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  1. Not so sure about private but I traded my 58' with 103K HR and got £6500 for it I think it was. (to a dealer)
  2. Not seen one in the flesh yet, but hopefully soon. I have seen some reviews of black ones and I think they seem to suit dark colours more... whether that says anything about the looks a dunno, but I think its a grower. I'll reserve judgement until I see one in the flesh.
  3. Been a while since I've posted a spot, seen this car a few times, black/dark 370Z roadster on New Edinburgh Road at Fallside,heading towards the Bellshill McD's, I'm usually on my way to work and I've seen you. Just keep forgetting to post it incase its someone on here
  4. Used to get fairly positive vibes from people with the Z, actually got annoyed at the people that would talk to you at petrol stations lol Also ..might depend what exhaust you have, sometimes it would sound like your flying when your not. In terms of the petrol station person...if they genuinely opened the door as you were coming right up to them, I'd simply get out and ... firmly...shut their door and tell them why... lol
  5. I'm pretty sure that panel comes off itself, I think I remember it being off when I had to get a windscreen replacement.... *checks * (had a pic) Yes...yes it does lol Alex will sort you out no bother by the looks of it! PS. I'm curious as to how that even happened?? lol!
  6. AMT

    New Corvette C8

    As said above with the side profile on that bottom right it's gotta hint of 360 about it. Never had much of a thought on Corvettes (although I did like the C3 design) but this might be a bit of fresh air for them, indeed something very different. Will be interesting to see the first driven reviews online when people start to get their hands on them. Looks wise, not bad I don't think I'd fire my money towards one (if I had that kinda money lol)
  7. Not a huge fan of 911's but it is very pretty lol.... just not 500K ..pretty
  8. Very nice You'll notice the diff from the DE at night!
  9. The colour looks the business! Enjoy
  10. Be different... get an Evora lol Won't be anywhere near as nice inside or quality wise as the Porky but you'll feel special with the low down position and knowing what it looks like.. that's the important thing!
  11. Was gonna say you might be repairing it a lot but hey... you have a TVR..you'll be fine! Lovely big barges, depending on what one, there not the fastest and they do 'eat' a lot of parts due to their weight but if you can run it, it is a nice looking GT car, will fit some people in the back and will make one hell of a noise... even if your doing 25mph lol. Good luck with the search!



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