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  1. hi mate you still got them custom a pillers for sale? and if so any pictures of them?

    1. notfub



      I did sell them to a forum member "Abdul" who I think ended up not buying a 350Z in the end, so he may still have them. Worth a PM I'd say. Good luck.



  2. Majority of this bundle has now been SOLD. Can a moderator close the thread please? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tip but only at 86% quota and receiving new PM's today
  4. No response from Y23DRH yet, but he's not been on the forum since 18th.......
  5. Just priced up insured delivery via ipostparcels and it's £13.79, therefore combined cost is £113.79 delivered. Just waiting to hear from Y23DRH.
  6. I used this head unit with a separate amp and speakers in a complete SQ installation (details here http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/50949-my-sonic-punch-install-by-sonic-frontiers/page__hl__%2Bsonic+%2Bfrontiers). However, looking at this post, (http://www.350z-uk.com/index.php?showtopic=30112) it seems that this is all you need to replace the original BOSE H/U. Cheers, Dean
  7. This is still available. Lower price of £195 delivered all in! Which I think is a bloody steal for the functionality and quality of the bundle.
  8. Checkout the videos (scroll down to see them all) on their website here for the details mate. http://www.parkingdynamics.co.uk
  9. I have sent you a message with details
  10. I bought this a few years ago to fit to the rear of my 350z (now sold) without needing to drill holes. I purchased based on this review post...... http://www.350z-uk.c...rking-dynamics/ They currently sell new for £80 so I'm looking for £45 delivered for a quick sale. The kit is new and unused, been sat in a drawer in the house, so has been stored in a warm/dry place. Thanks, Dean
  11. Would you believe I sold the a-pillar trims and door speaker rings earlier today to another new member on here. I still have the Morel Ovation mids and tweeters along with the DLS passive crossovers. If your still interested these, let me know and I'll sort out combo price.



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