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  1. No engine light which is strange, not sure what the issue is to be honest
  2. Hi I have a 350z 53 plate I changed the battery last week as last one died. Since then when firing up the car it starts then if I turn it off and back on it starts but the Revs drop and feels like it’s going to stall any help will be appreciated
  3. anyone fancy doing a meet at either bluewater or lakeside this week?
  4. Hello, can anyone help with why the cars making this noise. Happens when the cars stationary. 9B54661E-4E0C-4BC1-B359-E0564041CED8.MOV
  5. hi mate you still got them custom a pillers for sale? and if so any pictures of them?

    1. notfub



      I did sell them to a forum member "Abdul" who I think ended up not buying a 350Z in the end, so he may still have them. Worth a PM I'd say. Good luck.



  6. hey guys anyone know where i can get the below as mine have cracked over the years and need replacing
  7. Hi Martin It's not letting me pm you, but yeh I'll be there for the 22nd
  8. 1. Zippypooz - N44SSN (PAYCO too) 2. Stuggerz - S7UG V (Plus Mrs) 3. Panman - P44AAN (Plus josh) 4. Chippychip123 - UK04 ZED 5. Dunks - PHZ 4136 6. Paul_B FG05GJK 7. Darkside - DK 51DEZ (plus son) 8. Punisher - DG07 XKA (plus Jelena) 9. Nismoandy - WP06 FNX 10. Rs2oo - X5 HPL (plus 1) 11. xxx180 - WNZ 3507 12. Amyzed FA51 AMY 13. Rich260 OG04LEX 14. JackJ1312 JA57 JCK + Lauren 15. Olly350z - KD53 DGZ plus 1 16. Stephanie -MB04 ETT (+1) 17. SherlockH - SM05 VTZ (+1) 18,jayrishi - SB53MBX
  9. Lol corsa vxr that would of helped if I mentioned it
  10. hey that would be wicked if you could. never really fitted aftermarket seats so not to sure what is needed the ones i got from a vxr yeh i'll check your build out out
  11. jayrishi

    350z hr bonnet

    But we'd rather fund Alex than Nissan And I have been funded and bonnet shipped out today Cheers Alex for your help! Bonnet will be here in the morning. Can't wait to get it sprayed and on the car
  12. jayrishi

    350z hr bonnet

    But we'd rather fund Alex than Nissan This is true ðŸ‘ðŸ½
  13. jayrishi

    350z hr bonnet

    yeh i was thinking that
  14. thanks i'll keep searching yeh i no lol but I've managed to get a pair for £500 so thought might as well give it a go





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