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  1. Hmm, I know its just a render but the back end looks..odd...like a little Mazda or something. Grey coupe for me... (be good if they went GOTCHA! and brought it here anyway..which they won't lol)
  2. Looks good to me, I'm glad on a minor styling point they put a little spoiler flick, all Zeds look crap without one lol. Hard to argue with a 400hp manual, no many these days. Does have a wiff of 370 about it but spose thats just the Zed's of past getting close to copying old skool but now they really have had a go at that. Shame we won't get it here. Be interestng to see how it feels to drive with the engine out the Q60.
  3. Travelling straight through wishaw main cross and downhill towards sports centre around 11:45am... Nice sunset orange 350z coupe going up the way. Even today with all the modern looks the shape of the Z still looks so different.. Especially in the rear view watching its low shape and arches head up the hill... God I miss mine. I'd buy another as prob cheap now but the liklihood of it being rusted to death underneath and further on going costs stop me (I know all too well of those lol). Always great to see them though... Getting rare now.
  4. Despite having given up the Z in 2018, if the thought comes into my mind, I find myself checking the MOT status of the ol' girl. Any previous owners as sad as this or just me? lol I was that annoyed giving it up (moving etc those 'important' things ...lol) so I checked it the following year and just seem to have made it a sad habit. Despite it not being my problem anymore I was annoyed as whoever the hell has it seems to not bother getting it MOT'd on time each year. Failed this year due to suspension mounts, and a whole heap of corrosion underneath (but hey..its japanese...I expect that).
  5. Looks like the Taycan from the side.... its electric ...I'm out (and poor) lol
  6. I know this is a random story from a general car site but I've seen plenty stories online, tv and through reading to realise despite trying to roll out all this electric charger stuff... You don't know if they are gonna work when you get there and generally theres no one around to help or provide info. IMO we are still a looong way away from being able to do this like we do petrol/diesel. Until those run out you couldn't pay me to have an electric car... (wouldnt it be amusing if it actually died off and we had tk find another option to the norm?) https://carbuzz.com/news/130-mil
  7. I also note that I'm pretty sure our power stations only provide barely more electricity than we actually use... So imagine (even with renewable stuff) how much strain trying to go all out electric would be. Ill be honest I HATE electrics cars. Been in some and nope not for me. Id even accept hybrid as long as some form of combustion was alongside it. I am not a 'go green' person and happy to say so lol burn those fuels til last drop.... Lol I just dont think... As noted in comments above.. Its a realistic timeframe.
  8. Someone pointed out to me however automakers might try to work round this by just doing hybrids... Just depends how the government see that or are they trying to ban all forms of petrol and diesel combustion.
  9. ... Or so they say. I'm not sure how they would do this. The jobs that would likely be lost as I dont think thats enough time for car companies to switch over all their line up. It would just render companies unable to sell surely. Used cars would probably increase as people may want them more. The world could be a bleak place for car people in the future... Sooner than we think too it seems. Whats your thoughts.. Will it happen? Lol http://news.sky.com/story/new-petrol-and-diesel-cars-banned-from-sale-after-2030-under-governments-green-plan-12135084
  10. My god am I late to the party, I love a good opinion but PAGES have passed before I even got here to post about it (no I'm not reading them all) Looks alright.... haha I still can't help feeling it looks like a cheap bodge together. From a good few angles it just looks like a 370 Nismo with some of the panels (spose that in itself was meant to nod to the original). I like the HR 350 style bonnet bulge, interiors fine, not entirely sold on the rear.... I also would like a tail flick, I HATE cars the cut off straight down (A7...). Don't care how retro, get a flick in their (like they did wi
  11. Genuinely looking forward to this, even though I won't be able to buy one lol I agree they could have kept it at lower revs for the ad, no one wants to hear 'wheezing'
  12. Gonna skip the whole comments and answer the heading question.... No because...its horrible lol
  13. The same sort of info on the clutch when I was looking at buying one.... clutch goes around 40K or so miles....... (yeah if your an idiot with it). I know a few owners/previous owners and none have went near that. I used to take mine each year to the drag strip (like a big child), done many runs and owned it for over 5 years and at 103K miles the clutch was still bang on. lol There fairly strong as long as your not silly with them. I suspect however most 50's are now rusting away underneath now though lol (Mines had some fairly major work before it left me)
  14. Was on the Bellshill roundabout at the big Tesco yesterday about 3:20pm ish, seen a lovely clean grey coupe going round it, looked great whoever it was (made me miss mine something rotten lol)
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