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  1. Need a new rear bumper for my import, would rather stay jap. Needs to come with the boot popper and number plate lights. Im in suffolk. Cheers
  2. Ive got a nismo bumper, the one with the side refelectors, its had a few repairs and had the front lip beefed up behind incase it ever did hit a curb. Genuine badge inside, good fit, painted in telisto grey but needs a respray.
  3. Cars only done 54k. But about 4 months ago the fuel pump died, so fitted an uprated pump, but it was noisy so replaced it with a new standard pump. I wonder if the uprated pump may have messed things up? But having googled hot start issues they all point at cam sensors etc. So really im just pleased to put the information out there. And the car feels like its got so much more power now, back to loving it again.
  4. Pulled the injectors, tested all 6. Ranged from 17.3 to 17.4. Bought new injectors, tested them. All ranged from 12.3 to 12.4. Fitted, car runs a dream now
  5. Hiya, been having a consistant hot start issue with my zed. Basically once ive parked up and the car is left for 30 minute it turns over 6 or 8 times before firing up. When left over night it starts straight away. Having read details on the forum i have cleaned the tb. Replaced the maf sensor. Replaced both cam sensors and had the crank sensor checked...all to no avail. When i bought the car i had an issue with the fuel pump bucket having dirt in it so in the back of my mind always wondered about the injectors. So decided to remove them and get them cleaned, (the car has been parked for about 15 minutes and was warm) having removed the top of the plenum i can hear a faint buzzing down the manifold, on the inside, both sides, is it possible the injectors are not turning off when the cars off? What could cause this? Poor earth or bad injectors? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  6. Did this ever get sorted? My cars started doing the same...ive changed the bank 1 cam sensor but not bank 2. When the diagnostics were plugged in there were no codes... Really annoying me now
  7. Theres one on ebay used £100 bin
  8. Ill have the headlights if your not too far away? Pm on its way
  9. I did it at a mates shop. Had to cut all the bolts off as there was no way they were budging! And the bolts on the top of the cats were even more of a pain in the a.... i also put a new clutch in the car... Y pipe is definatly do-able at home with a grinder tho
  10. Finally got round to fitting it! Its perfect, straight on with no issues
  11. Yea will do. Should be on at the weekend
  12. I just bought a y pipe off ebay for £85. Turned up next day and looks decent! Cant go wrong for the money
  13. Hiya, desperate to get my car back on the road, took the bumper off to replace the headlight ballast but need the igniter too, long shot but does anyone in the suffolk/norfolk area have one i could pick up asap? Cheers
  14. Failed guys, cant send pics on gumtree, glad it came up tho to warn others
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