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  1. Guess the car part

    It looks like the mach5 from speed racer.
  2. Back 2 Bizzness

    Haha my young co pilots getting there autographed posters in this.
  3. is this the clutch slave?

    Both tarmac sportz and torqen keep them in and both offer great service.
  4. is this the clutch slave?

    Davey is right, but if you do end up going down the slave route it'll need doing again.
  5. is this the clutch slave?

    It's hard to say, mines not a daily. But the parts are really cheap from tarmac sportz and Adrian at torqen.
  6. Really? I saw loads heading up the m1. Didn't see the wife's qashqai until I was nearly home though
  7. is this the clutch slave?

    When my slave started to fail I got what you describe, and it was worse when the fluid got hot. As the problem progressed the pedal would also stop returning. The early models thankfully have and external slave, so a new slave, braided hose and flush later in all good again.
  8. Japfest Report & Pictures

    Yeah I was struggling cruising the m1 home too.
  9. Japfest Report & Pictures

    I got the impression from the japfest fb coverage that they'd get it. Obviously outs was bigger and better, but we're just not allowed to win twice. So I'll accept they're a closer runner up to us.
  10. Japfest Report & Pictures

    I wondered that.
  11. Japfest Report & Pictures

    Thanks mate, glad you're happy with them. First of all what a day, I loved every minute of it, from our convoy of zeds coming down the m1, to catching up with familiar faces and friends. Andy did his usual awesome job, and how he did the impossible of manning a back holiday weekend sunny I'll never know. Here are some of my pics.
  12. Japfest East Mids convoy

    Just about to leave services
  13. Don't you just love the people here.
  14. Send me an address I have your forum wear. @Humpy