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  1. No I'm not joking..... Is there a vegan option for breakfast?
  2. I'll be coming along to this with my mate. Annoyingly this is the week before my respray so car will still look @*!# though ah well
  3. Looks very smart! Welcome to the forum. Get yourself on the facebook group as well, its very useful!
  4. Sounds good, great colour! Welcome to the Club!!!!! Get some photos posted.
  5. 95% sure me and the wife will be there, our second meeting with the group so will be good, just depends if the mother in law will have the baby again for us lol put my name down though please mate
  6. Great to meet u all today, really enjoyed it this morning and the drive there in convoy was good fun as well. Looking forward to the next one.
  7. I'm on the way but running late, should be there for 9.30
  8. Yeah sounds good, im quite new to the 350z club so will be good to meet some new faces and get some ideas for my car. Count me in!!!! 9am tho on a Sunday, that's going to be an effort lol
  9. Where is gate hangs well???? Been in Leicester my whole life and never heard that before
  10. Sorry I'm a little late to this thread but I'm in Hinckley and up for a meet!!
  11. This is exactly what mine is doing as well. Mine has been sat for a long time so had a new battery fitted. Do you have an engine light on as well??
  12. Well..... Plugged in my OBD reader and it won't connect to the ECU. I'll just give up now and wait until Horsham get there hands on it lol
  13. Ok thanks for the replies, I'll plug in the code reader tomorrow if I get chance and post it
  14. Hi, firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section!!! I need some help, long story short but I've recently acquired a 350z that has been sat for a long time (approx 12 months). It's off to Horsham Dev in a week for a complete service and overhaul but I had to move it from its previous storage location. Only about 500 metres or so but I decided to fire it up. I checked the oil first which seemed quite lightly coloured still and was plenty in there, also put some fuel in and a new battery. To my surprise it started up no problems at all, little bit of smoke and then it was fine.
  15. Out of interest do you have any pics without the badges? I'm tempted to remove mine lol
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