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  1. You could ring them, they have a shop in derby and are very helpful and friendly.
  2. Jay84

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    It was the same when double glazing first came out, it cost more than you'd ever save. The only people who benefited were the ones who bought your house of you ever sold it.
  3. Jay84

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I'm not going to quote it, as both Jetpilot and Davey have quoted the big price and don't want to fill the page, but Davey, the only things on that page that don't change between ICE and EV is the filters. Tyres, brakes, s+s will all still wear out. Plus things like CV boots will perish, wheel bearings will become rough etc. Most manufacturers build the bearing into the hub now, more waste but less labour. Oil costs garages about 2-3 pounds a litre depending on grade and ash quantity, your VAG only needs it changing every 20K miles. How much would a replacement set of batteries cost? What would cost more: The filters changed in the life of the battery, or the new battery?
  4. Jay84

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    It's actually pointless putting rear discs on electric cars, they'd be better with drums, I've seen so many come through our doors with knackered rear discs through corrosion and then splitting.
  5. Jay84


    I had the same issue and found that the catch that holds the latch was loose (the bottom bit). That can be adjusted to sit a little higher, that might help.
  6. Jay84

    DB Nissan 350z GT 05'

    The lack of future headlight glazing is why I want to do mine too. Thing is if i go with any kind of smoke, with the rest of the black at the front, it might be too much. I've done yellow and black so many times on other cars part of me wants to go with purple, then do some other purple touches to match, for handles and some interior trim etc.
  7. Jay84

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Forget flux capacitors, why aren't our personal vehicles moving in all 3 dimensions yet? We should have maglift motorways and rail cannon railways.
  8. Jay84

    Z servicing in or close the Herts

    Not used Japex myself, but my book is full of their stamps, doing bits to the car myself recently, and everything on it is immaculate.
  9. Jay84

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Is that My Chemical Romance i hear from your computer Dan? Got to say, I also think Electric is the wrong answer.
  10. Jay84


    RICER LIGHTS?!?! .....I actually kinda like them, where did you power them from?
  11. Jay84

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Ekona's dying apparently...or a hell of a lot older than he looks. I'm 34 and expect to beround until 2070 at least.
  12. Nothing is ever planned...it just sort of happens...as my long suffering wife will tell you. Edit: She will tell you how 'I'm not going to modify' means nothing. She may also tell you about accidental children though.
  13. Jay84

    Japfest Silverstone - 5th May 2019

    I'll be going, I imagine there will be thread before long from the Regional Event Organiser. There were over 100 of us at this years japfest on our stand alone, plus a few other scragglers kicking about. The trick is to reach out to the other Zed OC's to get their interest up, as well as the kelsey group to allow the parade lap in the 1st place.
  14. Jay84

    350z Fuel Conundrum

    I wouldn't worry overly much about what's in it now, its not like the 2 fuels won't mix. You can buy octane boosters, but i'd just fill it with the higher octane and have done with. If you have a costco card, they also do the 99, and its a little cheaper than Tesco (I actually think its the same stuff/supplier etc), you just don't get points.
  15. Jay84

    350z Fuel Conundrum

    I had similar thoughts about not knowing what the previous owner did. I'd go with the recommended higher octane. When I had my Corolla T-Sport I decided that at 5p a litre difference, 100ltrs would cost £5 more over a tank (obviously the tank wasn't that big) of regular, not worth not doing at that cost. Even if its 10p a litre more now, the odd tenner here and there won't go amiss, and lets face it you're never going to fill 100 litres, so that's less than a tenners difference.