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  1. what is the problem ? less than a week and 10 posts ...... "still going" ......... what is the limit ?
  2. Ricochet , one please. past ones have been v good.
  3. was looking at what fitting them (the 1749 code items) might be a problem.. the bolt on the tailgate was a bit arkward to get a spanner on and nothing I had seemed to fit snugly. anyone else had this ? on the bright side I can use the delivery tube to hold the lid up, however I need to be careful with it, might need it to return them Msitpro's post is slightly concerning Msitpro...... what is the N rating on yours ? .
  4. point 3 was that their prominent delivery statement was misleading , we have to pay VAT so why quote without it if not to mislead? but the post's main point was about the suitability of the struts, which I may find out later in the week.
  5. So on cold mornings boot lid will not stay up at first. looked around , decided to buy SGS struts @ £29.70 ea. (NitroLift) phoned and spoke to aguy who asked if it had a spoiler isaid yes the std one ( I thought they all did..) so he said you need code 1751 , same price. ordered, to be despatched next day . When they arrived they were code 1749 which is for boot lid without spoiler. I contacted Customer service who said they were ok to use. I later emailed Customer service who asked for the force printed on the side of the strut --which was 470N. they confirmed this was the correct fitment. said all 350Z struts were same length, just set to different forces. I will fit them some time this week ( with slight help from son of Ricochet ), 1 has anyone come across this situation with SGS? 2 With the query to customer service they responded within 24hrs, however the the guy who took my original order got my mob no and e mail wrong , not very confidence inspiring, meaning I had to chase for an invoice. 3 and this pee''d me off tbh.. ...on the home web page at the top it says 'Free Delivery* over £50' . turns out this is ex VAT cost! so ihad to buy a £5 craft knife , no more than £1'99 in Wickes, to bring the cost up to over £50 for free delivery . grrr.. All comments welcomed , except those I don't like JC
  6. Current measurements look OK, unless somebody can spot something ?? regards jcZsuspension2.pdf
  7. Great News!! Sorted using BluePrint drop links. the knocking /clonking that has been there for ages has gone, I can't say how much more enjoyable the Z is now. off for a 4-wheel alignment check on Thursday. So now I have two brand new bushes which were pressed out of the new banana arms ( replaced by the existing SuperPro bushes) and the seemingly not faulty existing banana arm ( minus its super Pro bushes). Thanks for all help guys, the moral is : check the easiest / cheapest first , hindsight is wonderful.
  8. I have had intermittent trouble with mine , but I couldn't figure out how to get it off the seat , seemed very close to the centre console. jc.
  9. Classic Car Show Dream Rides in Hall 5 Friday- treated myself to a ride with Gary in his LHD ltd edn modern Camaro. Slightly breathed on ---700bhp+ enjoyable run with someone who knows his newly acquired car (previously he ran a supercharged Holden) jc.
  10. Sadly spacers only worked for a time, so I have to keep cancelling the EML. I did leave it on for a while but someone on here pointed out that there could be another fault going undetected.
  11. Drop links on order, apparently when disconnected noise was certainly reduced. no sign of slack in top mounts. Will let you know. Thanks for replying , its good to know people are so helpful. JC
  12. Thanks for that suggestion , will try asap. .....cheers JC
  13. They are new arms (moog) with the super pro bushes transferred from the old arms .it wouldn't be these bushes would it? Drop links do not seem to have any movement in them, but in the large scheme of things not to expensive , what might be next to look at ? Glen the mechanic is experienced and a former racer and cannot see anything obvious, thanks for the reply JC
  14. Worth a visit if you are within 100 miles. PLUG ...If you do go please visit Sporting Bears' 'DREAM RIDES' stand. Passenger rides in a variety of tasty/interesting cars with owners who are just as much petrol heads as we are . All for a donation to childrens charities , the drivers take no expenses whatever. Enjoy yourself and help underprivileged kids. see you there JC
  15. Oh Dear!, banana arms replaced with the super pro bushes carefully transferred in the same alignment, and its still clonking/knocking, What can it be? jc





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