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  1. I'm guessing this is House Of Kolor Burple? Lovely colour. I always like HOK Kobalt Blue.
  2. This is fantastic mate! Can I ask, how much it's cost and how much more you'll probably have to spend? Is there a way to make use of the skyline's 4wd? Will you use your Skyline's gearbox? For me, that would make a real difference as traction in a 450+ bhp Z really is non existent in 1st and 2nd and a lot of 3rd, with Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Im always changing my mind as has probably been noticed on the forum but, I WILL pick one and follow it through. I'd love to do this as a project. It's something I could do over a couple of years. I could maybe do a 25DET or 1JZ. I know the 1JZ is particularly tough. I've seen 1JZ's stock internals with 750bhp, all boost. I'll keep following this thread.
  3. Yeah it's very loud. Odd how we mellow out as we get older, mostly. Ended up thinking about the neighbours when I had my Z because I left for work at 5am. I'm on an old cobbled street with houses on each side, they're all terraced so theres no gap between any of them. So, when I set off every morning, I used to cringe as I turned the key. Neighbours said that not only could they hear it, they could feel it. I went round to apologise to everyone and they all said "No, it's ok. It sounds lovely" None of them accepted my offer of a ride in the passenger seat! I miss my Zee!! :-(
  4. Loud and proud. I think with early jap import Z's being so cheap, it makes them accessible for the young uns. And youth isn't known for its refinement or modesty.
  5. I think it's far too loud, personally. There's a point at which a nice sounding car is negated by sheer volume. Most people won't appreciate a car that loud because it becomes almost painful. Have to cover your ears which defeats the object. My Z had straight pipes on it, but it was nowhere near as loud as that Z. That said, I never heard my Z from the outside while it was being driven, so it might have been that loud. @HEADPHONESheard my Z when he, Spatt and me went for a little cruise around Manchester. So, he knows. yes, I miss my Z.
  6. Towards the end of the video. About 4/5 the way through. Not making any friends at that meet, it seems!
  7. Well, I got an old EP3. £1900. Black. No SH. 118k miles. Completely standard. K20. Will completely gut it, weld in the roll cage which I'll make myself to regulation standards. Fuel cell, race pump, fire extinguisher, fuel cut off etc. A lot of the stuff, I can make myself, which is good. Need a wide race seat, harness etc. Not much planned for performance. Breathing mods. Really good brakes. Some kind of big brake conversion and excellent adjustable suspension. Best tyres allowed. Michelin Pilot Cross Climate were an excellent all rounder. As I said, two racers are allowed per car. The offer is there if someone wants to share the fun/fuel/fee with me.
  8. You are right, yes. But, the original CRX had so much more performance. A kurb weight of 872KG and 158bhp. I briefly had one when I was younger, with just a K&N 57i. The induction noise was fantastic. CRZ is 50bhp down and 430kg heavier. I know cars now have to be bigger, heavier and softer on the whole, due to safety. Sigh
  9. Not PC!!!!! To the tower with you!!
  10. Hmmn. Not sure about that CRZ. Doesn't really have any of the ingredients that made the CRX what it was.
  11. McLaren F1. Again, a cheeky breeki, normally aspirated Merc V12 delivering a no compromise, all expenses paid, peak of normally aspirated know how (798bhp in the peak Pagani). Latest lightweight goodies. Central driving position. Yet somehow gentle, docile, civilised. A saville row suit that morphs into a 90s shell suit when you disprobe the powerplant. And a Facom toolkit. Jaguar XJ220. Ford GT90. Honda CRX. Ford Escort RS Turbo. Renault 5 Turbo. One car Lancia recently brought back was amazing. The Stratos. It was just everything I'd want a new stratos to have been. Realistically, I'd say the CRX would do best.
  12. Has anyone heard of or taken part in this? I found out about it when I was googling cheap, fun motorsport. It sounds like great fun and it's cheap. Plus you can have two drivers or go solo the whole season. There's also Turbo TinTop which is self explanatory. There's also an open class, too. I'd be interested in the (up to) 2L normally aspirated class. I can't really think of anything other than Clio 197 or Civic Type R. A DC5 integra maybe. Or a DC2. But anyway. It's really cheap ince you have your car. Circa 3500 for the whole season. I'd be happy to team up with someone if anyone was interested. Races are 40-60 mins with one mandatory pit stop. Just putting the feelers out.
  13. Well, the trip is a no go this year so, that's closed.



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