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  1. Be different... get an Evora lol Won't be anywhere near as nice inside or quality wise as the Porky but you'll feel special with the low down position and knowing what it looks like.. that's the important thing!
  2. Was gonna say you might be repairing it a lot but hey... you have a TVR..you'll be fine! Lovely big barges, depending on what one, there not the fastest and they do 'eat' a lot of parts due to their weight but if you can run it, it is a nice looking GT car, will fit some people in the back and will make one hell of a noise... even if your doing 25mph lol. Good luck with the search!
  3. Late to the party here Lee and gonna skip the too'n and fro'n, it's crazy how it can make such a difference. Similar when I had my Z in the early years of it and the first change.... changed one set, went round a corner (at speed tbh but hey... I had been used to the grip), thing felt like the back was not connected to the front...scary in the dry! Not sure what cars are like this or if its a rear wheel drive thing but as stated ...lesson learned. Get em on ebay or something (hope you got them sold) and get them all matching.
  4. They really are getting long in the tooth..Nissans sports cars lol I'm sure you could just wrap your GTR to look like this and hey presto! Even with the Z, as a previous owner and huge fan, I see them bring out the 50th of the 370Z and I'm like...c'mon Nissan..chop chop! Something else please lol
  5. Thats Silver... lol Looks the business, very clean!
  6. AMT

    'New' Ferrari...

    Anyone else think this looks like nonsense??... What is with that nose. I also still hate that gaping cut in the side. I know it's there for a purpose but it looked dreadful on the 488 and still does now. Its just too big... https://carbuzz.com/news/the-ferrari-f8-tributo-is-a-feast-for-the-eyes
  7. AMT

    Mazda 3 2019

    Not a fan, too ...bubbly shaped, I just think its a bit wierd lol I agree they are doing some nice distinctive shapes though, the 6 series in that deep red they do with the big wheels looks very pretty indeed. Keep seeing them pass me on the road and I'm like....that is a good looking car. No fuss, just nice lines. This 3... a dunno. Maybe when I see a sporty trimmed version lol
  8. Ah an opinion type post.... I'll throw my 2 cents in... Mini = lol
  9. I love how I put the finance in just as a side but its taking over a bit ...I'll avoid the PCP nonsense then haha. Any info or reviews on the car itself?? There must be issues with that screen, I don't trust new electronics lol Also want to know about that 2.0 Turbo unit and how reliable it is (I assume its a chain)... I love the fact I did nothing to the Z's engine over 5 years and it got DRIVEN (mind you I didn't experience the gasket issue...thank god)



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