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  1. Any if you boys going jap fest and want to convoy to Silverstone?
  2. I'm up for meeting up any time. Just give me shout on here or on my instagram
  3. My cylinder 2 coil pack has died and was wondering if anyone has any new or second hand coils available for my zed
  4. I had an idea of a pre xmas meet and meal for us Leicester zeds if anyones up for it.
  5. Did a last minute car wash to wash off the bugs. Waxed it last weekend so should still look fresh. See you lads tomorrow.
  6. I'll have lunch and I might have an ST200 with me
  7. 7:45/8 and leave around 8:15 and get there for around 9 as planned in the main thread.
  8. Meet up at gate hangs well again if anyone wants to convoy from leicester
  9. Who is gonna cruise up to the meet and where would be best to meet up guys?
  10. Are us Leicester lost meeting and cruise up to the melbicks meet together?





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