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  1. OnlyAfro

    Aftermarket bumper

    Fitment will be your only real issue, especially around the headlights, most (N3) seem alright though with a little work. Only other thing to watch out for with some other aftermarket bumpers is fouling on the crash bar. My bumper (AMS GT) doesn't fit without trimming one or the other.
  2. OnlyAfro

    Bluetooth adapter - free

  3. OnlyAfro

    What is this car?

    XKR (X100)
  4. OnlyAfro

    Wide rear arch, how to do it

    Ooh, Crown Carbon Crafting style overfenders. Prefer these over RB / VS as they complement the curves of the Z to give a natural widebody rather than protruding from nowhere. Could do with some front overfenders to match though and some proper wheels not 50mm spacers
  5. OnlyAfro

    Suggestion for a new car after 350Z?

    This. $25k gets you a decent C5 Z06 or C6 Z51.
  6. OnlyAfro

    Reapplying for licence

    And that's why I avoid motorways. Long, boring straights, where even 120 feels slow and they're littered with cameras / police.
  7. OnlyAfro

    Reapplying for licence

    As far as I'm concerned, that question is asking how long you've held a Full UK-manual licence, not a specific photocard, and regardless of whether the time was consecutive. The only thing up for interpretation would be whether the time you were banned counts - i.e. have you had your licence for 3 years and 2 months or 3 years and 6 months.
  8. OnlyAfro

    Reapplying for licence

    Doesn't matter what date is on your licence, that's not the question. You've had a full licence for 3 years and 2 months. They don't ask when your licence was issued. Any time you lose or renew it (renewal being compulsory every 10 years), the time you've held it resets to 0 according to the date on the front, so that would be a pointless question. Best thing to do if you're worried about it is ask your / an insurer directly. Or @DAN@ADRIAN FLUX should be able to confirm.
  9. OnlyAfro

    Reapplying for licence

    The answer to the insurance question will be how long you have held a licence type (e.g. Full UK Manual) for.
  10. OnlyAfro

    Is a thicker oil worth it?

    Conversely, you'd probably see a drop in mpg.
  11. OnlyAfro

    Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    Dunno, magic. Think it's when you close the door, but might be when you lock it, can't remember exactly. It's Grundy's old car, so he might know if he's the one who had it installed.
  12. OnlyAfro

    Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    Mate's Z does this. Windows go up when you close door if engine is off.
  13. OnlyAfro

    Getting my first car soon and need help!

    350 is actually on the cheaper end of insurance for some reason (£2k under 20 and sub £1k over 20 are not uncommon quotes. but it massively depends on area). As for black box insurance, it depends on the provider, but let's just say that they are usually nothing to be scared of: -Drive like an angel and get a bronze score because you drove during peak hours or for a long duration -Do a bunch of 0-100-0 runs, tickle the top speed, and get a gold score due to performing well in other criteria
  14. OnlyAfro

    Guess the car part

    How do you
  15. OnlyAfro

    Guess the car part

    Bonnet vents was all it needed, though I don't like super zoomed ones where it's hard to tell what part of the car you're even looking at. How's this for an old one?