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  1. OnlyAfro

    Driving like an idiot, azure blue. M5 south.

    If he's doing <70, I would.
  2. OnlyAfro

    [SOLD]Hard race 350z gearbox mount

    Just a harder rubber. My uprated transmission mount improved feel massively, without any unwanted effects. Although there was a change in vibration frequency / tone, it wasn't noticeably worse than OEM, but instead became a more pleasant deep rumble.
  3. OnlyAfro

    [SOLD]Hard race 350z gearbox mount

    Piece of ****, just support the gearbox with a jack while you pop the crossmember and mount off / on.
  4. OnlyAfro

    What oil to use!

    Near enough makes no difference, don't worry about it. Some people swap to thicker stuff to help reduce oil loss, especially with the Rev Up models, but it also results in lower mpg, though it's pretty negligible either way. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and as long as you keep your oil topped it it'll be fine.
  5. OnlyAfro


    Standard facelift rear lights are best. For the front, again, facelift lights are spot on, but you could go for DEPOs if you want the black housing.
  6. OnlyAfro

    Fuel filler cap cord

    Think I found it.
  7. OnlyAfro

    Computer modelling for bodywork changes

    Usually I just Photoshop, but there always 3DTuning and Need for Speed games, both of which are pretty awful, but better than nothing.
  8. OnlyAfro

    Identifying rear spoiler and bumper help?

  9. OnlyAfro

    Air bag tidy

    Question is, do you want to attach anything to it that could either prevent it deploying correctly or be launched at you if it goes off? I guess you could flock it? Maybe wrap / re-trim it?
  10. OnlyAfro

    Tiny wheels with brembos

    Was referring to these ones:
  11. OnlyAfro

    Tiny wheels with brembos

    Stock wheels are 17" and come with Brembos.
  12. Arguably, if you want all driver aids off, it might make more sense to just disconnect the ABS module / fuse, ideally with a switch, but that just needs a switch and 2 wires, so doesn't make much sense to integrate into a PCB circuit. It could be run in parallel with this module however (just 2 wires and a switch), allowing the user to progressively disable the assists: - OEM Button under dash for TCS off - cs2000's module for VDC and TCS off - Your own separate switch for all systems off
  13. That thread references pulling the fuse, whereas cs2000's module just intercepts the yaw sensors module. Disconnecting: - The "stability" fuse, just like unplugging the ABS module, disables everything. - The yaw sensor (in the centre tunnel), just disables VDC. - The brake switch signal just disables the brake-throttle limiter. - The brake fuse disables brake-throttle limiter and your brake lights. Hope that clarifies things.
  14. It won't affect ABS, disconnecting the yaw sensor is just for VDC. To disable ABS (and VDC + TCS), the easiest way it to unplug (or switch a wire of) the cylindrical connector from the ABS module. That way your handbrake light won't come on and low brake fluid warnings will still be operable. As for burnouts, @Daisyduke, they require the brake switch signal to be disconnected to prevent the brake-throttle limiter kicking in. Most people pull / switch the fuse, but that causes you to lose your brake lights. In order to keep your brake lights, the best way is to intercept the signal to the ECU (I think it's pin 122) and install a switch. I'm sure cs2000 could add functionality for swtiching ABS and burnouts
  15. OnlyAfro

    Rear coil spring isolators

    £90 seems excessive. You could just get some springs with a very mild drop for that. I'd just man up and cut the rubber spring mounts though.