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  1. Rewire Security

    No but I've seen them too and have considered doing it myself. But would my wife be able to log in and see how fast I'm going or where I am? I could be birthday present shopping for her and she's know.
  2. Evo 2017 Tyre Test

    Had the Falken on mine for the past 6 months as they came with the car. I found them very capable on the road in wet and dry and only really pushed them beyond limits when i got a bit power mad i the slight snow we had in jan-feb time. Just fitted Dunlops because they were free, not had time to test them properly yet though.
  3. Black Revup

    MOT day today. Nearly failed because i forgot to reconnect the hazard switch when i fitted the stereo. Other than that, straight through with no advisories...although we did emissions twice because of the HFC's not being hot enough. If I get ramp time later, its clutch slave fitting time as the pedal looses some travel on longer journeys. I also seem to get a minor clutch slip randomly, but only 500ish rpm, but then it snaps back, hoping the clutch plate isn't on its way out too. My usual experience of worn clutches are the speed catches up to the revs, this seems to be the opposite like the plate is losing pressure then getting it back again. Slave is cheaper than clutch though
  4. Can rays look good?

    I guess the problem is, we all think our cars look ace . I like mine with the rays, they're anthracite on a black zed with spacers, and I never look at it and think they look out of place...but like a said I'm bias.
  5. Things I don't understand

    I wonder if he tried to bribe the coppers.
  6. Cooper Arms Derby(ish)

    Ok so I'll cancel this one due to whether and turn out. I'll tell the wife I cancelled it for her sake though. My step son decided he doesn't like 6th form...after his first day so i should really help her sort that out lol.
  7. Cooper Arms Derby(ish)

    Damn British weather, and the 1st meet was so successful lol. I'll still be there if the rest of you are still planning on coming down. Unless you all cancel, in which case I'll let the venue know and we'll give it a miss this month.
  8. Cooper Arms Derby(ish)

    No worries mate. Don't blame you if she's nice and clean.
  9. Things I don't understand

    No pint of wine/rum then?
  10. Just got from my holiday where I annoyed my wife and kids pointing out various zeds for a week. Saw a loverly dark blue being washed in Llansteffan, a silver one out Telford
  11. Things I don't understand

    I'm not up on news, but was it a next day thing or same day? I've never drunk driven, but have I had to go to work next day after a night of drinking in a hung over state? Yup when I was young and naive. Never had an accident, but I'm a lucky one. I know different now and make sure I'm sober before driving next day by checking. Need my license for my job.
  12. Forum Showplates Feeler Thread

    I was thinking sucker's on the back or black elastic bands.
  13. Cooper Arms Derby(ish)

    One week today, still up for this?
  14. Just wanted to say hello!

    Welcome along. It's certainly a smile inducing car.
  15. Ok, so we have a calendar function that tells us peoples birthdays, but is there a way regional event organisers could input events onto it too, if not them the admin team? It may probably never get used or looked at though. As you can see I'm really busy at work playing with forum functions. Thoughts?