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  1. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Profit. I like investing money.
  2. TT350

    Brexit again

    How many of you remainers are adamant that brexiteers are all racist, double digit IQ, coal mine dwelling, little Britain, swivel eyed, knuckle dragging morons who shouldnt be allowed to operate machinery intended for ages 4 and below and undergo covert sterilization schemes? I don't discuss Brexit because it's a toxic subject. I voted leave. Not because I'm racist. Not because I'm anti EU or believe we can reclaim our empire. I voted leave because I KNEW it would totally catch our government sleeping. Totally complacent. It threw the cat amongst the sleeping pigeons. One things is for certain, British politicians and politics will never be the same again. They've been exposed for the bunch of arrogant, privileged, incapable idiots that they are. I hope that after all this is done and dusted, as a country, we come together and we make politicians work for their wage and keep them under scrutiny and totally accountable to us. Not as they are now or were. Simply on the gravy train from Eton to the benches via expenses, from grey suits to grey hair. Far, far, far too tribal and outdated and as we've seen, completely impotent in the face of any real challenge. If remain had won, it would have been business as usual. But they didn't, and its exposed them. My 2p
  3. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Nothing. Everything. Perhaps BMW really restricted that engines capability. As for the price, well, that's just the going rate for a 2010 335D with average miles. I dare say 290bhp and 420ib/ft will be more than enough fun. It's only a temporary car. Also....its just dawned on me as I write this that before the end of 2019 the R33GTR is legal for import to north America, which will drive prices sky high like it has with the R32. Perhaps it'd be wise to find a decent standard one and keep it stored a few years. That would be an investment.
  4. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Going for an oil burner for a temporary stop gap until I can get (hopefully) a GTR in 18 months. That amount of time just flies by really. 2010 335D Coupe. 286bhp. I'll almost definitely have a stage 1 remap which takes it to 380bhp and over 500ib/ft yet still claims to maintain 40mpg. But, even if I got 30mpg, its hardly killer and it'll have many smiles per mile. Very cheap. Circa £5k and actually, in my opinion, very good looking.
  5. TT350

    156mph in a 911 on M180

    Better than "man caught doing 156mph in modified Nova"
  6. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Whatever I get now will be a stop gap. I've got an Audi A4 Tdi and, yes, it's dull. And I'm a real car guy so, I need something. Anything that will entertain me really. I was even thinking about the FN2 Civic Type R. I've had a screaming vtec in the form of a B18C Civic and I loved thrashing that thing.
  7. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Sounds great. But the S5 is really attractive to me as an interim, comfortable, fast and amazing sounding car. The way a car sounds is always very important to me. It's why I loved my Z. The engine, the turbos, I miss it lots.
  8. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    I really do like later corvettes. Have to be a ZR1. That is a wild car.
  9. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Indeed. To be fully expected. For me it'd be more than acceptable. I have no kids. My house is almost paid off. I'm in no debt. I feel very lucky and grateful that I'm in the position I am. I have friends who literally have to eek a life. Almost zero cash after bills and 50hr weeks. Im really at a very happy, thankful stage in my life and its only going to get better
  10. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    New interest : Audi S5. 'only' 360ish horses. But a very classy looking car and very, very well priced. The 4.2V8 sounds fantastic. I think it'd be a car that'd keep me happy, without having an urge to modify it, that I could own for a year while I save my moneys for something right naughty. GTR in 2020?! Early model but, still a GTR.
  11. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    That Skyline went pretty quickly, lol.
  12. TT350

    Shemima Begum?

    I knew that removing her citizenship was just a token jesture at best. Fully expected it to be overturned and Sajiid Javid to go "Ach well, at least I tried. You all saw me try. Right?"
  13. TT350

    Shemima Begum?

    What concerns me most are those pie crimpers she calls teeth. The flintstones carved them out of, rock, for sure. But seriously, I don't want her back here. I concede that, when I was 15, I was even more daft than I am now. But, also, it's quite obvious that 'children' are much, much different now than at any other time in history. We've never been connected to this level at any point in history and things are no longer learned at a progressive rate in relation to age. It's all there, any time, anywhere. When I was 15 I had no Internet, no mobile phone. The most violence I was exposed to was Doom and Arnold schwarzenegger films. And late night films on C4 like Videodrome. That lass has been watching beheading videos. Lots of them. I saw one once. Ken Bigley. It was the most horrific thing I've ever seen. To see a person do that to another person just.... Well, it takes a certain kind of mind to be able to watch those and become desensitised to it and even more so to see it as justified. I've got a lot of Pakistani friends, obviously they're Muslims, and they don't want to see this bell end come back. They're sick of the extremists. One thing they all agree on is that, actually, the women in their community are more radical in their views. If she does come back she should serve an undefined sentence in solitary confinement on very basic rations, completely tasteless. In an acoustically lined cell that's so deafeningly quiet, with a high pressure sodium bulb light that humms and is on 24/7. No enrichment whatsoever. A screen in the room that comes on at random times with rehabilitation images and videos. Then begin to debrief her, de-rad her. Then be allowed photos of her son and family. Then visitation. Then assessed for release.
  14. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Ooof. That is beautiful.