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  1. Jay84

    Brexit again

    So we're getting a divorce but have children with shared custody?!?
  2. Jay84

    cats and exhaust

    Nice. I need to sort my Y pipe out as that started blowing, but I've taken mine off the road for winter (company car) and the mot isn't until September. Also one of my cooling fans has decided it doesn't want to play any more so I have that to play with. That and some tidying up jobs, wiper arms, interior trim and maybe colour code door handles. I'm tempted to wrap headlights too before spring. Zeditis never ends
  3. Jay84

    Calendar Entries 2019 - Submit Here

    I'm surprised at the short fall, I was giddy when mine was in last year. Are there are more people buying than sending?
  4. Jay84

    Brexit again

    Yeah I've seen the same. Lots of; This is a terrible deal...but I don't have one better.
  5. Jay84

    Brexit again

    Will they renegotiate though? Everything I've read points to no.
  6. Jay84

    cats and exhaust

    When I got my exhaust, I spent a few months trawling youtube for what I wanted/could afford. I went for Cobra resonated in the end, I find I can drive sensibly and talk to my wife (booo)/have the stereo on the quietest settings and still hear it/her, but love the sound when I plant my foot to the floor. Fitment is usually pretty good on cobra too, Japspeed can be a little rough to fit.
  7. Jay84

    dodgy car sale

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4s are great tyres, but are pretty much at the ceiling in terms of cost. From a mid range POV, I had good experience from Falken Azenis. I have Dunlop Sportmaxx GT's all round on mine, and although they are brilliant in the warm, they break traction very easily in the cold.
  8. Jay84

    dodgy car sale

    Plenum alone makes the rev up a little smoother I found, coldel is right though about the HR. But for such an easy to do mod, its worth doing before any remaps take place. By the sound of it, it may have some sport cats already. So now its all sorted, when can you post us some pictures?
  9. Jay84

    dodgy car sale

    A plenum spacer is a good mod to do before an uprev.
  10. Jay84

    Cooling fans

    I did a bit of a winter check now its off the road for a couple of months, cleaned the inner arches out etc. I also had a look under the bonnet, and couldn't help but notice that with the ac on, i only had one cooling fan spinning. The engine wasn't hot, but I wasn't sure whether they were both supposed to spin, or whether the other one kicked in when it got to a certain temperature to cool the coolant. It's not urgent to fix if it needs a new motor as i guess it won't be driven until March now.
  11. Jay84

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    Me too. It's like when I was a kid waiting for my comic to come out on a Monday. 'What's keyser doing this Saturday? Find out Monday on PopZ'
  12. Jay84

    dodgy car sale

    Unfortunately I deal with this kind of thing day to day. People buy a car, and after 2 weeks it develops a fault. The dealership doesn't want to know and just push the customer on to the warranty company who push the customer to Halfords. I agree with not getting second hand cats though when it's not your cash. Get a quote for new cats, fitted, and get the dealer to pay...If you decide to keep the car. They are ace cars, but buying an ex project can be problematic. I try to keep mine on the legal side, I have kinnetix sport cats and they go through on emissions when they're hot. I do get an occasional eml though.
  13. Jay84

    dodgy car sale

    It'll cost a tenner I think, but any MOT station can reprint the certificate, so don't worry about that bit. You just have the emissions print out.
  14. Jay84

    dodgy car sale

    Yeah I didn't have the info, but a site manager or tester can get any mot certificate reprinted, which will have the original test station on it.
  15. Jay84

    cats and exhaust

    My HFC's pass, you just gotta make sure they're good and hot 1st.