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  1. OnlyAfro

    Where is the washer jet fuses?

    Multimeter on the contacts? Just replace the pumps if that's successful.
  2. OnlyAfro


    Almost 6'5, no issues, though may struggle with a helmet.
  3. OnlyAfro

    ABS delete

    Just pull the connector on the ABS module.
  4. OnlyAfro

    156mph in a 911 on M180

    #speedkills #butnobodydied
  5. OnlyAfro

    Lowering + wheel spacers = Better drive?

    Probably the same people who buy throttle controllers
  6. OnlyAfro

    Universal silver (K23) touch-up kit

    I went for the paints4u kit: https://www.paints4u.com/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=6912 Got it in K23 too.
  7. OnlyAfro

    Zs in JLR?

    There's always C&M and the neighbouring roads. Been there a fair few times now, usually a Z or 2 there and it's just down the road.
  8. OnlyAfro

    Zs in JLR?

    I'm over the road. At least 3 of us there. Mine's the one with louvres, tyre letters, and backbox delete.
  9. OnlyAfro

    A performance daily?

    I mean, being on limit on a public road at 110+ is arguably dangerous and stupid regardless, but that's not really the point. Can think of a fair few roads round me with nice sweeping corners where speeds of around 110 would be pushing the limits of grip. 4C vs OP's requirements: - Not roomy or spacious - No rear seats - Handles better than an RX8 or 350z - Radio and AC - Not a 370Z - Exotic - 07+ - Soul It's over budget and a smidge underpowered, but similar in price to an R8 that's being considered, a much better sports car, and 500kg lighter. Interestingly, I was looking at a couple of 4Cs the other day and having a chat with a guy that dailies his and loves it.
  10. OnlyAfro

    A performance daily?

    Not sure what's being twisted. You can be pushing the limits of a car at 20 mph on a tight, wet hairpin, or nowhere near the limit in the same car at 200+ on a straight stretch of motorway. Without context, the speed is irrelevant, but equally you can't discredit the statement based on speed alone. Discussions of pedantry aside, I'd up the budget and look at the 4C, @LukeA.
  11. OnlyAfro

    A performance daily?

    Didn't realise boring or stupid were factors in determining if a car is at it's limit or not.
  12. OnlyAfro

    A performance daily?

    Depends what road you're on
  13. OnlyAfro


    Sensitivity levels: GT has 21 (10 Sport, 1 Normal, 10 Eco) 7 has 13 (7 Sport, 1 Normal, 5 Eco) Both an equal waste of money
  14. OnlyAfro

    oil viscosity check

    Just a standard change. Oil is oil, there's no worries of incompatibility like with coolant or brake fluid. You can mix 5w30 and 5w40 with no issues, but the little bit leftover should be negligible anyway, and no different to the old, dirty oil that remains normally.