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  1. Sold mine early 2018 but still hanging around lol Miss it to bits, but had to let it go. Soon to be moving to the German side (which I thought I wouldn't do).
  2. I don't think I'd feel safe in a Zed with that power, it ain't designed to do it ... lol Crazy fast though.... (and its def ZED )
  3. I've now heard there putting a lesser powered 2.0 Turbo engine in it now too... dunno why, I bet the price drop isn't that much and doesn't open it up to a whole lot of other buyers who couldn't just buy the first variant. I keep seeing a matt grey (possible launch edition?) one round at my work or passing it a lot. It does look good and def Japanese from the outside at least. I wouldn't say its underwhelming from comments I've seen all over the net in various reviews/forums. Lets remember, although a pretty car with its clean lines the original Supra and its curvyness wasn't exactly ....amazing to look at lol Not much too it, long bonnet, curves...a spoiler lol.
  4. AMT

    A Sad Day!

    It's a hard one! I remember doing it ....hated handing the keys to someone else lol Hopefully on to something better in the future!
  5. Just had a watch, an interesting video. At one point though he's like 'this is the Mustang'...and despite not being a fan of the actual Mustang much, saying that about this ...Amercian electrified Zafira...just arrggh. G Man don't do it!... haha
  6. Now thats a good/exciting looking thing! Yes it'll have the goppy mouth thing (but hey so did an XKR...) ...I like it!
  7. .... lol I really do hate this new genre of car... seems to have started with SUVs, then worked its way to the niche things like X6 etc... now they become electric....
  8. The whole things shocking lol... people waking up in the future saying look at my 'super van'... everything is gonna be electric and tall. Its like a nightmare... burn it with fire.... or maybe not as it will keep igniting... In all honestly though you can see it in mags, online car news...fulll of the SUV varient craze... its a bit depressing. God just give me a nice saloon or estate if anything..
  9. I can't tell you how uninterested the Mach-E makes me lol. It's like everything I never want from a car... lol Its high, its electric, its not nice looking.... the interior also is a bit too sparce.. like Teslas. Although I don't have a bunch of kids to stick in a vehicle, don't live in a city which taxes you everytime you wanna drive etc etc... so I'm sure people will buy it.... * slight sick in my mouth moment *
  10. AMT

    Ferrari Roma....

    Thanks for the videos Doogy! Watching them gives a better understanding of where it sits, rival wise. I'm just not sold on it though, .... that grill...looks like the back of something inside a fridge. I like the interior! (the rake and angle of the dash could be a bit less steep but I like the wrap around effect). Although not a rival, out of the recent reveals I'd much rather this... (even though I hate convertibles/roadsters/no roof things... lol) https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/mclaren-elva-revealed-804bhp-ultimate-series-roadster
  11. AMT

    Ferrari Roma....

    From some 3/4 angles looking at the back to the front, it the side profile and curve give me a reminder of the old 612 for some reason. Still an unusual looking thing, but I suppose we need to start doing random different things or everything would look the same...or just an evolution of the previous.
  12. AMT

    Ferrari Roma....

    https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-ferrari-roma-200mph-front-engined-coupe So, I like a good opinion...or debate or argument. lol What do we think of this new ...thing. My thoughts on first glance: - I think I like the rear - The side profile I'm not so sure about, from the A-Pillar to the back the profile has a kind of Merc AMG GT look about it (which I hate, simply as I hate the look of the AMG) - The front I like but that grill? - The interior... yep love that...all swoopy and cockpit-y...





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