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  1. Mines made by Vauxhall, so its sketchy at best. But better than the french systems.
  2. The problem with TPMS is the increased risk of damaging the valve when changing tyres, which can be quite expensive. The older BMW system monitored the height of the vehicle. so a constant drop in ride height would flag up as a flat tyre, making it annoying when you have a boot full of stuff.
  3. These arrived yesterday, they look amazing. excellent quality.
  4. Mine put me at work, the zed I'd at home. Changed it a car supermarket in derby.
  5. Is that what the HU says or the cables? On the wiring the yellow and black go to your rear speakers.
  6. I've put it on FB too and Lexx shared the link as there are a few crazy people on there but not here.
  7. Are all four RCA cable plugged in?
  8. Righto all, Tuesday 1st August, Coopers Arms, we're booked in. I've never organised a meet before, so people best show . The grounds are pretty, the food's awesome, and if you're not driving, the ale is rather good too. And some of the bar staff are easy on the eyes. I have kids to put to bed, so will probable get there around 7pm, but maybe earlier if the SO is understanding (so expect me at 8).
  9. I have these on mine pal. I work at an mot test station and hooked the car up as soon as they were fitted to the emissions machine, failed the first test when they were cold, got them nice and hot and they went straight through. No issues with EML. I have a standard system cat back and the are slightly louder than standard, but made the car more responsive.
  10. Mine didn't work on save either but the GPS function worked
  11. I had this problem too on my sony HU, it may be that you need to find a way to connect 1, 2 and 4 together. On mine the amp out (blue and white) from my HU was already connected to something, leaving 4 unconnected. I wedged 4 into the back of the the plug with the wire of the same colour to test and hey presto it worked.
  12. I think that'll fix once its out of beta. I used my cpu and it placed in London, but when I used my on mobile it did it accurately. Just be careful letting it have exact location. Im at work and zed isn't here so not worried.
  13. would have been cheaper too.
  14. Got a wedding coming up, I'll have a pair mate.
  15. It's in account settings mate