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  1. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    No mate, the more people sign up and pay, the bigger stand we get.
  2. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Last year it was about a month before the date, but the deadlines are on the japfest website.
  3. Mars next stop :)

    Why do such a half arsed job with the name change? If they really weren't in the rocket, they'd have been forced to have a proper name change like if they were in the witness protection programme. These people believe everything can be faked, and the only way to prove it to them would be to fly them up there, in the same way the only way to prove to an atheist there is a God would be for them to meet a deity. But even then both parties would blame it on a hallucination.
  4. The Grand Tour

    I'll 2nd that, I agree it was an improvement. Some of it was still cringe worthy, but the new test driver is a much better choice and the non studio bits were also good. I'll keep watching it. The new TG is back soon too right? S2 of this was better than S1
  5. Forum Name Car Reg No Colour Museum only Museum, Hotel & evening meal 1 andy james 350z AJ07 ZZZ Silver Paid 2 buster + 1 350z V80BSV Blue Paid 3 Nso93 370z T9 NSO Grey Museum only 4 Shezza 350z B9 MAS Black Paid 5 Rickdon + 1 370z WF63 UKG White Paid 6 Z370Z +1 370z AJ04 MOR BLUE Paid 7 Humpy 370Z N12SRA Blue Booked Hotel room 8 Flashback 350Z HJ54TBZ Blue Museum, Hotel Booked 9 N15GTE +1 370Z N15 GTE White Booked Hotel Room 10 Jay84 350z pk06tuu black pending authority from the wife
  6. Mars next stop :)

    Sam vimes books for me.
  7. Mars next stop :)

    Love a bit of a discworld book.
  8. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    Ooohhh, oh no you di'n't lol
  9. New Supra leaked ahead of revealing

    I think it looks more like a successor to a Zed than the Supra. I quite like it. I agree some of the dimensions are a little off. From some angles to boot line looks non existent, but looks ok from other angles.
  10. Tiger Z Build

    Turbo or Super? There are various set ups of each on here, from rear mount to TT set ups. I know what you mean, there are faster cars, but there is something about the zed that makes you wan tot keep it.
  11. Tiger Z Build

    So are you working towards FI?
  12. Tiger Z Build

    Looks good mate
  13. Tiger Z Build

    Welcome along, sounds good. Do you have any pictures?
  14. Mars next stop :)

    ^^Maths, so you know its good
  15. Mars next stop :)

    A ship doesn't sail over a curved hill of water, but the highest point does become visible before the rest.