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  1. This was a very interesting one...
  2. This lady is....dedicated to being irradiated.
  3. I'm surprised @HEADPHONES hasn't been on top of this.
  4. Join me. Always wanted to go. It's a minimum of 4 to go out though and everyone I've invited doesn't want to "come back with a 6th toe on one foot" There are options that can include just touring pripyat or as much as going inside the sarcophagus and the control room of reactor 4 Which is what I'd like to do.
  5. There are quite a few Manchester and greater Manchester members.
  6. Politicians, even on 80k, with all their benefits, have absolutely no idea how the lower two thirds of the population live. I just don't see any politicians that are like me. Who is representing me? They're all from privileged backgrounds for the most part and in their day to day lives I dare say they never meet people like me. They're not interested in people like me because there's nothing to gain from it. Unlike wealthy and influential people. I'm willing to learn of course. I'd like to learn that there were people like me in Whitehall. Perhaps there are. And for a lot of people not middle or upper class, I would imagine they feel the same as me. Not represented and simply an afterthought when the wealthy have been catered for. Thrown the scraps. And the education they have, is that worth something simply because of where the qualifications were obtained? IE Oxford? I remember a caller on LBC who worked at either oxford or cambridge said something along the lines of "I began to detest new term. To see time and again the same knowledge that each of them had that they would one day, in some capacity, rule the country" The old boys club. I think if that was somehow eliminated, I'd be much more willing to trust the political system. To know that a commoner could stand a chance at being the prime minister because of who he or she is rather than who they knew or who their parents were. I may be so far off and totally naive and ignorant but it's not deliberate so, I'll always keep an open mind. It's the height of stupidity to cling to a belief without being willing to re-examine it when given new information.
  7. You're right in a lot of what you said. It doesn't offend me. I was irresponsible with my vote and it came from the wrong place at a time when I was quite different as a person not least because I wasn't interested in politics then. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't be comfortable voting at all because my mistrust of politicians has deepened. If theres one clear fact that's emerged from all this it's just how spineless and self involved politicians are. That, for me, has been a good eye opener and it will have quite long lasting effects. I hope it'll be much more difficult after this for politicians to just float on the gravy train and not leapfrog from Eton to oxbridge to Whitehall and be a bum in a seat on £80k a year. I would hazard a guess and say working class people simply don't feel they have the power to change anything and that voting doesn't work. But if they see that it does and can work, perhaps in future they'll be more responsible instead of just voting for chaos, such as Brexit is. Really, Brexit is just pent up frustration at the ruling class. Logic seldom comes into it. Don't worry about causing me offence. I'm not going to fall out with anyone over a difference of opinion on politics. Its human nature and there are far more things we all have in common than things we disagree on. Although, football is cr@p and I'm 100% correct about that, lol.
  8. The honest answer is, I don't know. I'm 37 and, the one constant I've observed in life is, the rich get rich, the poor get poorer and, quieter. I'm not rich and I'm not poor. I see the middle classes and wealthy in an absolute tailspin at the prospect of becoming slightly less wealthy, though. Do I think anyone else will better represent the masses? No, absolutely not. They don't care. As a result I don't care. Pure apathy. There is NEVER going to be a win win situation. There will always be a loser. Human beings are sometimes logical creatures. Many times we aren't because emotions come into play. That's why democracy has to be totally unyielding to either side. I really don't expect situations to change. The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer. The politicians will make promises then immediately go back on them. Farage included. I know that man has no integrity. I'm not stupid. As far as cutting off noses to spite faces. Well, you make your bed, you lie in it. But I maintain that no matter what happens, we should all get through it together for the greater good. I can't throw around facts and figures and % and GDP like most people on here can, all you'll get from me is an observation of human behaviour and patterns.
  9. I've been interested in it for years. So fascinating.
  10. I don't recall guy Martin acting up. A bit of bravado maybe, which is his style and has to be really, being a manx tt racer. I suppose he's more afraid of involuntary dismounts at 200mph. There are better videos on YouTube of Chernobyl especially by bionerd23. In one of her videos she finds a fragment of graphite moderator on the ground. And proceeds to handle it. Incidentally, the guys at the end of episode 2, aren't dead, they're still alive today except for one who died of a heart attack. The Soviets really were blase with their nuclear programme. Especially towards their own population. Irresponsible.
  11. Enjoyed the 2nd episode. Eerie cliffhanger.



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