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  1. So, can you tell what it is yet?
  2. I thought the plans for many manufacturers were along the lines of significant increase by 2020 and a majority (some high % that I've forgotten) by 2030/35? 1st world only. India seems to be planning for only electric cars to be sold by 2030, though that might be a bit of a stretch.
  3. Didn't realise those had become so cheap now.
  4. Everywhere, don't limit yourself unnecessarily. AT PH ebay Gumtree Motors.co.uk Forums Piece of paper in the window Flyer in newsagents We had a thread about this the other day.
  5. Well going back to the previous point, I agree that most brand new cars will be EVs in the near future.
  6. If you don't like my viewpoint that's fine, I'm not forcing it on anyone or saying they can't vote. All I'm doing is addressing the questions asked about my view. If you don't want an answer, don't ask the question...
  7. Well aware of what you said, but you're missing the point. What you said and what your actions implied are different. Is it my fault I interpreted it that way and down to "paranoia issues"? I don't think so. If you quote someone and then write a message below (especially incorporating terms like "you"), it generally means what you write is in relation to the quoted text and directed at the person quoted. I'm not saying this to be patronising, but purely to justify my response and illustrate the ambiguity.
  8. But Dan's comment was in response to Zoom's initial statement which stated "brand new" cars. It's gonna get confusing if we start redefining criteria.
  9. You quoted me and seemed to be asking me questions, I just don't understand how I'm supposed to interpret that as not being directed at me??? Got no problem with it, just don't understand why you are denying it I'm well aware that a spoilt ballot would be the best option, but if you refer back to my reply to Jay: I don't go around ranting about it, I generally avoid the topic altogether and don't get involved. The only reason I did was in response to BobbyZ's comment. After that I was just responding to other's remarks / questions.
  10. But he said people buying brand new, not that there wouldn't still be ICE cars around:
  11. You used the word "you" a lot for it to be a general comment not directed at me I haven't registered to vote, no.
  12. There just isn't enough to go on without dedicating an unfeasible amount of time to it, and as said, I'm fine with whatever happens. Even if you vote for what you want to happen, there's still a good chance they won't follow through with their claims. Then trying to understand all the side affects of the decisions is borderline impossible. Considering the amount of research I did into an exhaust leak which is reversible in 5 minutes if I don't like it, apply some extrapolation and you start to understand the extent of the research required to make a decision that affects the country forever...
  13. Democracy itself isn't the problem, just the application. I wouldn't let a load of random people choose the car I drive when their viewpoint extends as far as "i like it cos it's blue", so why should they be allowed to choose how the country is run? I refuse to make decisions without having as many of the facts as possible. I spent 2 years on and off deciding what car to buy and had already started weighting up options for the next one before I'd even bought it. Yes, there are plenty of times where I'm forced to rush into a decision, and I hate every part of it. As for complaining: And I don't, I just accept things for how they are...
  14. this is a genuine concern actually as my sister is blind Weren't they developing noises for EV cars to aid this? Edit: Link
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