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  1. NHS

    My last NHS experiences were the births of my daughters. I hear that things change from hospital to hospital, but i was blown away by Derby. Each birthing suite had 5-6 different places to position my wife including the water birth option, an en suite shower room, tea and coffee machines soft lighting and radio I could put cd's in...although I wasn't allowed Slipknot. The midwifes also brought us both toast after, the whole experience was fantastic. I know a nurse in Leicester on the baby ward and she has to do crazy shifts though.
  2. Ok BMW, thats enough.... please....

    We were given the choice of a 1 series or an astra for a company car, I went with the astra. 1.6 D insignia engine in a car that's a lot lighter and is fully specd I really like it. They're kinda more common than it was march 2016, but I like it. I'm not a fan of the whole crossover thing, despite having a crashqai. The rubbish thing is, the tyres have huge rolling resistance compared to there hatch and saloon counterparts so economy can be poor by comparison.
  3. Anyone know Nissans roadmap for the Z

    Maybe a brief hiatus will happen where they will focus on econoboxes. This is what Toyota did early 2000s with the Prius and Auris hybrid. They dropped the entire sporty range until the BR-86. I agree with the popular opinion though about not wanting to see a 4 cylinder turbo in a zed chassis.
  4. Nissan Leaf

    I like Nissan's 2017 face. I saw a black micra with it and it looks stunning. The leaf above looks nice too. I like it when evs and hybrids look like normal cars, I was never a fan of the prius, insight, or early leaf, but the auris, crz and that leaf above are nice.
  5. I used a place in burton called facelifts on wharf road. They sprayed and fitted my rear wing for 120 quid and did a good job.
  6. Ahh a whole day....lol. Dunno the gap between human revolution and mankind divided was rather large. I'm kinda hoping all of square soft are working on final fantasy 7 remake although I may need to get rid of the xbox for a ps4 to play it.
  7. Side indicators

    Full unit mate complete with retaining clips. At least...mine were. They were what popped up 1st so I copied and pasted the link.
  8. Rozzers pull a Z struggling for traction

    The 1st one got that a bit wrong and is an example of why you should exercise the 'time and a place' rule of being exuberant in cars. Agree with lexx, bellends
  9. StarTrek and Expanse

    I know production costs are the main reason, but I always found artificial gravity hard to swallow on tv series. Expanse at least has free floating space scenes.
  10. Tapatalk problems

    Pretty sure the new site isn't compatible as it caused the problems in the first place. The mobile website is ace though, so it (tapatalk) is a tad redundant now.
  11. Side indicators

  12. Side indicators

    I got a set of of tinted ones off ebay. They're the same across most of the nissan range of that year, Micra, Qashqai etc all have the same so there is no shortage. I think I paid less than £20 delivered.
  13. I like the Deus Ex games, but i'm into Titanfall 2 again at atm. I usually end up with a NFS game at Christmas.
  14. StarTrek and Expanse

    I always found DS9 a bit weird, the whole explore new life and new civilisation seemed a bit redundant on a space station...not much of a trek. But the occasional old face popping in was fun, like Worf. Good shout on Expanse, I quite like it in a gritty space kind of way.