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  1. I hope you enjoy the forum. Good luck.
  2. I am well, thankyou. The worst thing for me is the personal inconvenience. I had so many plans that were on track for being successfully executed. Now, I've been laid off work temporarily and the gyms are closed which was pretty much everything I had going on before all this happened. And my road to project twin turbo mk2 is shelved until this all blows over. I was at college part time, too. But, that's all suffering an indefinite delay. But yes, just the sheer reduction in liberties and massive setbacks are what I am finding difficult. So, what do you guys think we will have to deal with as a result of this pandemic? IE: huge increase in taxes on everything. Maybe (I hope) there will be some good things to come out of this. Like, the NHS being properly funded and staffed, with decent pay, too. I hope you are all well and coping with the situation as best as you can.
  3. I must be really naive then or maybe I just had too much faith in people as a whole. On Talk Radio they've been discussing the panic buying and how it's been a uniquely British thing that the French are now starting to do. I think it's starting to ease up but pasta still remains a bit of a holy grail item. Does anyone think that the source of this new virus needs to come under scrutiny and clamped down on? These wet markets in China? Or am I way off.
  4. Might just work! The mentality of stockpiling. After all this has blown over, society might need to take a long, hard look at itself. This pandemic has been revealing.
  5. Luckily, I'm still full steam ahead for this project. Seems this summer will be non existent anyway so, summer 2021 will be, I hope, great. By the way, clap clap clap for the NHS. A wonderful blessing that we don't deserve. I don't believe in God but there are Angel's in the NHS
  6. It's quite funny how particular people are because, where I live, I can walk into any shop and bumcloth is sold out. But they have full stock of kitchen paper. So British, lol. Wipe ones botty on KITCHEN roll?! Heresy!
  7. Hi. Great news. I am not dead. Regards. G.
  8. I've seen a Z for £1000 that, apart from a blown motor, is in great condition. Seeing as the bottom end and heads will be totally rebuilt, a blown motor shouldn't be a problem, should it? Simon tells me they will use something called a V band turbo. No idea what that is. Do I go big single or twin? I asked for a minimal technical breakdown: ND Forged engine ND Custom twin turbo kit ND Exhaust front pipes ND Intercooler and pipe kit 400L Uprated fuel pump ID Larger injectors (2000cc) Link ecu and adaptor harness Ecu Sensors as required Custom Twin plate clutch Breather system Custom ND designed JE Pistons Manley beam con rods ARP main and head stud kit ND valve spring set Tomei MLS head gaskets ND ported heads ACL race bearings ND custom full exhaust Power figures, ND say far in excess of 650bhp. More depending on turbos used. Clutch capable of much more power and torque. Although it's going to be 18-24 months until it's ready, I'm quite excited. I didn't think I'd ever own another 350Z let alone another turbo Z. I was sure I would go Audi or BMW. I would have happily sourced through @Adrian@TORQEN again but, after the difficulty I had last time, taking it here and there to save money, proved totally counter productive. I was itching to turn up the boost but....the overheating issue and the garages ineptitude buried the project. The engine was good for over 650hp. The clutch was good for 700ib/ft. It should have been plain sailing. I should still have it instead of selling it for a fraction of what I forked out. But, you live and learn. I think by having it built start to finish in one place is the way forward, letting them source the parts, build it, tune it. Also, for accountability, to a certain degree, if theres a failed component. On those lines, does anyone know if I can hold the garage that installed the bottom end, accountable for not investigating the gasket, even after 10 returns to the garage with the same overheating problem? I really hope for @Ian that theres no serious damage. I genuinely wouldn't have intentionally sold him a lemon. I thought it was just an air lock in the coolant system. As for the interior, it was my daily drive. I was working in a place that makes fibreglass truck parts. What was on the seats was gel coating.
  9. I hope this works out for you. I repeatedly asked Ken at R.E. Performance in Bury, to check the gasket. He insisted it was not the problem as it was brand new. I would have kept it if I'd gotten to the bottom of the problem but, with zero mechanical skills, it was spiralling out of my control. I hope it's nothing beyond gasket. Good luck.
  10. I'm going to look for a non runner with engine damage because ND will be replacing everything in that department, anyway. ND will receive the car, then I will keep giving lump sums as often as possible. Money burns a hole in my pocket, better to put it to "good use". Once I've paid the penultimate instalment, work will begin. I think I can make enough payments to get it done and dusted within 12 months. If I really nail it, then by then end of summer.
  11. Thankyou. Me too. NDesigns are very reputable tuners. They've been around a long time. I remember their 600BHP CA18DET 180/200sx. Simon there told me they'd done quite a few since then. Over 700bhp with no increase in engine capacity. Just HUGE boost and fully built. They do Mitsubishi Colt tuning, too. Few videos on YouTube. Like I say, this will take a while, but I think it'll be worth it.
  12. Resurrection. New Z. New turbos. Told myself I wasn't going to mention it on here until it was ready as it'll be 18 months from now. But it'll be fully built by ONE company and not here for this, there for that. Currently in talks with Norris Designs for a drive in/out deal. Got a price which I'm happy with and an insane power figure and spec. They've done a few Zs now and sent me a few picture. One of a beautiful custom plenum. ND are responsible for some of the fastest Lancers in the world. They have a few world records. Last project was so much fun but so disappointing when yet another thing failed. Which was due to a local garage that I used. This will be such a different experience. It'll just work.
  13. Hi. I'm all over the place with things that I want to do. But one of the things I've always loved was off road biking. I've had 3 bikes, a Yamaha YZ250 that I learned to ride on, a Honda CR250 and a KTM300 EXC. I think, for the money, they're more fun than cars. You won't experience much as fast in the way of acceleration, especially when you take into account you're doing those speeds off road. I was always much more into the all day events of technical challenges as opposed to flat out motocross style speed. So, what I would like to do is get out there with the clubs that are around and do some of the full/2 day events on a road legal bike. Perhaps a 4 stroke of 450cc and above, circa 55bhp and 100kg. I will get out there on my own regardless but, I just wanted to see if anyone on here was partial to a bit of mud? The YZ I bought brand new in 2000. I fitted a Jeff Emig Graphics kit to it pretty much straight away. I only owned it 18 months before it was stolen. It would be nice to see who amongst us are also mud sluggers!
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