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  1. My god am I late to the party, I love a good opinion but PAGES have passed before I even got here to post about it (no I'm not reading them all) Looks alright.... haha I still can't help feeling it looks like a cheap bodge together. From a good few angles it just looks like a 370 Nismo with some of the panels (spose that in itself was meant to nod to the original). I like the HR 350 style bonnet bulge, interiors fine, not entirely sold on the rear.... I also would like a tail flick, I HATE cars the cut off straight down (A7...). Don't care how retro, get a flick in their (like they did with the 370Z nismo to sort out its cut off rear a bit more). Oh and yeah, sort the front out a bit more... besides all that and my useless opinion, nice looking thing. It is a shame its not coming here (for now..). I did think when I saw that for 2 secs (.....the forum though...used Z's will only last for so long before they rust away undeneath)
  2. Genuinely looking forward to this, even though I won't be able to buy one lol I agree they could have kept it at lower revs for the ad, no one wants to hear 'wheezing'
  3. Gonna skip the whole comments and answer the heading question.... No because...its horrible lol
  4. The same sort of info on the clutch when I was looking at buying one.... clutch goes around 40K or so miles....... (yeah if your an idiot with it). I know a few owners/previous owners and none have went near that. I used to take mine each year to the drag strip (like a big child), done many runs and owned it for over 5 years and at 103K miles the clutch was still bang on. lol There fairly strong as long as your not silly with them. I suspect however most 50's are now rusting away underneath now though lol (Mines had some fairly major work before it left me)
  5. Was on the Bellshill roundabout at the big Tesco yesterday about 3:20pm ish, seen a lovely clean grey coupe going round it, looked great whoever it was (made me miss mine something rotten lol)
  6. AMT

    Infiniti Q

    I thought about replacing the Z with a 3.0 one of these, but changed my mind. Doesn't help that your (my) trusted dealer is no more up here... I only ever test drove a 2.0 as a courtesy car, wasn't tremendously impressive but the bigger V6 would have helped, they do look great I think, big chunky good lookin' GT and def be something people would stare at, as a rare sight. Worth going for if your happy you've somewhere to take it. The 'fancy' steering thing did put me off, especially when I started seeing videos and reports from the US of it darting off to the side at random!
  7. AMT


    Woulda' picked a better rear wing, wheels and colour but yeah...that fronts a pretty good job! Surprised by it lol Suits it too,
  8. Those headlights make it look like a dissaproving grandad, who's fed up of your s**t lol. I admit when I first saw it, it looks a bit odd but as previously said they want something for the masses that sells. Need to see a sporty trim or GTi in the flesh to make a decent opinion.. Not that it matters, I'm not buying one - but I love a good opinion...
  9. AMT

    Z... Officially teased...

    I know.. Plenty time to change their minds with everything thats going on with the whole Nissan/Renault/Mitsubishi thing lol
  10. https://carbuzz.com/news/its-happening-new-nissan-z-car-officially-teased Not the best of sites (deal with it lol) but at least its something official... Not sure about the sloped, cut-off rear.. Was one of the things I didnt like about the 370 but least ya know its coming... Seemingly.
  11. Go for the HR... looks slightly better than DE's, easier clutch to use (avoid the middle-ground rev-up ones) lol
  12. Yeah the MK3 interior is lovely place to be. (just watch out for the seat issue, the plastic comes away from the headrest and all the way down the side due to poor strength clips and Audi don't cover it in the warranty despite it being a world wide known issue. If you buy Audi used and its there I've spoken to Audi UK they should be doing it as a gesture apparently...so they must know!) (£1K to put right I think). A guy at my work bought a Mk2 TTS when I bought my 350Z and he still has his. He's replaced the magnetic suspension bits but besides that engine etc has been fine. I remember having a ...spirited drive with him in the rain going home and he just sat right up my backside lol Very nice cars btw, nice M3 looks tidy!
  13. I agree with you Dan in terms of the specialness (is that a word? lol) of a car, the TT or a TTS doesn't match the theatre of the Z, I would tell people simply getting in it to go to work was an occasion. Full of cheap plastics but the cascading dash and low down position made you feel like you were in something special (and then my Scorpion/Cobra set up kicked in!). I'm trying to find a sporty coupe that gives me the same sort of feeling even if I do need to think what else make its. The TTS doesn't sound that good and I really don't like the farting gear changes but I could live with it. The special comes from the low down, hemmed in feeling, it really is so different to a S3, Golf R etc so you will feel (pardon the expression as I know most will use the RS for it) like your in a mini supercar. Were all big kids at the end of the day you buy with your heart, I used to see the Z with its longish bonnet, rear wheel drive and big engine (for most peoples budgets anyway) as a really poor persons 599 lol The TTS is remarkably small compared to most stuff these days too, so fits easily in most spaces/garages. Already been on the titty forums for a while doing what I did on here long ago, finding everything I can about them.. Main concern is the seat trims that seem to fall apart....hmm. I did look at Mk2 RS but then when the MK3 TTS looks better and goes just as fast I'd rather have the new one. On a note to your other comment, I have never..driven an MX5, which I think I need to rectify at some point lol. I've sat in some and thought... this is tiny lol.





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