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  1. *cough* AHEM *cough* Seriously, ping me some details, I'm still interested. Maybe that's your problem, you're ignoring people genuinely interested in it.
  2. I use Tinypic. It's owned by PB but it's rapid, and less bloaty. PB has always been a poor choice imo.
  3. That will be awesome. Would like smelloreality. I get the impression that Fallout world smells pretty bad in places.
  4. Almost any Dell. Can't go wrong. I admin several hundred, (we have several thousand globally) and very rare do I have an issue with them Avoid Toshiba, absolute pits. We bought a large multi-national company that used them, and we inherited junk.
  5. +1 The Last of Us - Best game ever. Maybe pipped by Elite. Currently Fallout 4. Love it. Would be great with virtual reality.
  6. 80k, and I drop them like a hot potato. Not because of any issues with the car. It's issues with buyers; they're morons, but you have to play to the market. 40 years ago a Ford Cortina with 100k on the clock was something to behold! That mentality has stuck, despite massive advances in engine technology and tooling. Hell, a modern clutch would outlast two Ford Cortinas.
  7. Beauty is produced by the pleasing appearance and good taste of the whole, and by the dimensions of all the parts being duly proportioned to each other - Vitruvius Some people just don't have a clue - Me
  8. I'm not a tablet man, but I'm in IT so i have about 280ish of them knocking about. Best IMO would be the Nvidia Shield K1.. Great resolution and clarity, and very quick. I use one when I'm on site to dial into switches or servers for light work or inspection. If you look about, you can get them for a shade under 200. You'd be hard pressed to find better for that price.
  9. Yes, I know exactly where that spot is, I sometimes see a 911 parked in it . I park near to where the recycling bins used to be, quite a hike up to the entrance though. Pete Haha, seems anyone that cares about their car parks there. But that's the general vicinity I park if it's not available. Worth the walk IMO
  10. Yep, I can guess. The arse has dropped out of Zeds at the moment. I'd be surprised if you get £4k for it.
  11. The fact there is a help for heroes charity is problem enough. The MOD spend billions on the means to kill folk but spend two-fifths of f@ck-all on looking after their own people afterwards. If you made those bastards pay the true cost of war we'd see a damn sight less of it. Couldn't agree more. Would be better than upon declaration of As it stands though, I have to help them out. Many go into the army because it's the best choice they have for some kind of well paid career. Unfortunatley, the price for that £22k salary can be crippling.
  12. What Sargara said. Park with the crowd...you're gonna have a bad time. At my local Asda, there's about 500 parking spaces, and only one space where no one can park next to you. Only me, and a guy who owns a classic Golf seem to have clicked on. We both seem to compete for that spot
  13. Download an app called "Should I Answer" Silent app that blocks marketing, ambulance chasers, charities, pretty much every pestering a-hole out there. Beauty of it is, it's connected to an online database where users update it continuously. You can set it to silently block calls, and not even notify you it's doing it. Best blocker out there by a long shot.





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