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  1. OK, that's great, thanks for your input guys.
  2. Hi guys, I have a 2016 Mark 2 Nismo, I just wondered if anyone could confirm with regard to the auto head light setting, that it lights the DRLs, then the side lights and then as it goes darker again the headlights. Mine seems to have developed a possible fault, as it goes straight from the DRLs to the headlights, I'm sure it used to light just the sidelights first, although I never really checked to see that it did! So, just wanted to get some confirmation first from other owners. Thanks, Chris.
  3. Thanks Payco, just sent zmanalex a PM. Yes, I'd noticed that one on the completed listings of eBay from a couple of months ago, will just have to keep my eyes peeled, and If you guys notice one anywhere, if you could let me know. :-) Cheers
  4. Yeah thought it would be expensive, the wheel has a dent in the outside rim, previous owner has gone over a pothole I think. Not quite sure how I didn't notice it during the viewing. I went to see The Wheel Specialist not far from me, who said as it's on the outside rim it can't be repaired.
  5. Hi guys, As the title suggests I am after a front wheel for the passenger side on my 2016 Nismo. If anyone knows of one for sale second hand anywhere? Thanks, Chris.
  6. OK guys, thanks for all the info. Not been to look at it still yet. Noticed they just reduced the price by another £350, will keep having a nose about.
  7. OK Bud. Will bear that in mind. Only thing is I'm having to use finanace for half the payment. So probably be a no go for me with a private buyer. Also, just to mention, I ideally wanted a white or a black one. Not quite as keen on silver or blue. Thanks.
  8. OK, will do, thanks for your help. The other issue is they only have the service book, and no invoices etc for work carried out. Will see how the test drive goes then, and look out for the things you've mentioned. When I bought my 350Z luckily that had had the the clutch replaced, think that was on about 65,000 miles when it went and I bought it just after at 67,000 miles. Will have a look underneath like you say. They said couple of the wheels need a refurb, and the front bumper has quite a few stone chips, so I'd have to get that resprayed I think. The good thing abou
  9. Hi guys, it's been a while since I've been on here, I used to have a 350Z, then had a highly modded turbo charged Civic Type-R which I've just sold, so I've decided I really want to get back in the Z club again. I'm after a 370Z, as I've always wanted to have one since they came out. I don't have a massive budget unfortunately, so I've seen this one which isn't too far away from me: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201802213941975?sort=distance&make=NISSAN&transmission=Manual&advertising-location=at_cars&price-to=15000&radius=1500&m
  10. Just seen this one coming out of Flint, towards Bagillt this evening, silver one reg B17, lovely motor. Was in my Civic Type-R; we had a little fun! Couldn't stop to speak unfortunately.
  11. Had this re-done by them a couple of weeks back, and it does look a lot better second time round, the guy from the body shop actually got the guy from the paint manufacturer that they use, out to have look at it with him.
  12. yours does look really good to be fair. In some light mine doesn't look too bad, just slightly dark, which I could live with probably. What I can't live with is the purple colour that shows up when the sun catches it at kind of a side on angle in the evening or early morning, and also shows up really bad under artificial light (car headlight, torch etc) I'm going back there this saturday, so will just have to say I'm not happy and want it doing again. If they used the right paint code, I don't know how it has ended up with the purple hue to it? as the original paint doesn't have th
  13. just been out with the torch, as you can see the purple hue is there: http://postimg.org/image/f5xp3eb4v/
  14. Yeah, it's the purple hue in it that's doing my head in mainly, rather than the actual darkness of the colour. I took it to another body shop for a second opinion, and he said it's almost as if there is too much red in the colour of the respray.
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