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  1. Looks nice shame I'm poor...glws tho
  2. Will to take offers as would rather it sells seperatly than with the car
  3. Hr carbon dipped centre console looking to swap it for a de standard one as im selling the car Swap plus 150 cash my way Bargin as would pay more than that to upgrade the console One small crack next to pod closest to the drive but barely noticeable
  4. Looking to swap my hr carbon dipped console for a de one as I'm selling the car Plus 150 cash my way collection only as would need to swap them One small crack by the pod closest to the driver but barely noticeable
  5. nar I'm good but thank you anyway
  6. if anyone has one atall still looking
  7. hey thats great thank you
  8. hey does anyone have a interior passenger grab handle atall ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OEM-NISSAN-350Z-2003-2005-PASSENGER-SIDE-BLACK-DOOR-PULL-HANDLE-AND-INSERT-/272732153827?fits=Model%3A350Z
  9. ok so had a slight change of heart was going to sell but i think i may have found my love for it again i blame daily cars and winter, i fall out of love with this till i get in and drive it properly, so i pulled up a kirb and the front mounted it and somewhat cracked my archs on the front so ive had to take them off fibreglass and filler but im thinking im gonna go black with the body kit (archs and skirts only) you can see where this is going .... im gonna blot the archs on rather than rivet for the time being leave it black and blue for a month or as got a few shows coming up so its gonna be a bit rough but nevermind, then when all shows are done and it can come off the road for a few weeks im thinking grey for the body stealth matt grey to be precise, those who know, know, those who dont you will when you see it.
  10. awesome great help i though i was just going to have to live with it
  11. hey bud sorry completly forgot about this i havent got the cash but if you have them on the 23rd ill take them





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