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    Coldel. I do share some things in common with lefties. I don't like to upset people. But, unlike them, I believe everyone has the right to total freedom of speech. And not just the stuff I agree with. People are, or should be allowed to disagree without being shouted down and silenced/laws made against them. I do feel a minority of the left are eroding freedom of speech by making the most noise. "You can't say that!! My feelings are hurt!!!" No one talks any more. And when they do, it's always instantly aggressive. Debate is good. Don't get so defensive. I, nor anyone else on here (I hope) will think any less of you for your opinions.
  2. TT350


    Ah, man. She will be about 65 now. She was a serious MILF. The only female teacher in the school that didn't make ones penis retract inside the body on sight.
  3. TT350


    I treat everyone, on an individual basis, with respect and thoughtfulness. That's the only way I know how to be. So, I can't say I don't like lefties, I can't say I like all right wing people. I'm a really mild person and I don't want to force my ideals on anyone else. I don't know why our kids have to have it forced on them, at an age where they should have no great, existential questions. Just let them enjoy being young. Let their early sexual conquests be awkward and funny to look back on. I remember when I was 6. You know what I identified as? AnF14 Tomcat. Then an F15 Eagle. My mate and I would chase each other round the playground getting a lock on (non sexual) then throwing a tennis ball at one another. A few years older at about 13, I wanted to be an Astartes, warrior of the imperium. A 7'6" genetically enhanced super soldier in impenetrable power armour. I'd still really like to be one. And the F14 is my favourite fighter jet. Such a beautiful craft. But, I'm so glad I never had my teachers force me to question if I was in the right body, putting the right piece of equipment into the right hole. Yeah, there were tons of girls I wanted to rail. And Ms Bidoulph was so erotic and sexual it was unreal. Always wore shiny tan stockings with a seam up the back and a short pencil skirt and silk blouses. Damn. But NO! I had no one say to me "Are ya SURE ya don't fancy boys, and are ya SURE you wouldn't rather be a girl?! There was a gay dude at school. He was a proper mincer, but no one took the Mickey. He hung out with the fittest girls, whereas none of us got a look in. Well, I didn't. Years later, he's left his religion where his dad was very high ranking. Hes left his fake marriage and is now mincing up and down the isles for British Airways. He knew he was gay. We knew he was gay. Now everyone knows hes gay. And everyone is happy. No one has been forced to take all that on at 6 years old.
  4. TT350


    So, I'm thinking for years, I've felt like a woman,.... Just kidding. What's your thoughts on transgenderism? I know we have a very left wing majority on here, and that's fine. So why do you feel it's ok for, example, a young adolescent (as many are) to decide he or she is the wrong gender. Given that, at that age, immaturity and ignorance should be enjoyed. Innocence. Not pondering on such massive, fundamental and far reaching decisions. I think they should at the very least, reach young adulthood. And parents, IMO, owe it to their children to be wise enough to realise that. I am a monumentally different person than I was even at 25. That news about the school going gender neutral had my pondering this.
  5. Ah man. Nice day for it, too.
  6. TT350

    Clio 182 cup

    Like your cousin, I'm driving a 1.2 Clio on an 07 plate. Its fantastic. It handles so well, considering it's not a spicy model. The only thing I'd change is more oomph and stiffer ARBs. It would be lethal as a B road bashers then. Which got me thinking, a Clio 197 must be amazing to thrash. My first car was a 1.2 Renault Clio Sport. It was atrocious, to be honest. Didn't handle or seem to go anything like this current Clio 1.2 that I have. So, I'm curious about the older 182s. I'll trade this current Clio in against a 197 in a couple of months. Either that or an FN2 Type R.
  7. Well, my 2p. It's a month. You can get through it. Especially when you consider what you would lose if you throttle back or jump ship. It's 30 hard days, but those bricks and mortar will be yours for as long as you want. It's a house that will become your home. Imagine starting again. Much worse of financially though through losing all your current investments. Having to trawl the estate agents, possibly all the mucking about with offers and counter offers if you go for an older house and also it being taken off the market at the last minute. Also, when my ex and I were looking at new builds, we got to customize everything. Lights, fixtures and fittings, carpet, wallpaper etc etc. I was terminated from the relationship with no negotiation, though so, we ended up pulling out. I live in a 2 bed Victorian terraced house. She lives in a brand new 5 bed detached house with triple garage in a gated community! She actually wanted me to sell my house and put it towards the new house. Good job I didn't, I'd be homeless now! Lol so yeah her and her new fellas are happy as larry in their big new house lol. Point being, a house soon becomes a home. Don't give up. Get through that month any way you can. I've lived in REAL poverty in the past. Not had any food for days. Chosen between food, heat or lighting. You'd be surprised what some people call poverty. I had a mate who used to get so depressed because he only had £400 a week spare. He really panicked about his "poverty". So, if you can have a good look at your finances and make a list of EVERYTHING that is non essential (not just a bit inconvenient) and implement it, you should be able to manage a month. You can do it, and a month will fly by.
  8. Bump. Anyone else interested. 3rd September.
  9. Hans Zimmer is fantastic. I loved the Interstellar soundtrack. Perfect for the film, subconsciously keeping you aware of time with the cadence of the ticking which is important because of relativity.
  10. I'm pretty sure its red light from a sign casting a pink glow over the white Z.
  11. Just remember this thread. Was listening to Tron Legacy soundtrack. I think the music really made that film. Although it does have a personal connection for me.



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