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  1. What would postage be on the plenum (assuming it fits a rev up)?
  2. OnlyAfro


    https://www.facebook.com/donutmedia/playlist/1575581095910287/ Donut Media are modifying 2x Zeds. Unfortunately only seems to be on Facebook at the moment. "HiLow is where we compare high end-expensive parts to really cheap ones to see if there really is a performance difference."
  3. Android tends not to work unless using an early version.
  4. Just connected the pipes to the wrong pumps. Pulling will now activate the rear.
  5. OnlyAfro

    Tyre Lettering

    More hours than I'd like to admit. If you'd asked me while doing it, I'd have said never again, but considering how well it's held up, I dunno any more. Yeh, the Hankook was a right ballache cos it was just recessed instead of having the lip border. I got bored of trying to be neat, splodged it something like and scraped off the mess.
  6. OnlyAfro

    Tyre Lettering

    Did mine in January, quite fond of em and seem to be holding up alright considering it's been 6 months
  7. Maybe 35-40? You're best off doing a chalk test to find out.
  8. 50psi is the maximum safe rating for the tyre, not what is recommended for the vehicle. Drop em back down.
  9. G Wag takes the all time prize I believe, but as mentioned it's no longer current.
  10. 911 hasn't changed since '64 as far as I can tell.
  11. Anyone heading in from Leam / Warwick wanna convoy?
  12. 350 will do the same if you remove the spare wheel and the side foam bits (inc tools + amp)
  13. AC will turn on when you set it to blow at the windscreen (all the way to the right) - recirc should also engage.
  14. Mine were £180 for 4, powdercoated gloss black (inc removal / fitting). £50 per corner is pretty common, but prices fluctuate quite a lot depending on location and quality.
  15. Nice try, plod. I always adhere to the speed limit. Those closed roads in Mexico though..., well, that's a different matter.



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