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  1. OnlyAfro

    Ebay Ark Grip replica?

    Haha, I had a straight pipe cat-back for a few months and it was mental. Sounded like a GT3 car and was hilarious seeing people's reactions. My MPG has never been so good though, lots of shifting at 1.5k to avoid alerting half of Western Europe and being hyper alert of police all the time. The drone at 50+ was indeed unbearable though.
  2. OnlyAfro

    Throw out/ thrust bearing noise

    Some do it, some don't. Mine's been there for over 2 years with no problems.
  3. OnlyAfro

    My for sale post got approved then deleted?

    Plus some members hit 15 posts just in their lunch break
  4. OnlyAfro

    Tail / Rear lights

    Being a drift car, did you disconnect any wires / fuses to disable the stability assists etc? You can check for voltage with a multimeter without needing new bulbs.
  5. OnlyAfro

    Exhaust!? Loud lol

    Assuming you've got an OEM system and want it loud, just get a shop to do a backbox delete for £150 or so.
  6. OnlyAfro

    Front and rear washers

    Mine both died simultaneously. Thought it was weird too, especially when I have a rear washer delete so never use that one. You can always check by disconnecting the pump and feeding it some voltage directly.
  7. OnlyAfro

    Midlands Meet - Sunday 4th November

    You jinxed it We got a contingency underground car park?
  8. OnlyAfro

    Gloss black centre caps

    I tried to mask them initially. It didn't end well
  9. OnlyAfro

    Gloss black centre caps

    - Buy these - Pop off the Z's - Crack out the paint - Stick back together
  10. OnlyAfro

    How to PM a member or trader

  11. OnlyAfro

    Does tucking in dash cam wires affect airbag

    Never had an air bag go off, but I tuck my dashcam wire in there with no worries.
  12. OnlyAfro

    Nissan Silver code?

    Lazy bastards. I'm pretty sure the car in your picture is WV2 Gun Metal Grey though. The other silvers for that MY are quite pale.
  13. OnlyAfro

    Nissan Silver code?

    Log book
  14. OnlyAfro

    Nissan Silver code?

    There's 5 different silvers, but that looks like WV2 Gun Metal Grey
  15. OnlyAfro

    side repeaters hole template?