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  1. Jay84

    Hoodies £30 delivered

    Yes mate, pm me and we can talk colour/style and whether it's 350z or 370z
  2. Jay84

    Washer pump?

    Hi all, My washer motor isn't pumping for my windscreen, but the headlight washers do work. Are the 2 motors run off the same fuse and I need a new washer pump, or do I just need a new fuse? Also...where is the fuse box for that kind of thing? My hainespro account can't find much info on my zed. If it makes a difference its a rev up DE. Thanks Jay
  3. Jay84

    A few post MOT questions

    Babe pipe refers to the rigid pipes, on an mot the flexi bits are referred to as hoses. Front brake pipe is a little vague as there is a few of them. Some places do free brake inspections so a second opinion for clarity may be with while. If they're not too bad you could treat the existing pipes to stop them getting worse. According to the new mot narratives, they could have already been treated and are in fact fine.
  4. Could any of his stuff be blocking an air brick? It might be a way of opening a dialogue about it, mention the damp issue, and ask if he saw a ventilation brick there before he piled his stuff up. Chances are after so long he won't remember so will have to move it to check. I don't really to my neighbours, I don't like people despite having to deal with them daily . My neighbour though has a garage with a bit of space between it and the fence, he piles stuff in the gap and it has caused the fence to bow. On the one hand it's the fence he's accountable for, but if the fence falls down, it lands on the zed. It's bad enough I had to replace a tyre because he cut up a load of wood and I picked up a nail because of it.
  5. Jay84

    Midlands Meet's

    Only just seen this thread, I live in Derby, but run the Halfords Autocentre in Burton, my black 350 is usually parked out front weekends. As Sam said when the weather improves some meets will be good. @davey_83 has organised some good meets that have great turn outs.
  6. That'll just prompt a forum help thread that reads: I'm posting in forum help and it keeps vanishing, what am I doing wrong?
  7. Jay84

    Cobra Resonated - Big Smiles

    I've got the cobra too and love it. Mine is combined with Kinnetix HFC's so I'd be interested to hear the difference between standard and sport cats with it.
  8. Jay84

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Received mine this week, as usual awesome quality with some stunning cars gracing the pages. Thanks team and contributors.
  9. 1. andy James + 1 PAID 2. glrnet PAID 3. Shire + 1 PAID 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. Nso93-paid 6. SHEZZA PAID 7. TEEJAY +1 PAI 8. Liamm56 +1 PAID 9. cs2000 PAID 10. Trott + 1 PAID 11. 14N PAID 12. wvSTUwv +1 PAID 13. ShortPaul +1 PAID 14. Jay84 Paid
  10. Jay84

    Z WRITE OFF :(

    When I wrote my celica off, they asked about the front splitter and skirts despite them being oe from factory. I'd declared them anyway, but talking to the insurers I got the impression that non declaration would mean they would pay or for a factory spec car. As it was I got cover for the car as well as the mods. It was flood/ water damage for me.
  11. With the facelift ones he needs you to send them to him for wrapping and he'll send them back. When I did mine I bought a set off ebay and had them sent to him, then sold my old ones to covr the cost.
  12. Jay84

    350z Won't Stall

    To me it sounds like a worn clutch that is starting to slip. As above though, are you lifting the clutch quickly, or feathering it? If feathering i'd say its normal, I often do it with my diesel daily when in traffic.
  13. Jay84

    Got a humdrum 2nd car and love it!

    1.6 diesel Astra for me. 16 plate. It's got cruise control and Bluetooth and the full nav pack. We took it too Newquay in summer and did 72mpg at 75mpg fill of holiday clothes and family. It pulls well, but whenever I get back in the zed I can't help but exclaim oohh yes.
  14. Jay84

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    It's great that a lot of you want a calender, and the quality is ace and well worth it, but @SuperStu could do with some more entries otherwise there'll be no calendar. Your car doesn't need to be an immaculate show car, god knows mine made it in last year . Send him your best shots. It makes having it even better when you make it in. If you have autumn or winter shots, it'll increase your odds.
  15. Jay84

    Calendar Entries 2019 - Submit Here

    How many more picture do you want/need Stu?