictures from either the US or Australia but I’m not sure....... having seen a cheap set for sale I thought 20s might look good and better than my stock 18s, few questions: - - do the wheels rub at all? - what tyre size is best for them? - what offset are they compared to stock 370 wheels? - do they need spacers? any help or advice would be appreciated, girlfriend wants the kitchen fitting but now I’ve seen these wheels I might have to have these as a bargaining chip!
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