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  1. Well, disappointingly I've had to sell the zed. I had to make house modifications and the zed was the quickest way to free up funds (being a grown up is rubbish). But just before I sold it, we appeared in a music video for a band called fury. Here's the link.
  2. What's the best way to clean these filters? I'm interested if it's an easy thing to clean.
  3. Where in derby are you from? I live in derby too and it's a fairly quick trip to Silverstone.
  4. We have a stand for trax in October. I highly recommend it, lots of car geek stuff not just jap stuff. It's at Silverstone in October.
  5. Cheers guys. The headlights are devisive, but have a definite 'look at me' effect. Need to get some kind of side skirt, and I noticed a bit of brake fade after a spirited drive with a guy in an m2, so have ordered EBC discs and yellow stuff pads. Not in a huge hurry to fit as I don't drive on track or anything, but I just know it'll bug me.
  6. Nice. I love these high speed auto boxes.
  7. A couple of recent snaps... japfest and sunny days... God I love my zed.
  8. I've not updated in a little while, but I've done a couple of restorative bits, and replaced my fan shroud with moshimoto fans. I noticed before I put the car away for winter that with the ac on only the n/s fan was spinning. When high speed was needed both fans engaged, but I couldn't live with the idea that i was driving a ticking time bomb of future failure. The fitment went well aided by the fact I run a garage and I was able to use a ramp for a bit. While it was in the air I replaced my indicators with led units. In terms of the restoration, my seats, especially the drivers, after 130k miles, looked a little worn. I found a leather repair kit online, combined with some interior detailing products created a great improvement. I have some leather restoring soap that I am slowly getting the seats back to a less dried or look with.
  9. I did mine too just before japfest. I notice a slight noise in traffic, but with full exhaust system and hfc's, I hardly notice. I checked my freeze point before fitment, and it was around -30 degrees, topped up with water as I don't carry green coolant, and it only moved to -25 degrees...I can live with that
  10. This is what worries me about speed controlled cars, forget the usual arguments spouted by car folk, it's just one more thing we don't control. People we'l forget how to actually 'drive'. I spend a lot of my day driving other people's cars in and out of the workshop and occasional road tests, and make a point of not using parking cam's. Mirrors do me just fine, and I've not hit anything yet.
  11. We've not had one in the few years I've been a member, which is a shame it's 2 minutes down the road from me. But too many shows and my wife will become less accepting.
  12. About 12 the year before so a good amount of growth. You get more exotic cars, lambo's and stuff at trax. At least if it's just us Andy, it'll be easy to park us in a line
  13. Nice, what's the chassis like? I'd love an s13, but the rot puts me off.
  14. Early days yet mate, a lot of us like trax for the variety of cars you get.
  15. 1. andy James + 1 PAID 2. Jay84 paid.
  16. Everyone who enjoyed the day (how can you not have) and all who missed out on the day, it's well worth signing up for trax in October. It's the last show of the year and the addition of non jap cars, as well as some exotics makes it a great closer to the year. Trax attendance has increased over the years, but we're not as well represented as japfest yet, if we get high enough numbers we might not have to park on the grass.
  17. Nice work team, awesome turn out and a great event. Some stunning motors knocking about. I only got one sort of group shot, and that's because mine was the focus.
  18. If the engine light is on there will be a code to check against. If you have a code reader it will shed some light on it. If you don't, Google the pedal dance, and you can get the code that way.
  19. Awesome, we normally leave Leicester just after 6:30 and take a leisurely drive to Silverstone... although Bob and Andy led at trax so we'd drive a little faster.
  20. There was one at japfest last year. https://www.fastcar.co.uk/new-fast-car-magazine/fast-car-magazine-issue-402-preview/attachment/fast-car-magazine-issue-402-01/
  21. I know it's a different genre (ok ok it's for kids), but I thought the most recent turtles film was better than the 90's film. I think as cgi has got better it allows for better films in instances like these. In a similar trend, I'd fly the flag for the It remake.
  22. Anyone fancy meeting at Leicester forest east south bound japfest day? We've done it for the last few Silverstone events now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we normally depart the services between 6:30&7.
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