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  1. TT350

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    Well guys, my journey with KE53VJC is over. I've had her 5 years and I have loved owning her. It was a journey of development and it was more than just a car to me. So, I'm moving on now. I have to consider my future and certain sacrifices have to be made to achieve the goals I have set. She'll still be on the forum. Ian has bought her and no doubt he'll have the time, knowledge and money to transform it into something amazing. Not this summer coming but next summer I'll be on the hunt for an R33 GTR or a Supra. I'll have to be quick or lucky, they're getting expensive, especially the Skylines. The Americans are importing them left and right.
  2. Just reading the news, as I do most mornings.. I came across this article. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-44844367 What the hell is the mentality behind that. Words fail me. A very sad start to the day. Thoughts?
  3. TT350

    Forged Engine Reliability

    My engine is fully built for boost. I blew up the original standard motor. It's been completely fine. In no way harsher, the characteristics are no different and of course, it's much more reliable. Wiseco Pistons .020 overEagle/SCAT H Beam RodsARP Rod BoltsARP VQ35 Main Stud KitCeramic/Moly Piston CoatingBlock inspected and cleanedBlock re-deckedBlock Bored and Honed using a Torque PlateBlock water passage cut for HR Head gasketsRotating assembly balancedCrank magna-fluxed and the journals micro-polishedNew Moly coated Race Spec main bearings installedNew Moly coated Race Spec rod bearings installed
  4. TT350

    Hi just bought one.

    I'm like the Terminator. I absolutely do not feel shame or embarrassment, and I absolutely will not blush, ever, when I hijack a thread.
  5. TT350

    Hi just bought one.

    The extra pulling power obviously extends the lead quite a bit on high speed sections.
  6. TT350

    Hi just bought one.

    I can imagine. I love a VTEC on a B road. I LOVED my B18C Civic. Unfortunately it was an MB4 Rover body. But I can imagine the S2000 is just a weapon in the twisties. I'd much rather that than my turbo Z on a nice dry warm day in the corners
  7. TT350

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    I dare one manufacturer to release an 8 litre V8 with 140bhp that does 8.2mpg. Basically a modern 6000SUX or Cadillac Eldorado. Anything that goes really fast and gets sh1tty gas mileage. I'd buy that for a dollah.
  8. TT350

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Globalism (collaboration) is going to backfire spectacularly, in my opinion. People want to be genderless. Cars become brandless, with completely global spec models. Perhaps they'll invent a pigment that allows us all to see what colour we want to see, like Dr Who's psychic paper. Who was a man and is now a woman. Or is she? Hmmn. But yeah, not liking the new Beemoyota.
  9. TT350

    Hi just bought one.

    S2000 is a fine machine. I've never driven one. How does it compare to the 350Z?
  10. TT350

    Gym owner threatening me

    Police called back. It is him and they want me to contact action fraud.
  11. TT350

    Gym owner threatening me

    Yes, it's definitely him. Cross reference that article which says he was 27 at the time, and this company information; https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10952696/officers has his year of birth as 1988 which would indeed have made him 27 in 2015 at the time of his conviction, plus the fact his crime was all in this area, same name, same residence etc, leaves me with no doubt. You'd think he'd have learned his lesson with fraud. Certainly not tried to defraud me then threaten me over it! As I said, definitely a thicko. Must have gotten into lifting weights in the big house and decided to open a gym upon release.
  12. TT350

    Gym owner threatening me

    Interestingly enough, the Owner is this guy.. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/13522122.200k-car-sting-greedy-fraudster-jailed/
  13. Hi guys. Got a bit of a problem. Last year, I joined a gym, but then cancelled the day after, which i thought would be simple. But, as it happens, the finance company hadn't included the option of a cooling off period. Which was annoying but, legally binding. I just carried on and the owner asked me to pay it directly into an account that he named, which I did, but he didn't notify the finance company, who then send me a demand for the whole of the membership plus admin fees because they'd received no payments from me for 3 months. They could then only resolve it by cancelling the original contract and setting a new one up. So, the gym owner sets up another contract, the terms of which i never saw or signed, on my behalf. Which I let slide because I thought it was fair to pay the remaining 8 months. But, the gym owner signed the document on my behalf for another 12 months without consulting me. The dummy even gave his own email address. I'm dealing with that through trading standards because it's not legally binding as it was signed and processed by him, without my agreement and while I wasn't on the premises. As it happens, I'm a fair person. And I thought that, if he was out of pocket to the tube of any arrears then it'd be fair for me to reimburse him. Even though he messed it up for himself by not telling the finance company I'd paid him. But, tonight he resumed texting me for payments due on the current contract (which I've referred to trading standards) and got aggressive. Basically, he wants the money he was expecting to be recieving for another 12 months, even though I'm not using nor ever have used his gym, and even though he's not out of pocket and he told me he'll cancel the current contract and wipe my debt with the finance company, but I'll still personally owe him 12 months gym membership money. He wants the money off me regardless for absolutely no reason despite me never using the gym and despite the fact he owes the finance company zero money. Still wants that money off me! He's been threatening me with CCJ's and financial ruin and telling me he's doing me a big favour by letting me deal directly with him. He's caused this whole thing by A: not telling the finance company I'd made payments direct to him and now B: signing me up for another 12 months without my agreement or consulting me, plus signing the document in my name (not to be confused with an automatic roll over membership) I'm pretty sure that he's a total thicko, but more importantly, doesn't have a leg to stand on, legally. C.A.B and trading standards assure me he doesn't. I've told the Police about his txts, and got all the previous ones he's sent me, too, plus bank statements. I have a reference number off the Police, too, after phoning them about it on the non emergency number tonight. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice, please? Remember that, I haven't once refused to pay any money. We're in this situation because of him and his stupidity/laziness in contacting his finance company, yet he's threatening me with financial ruin if I don't accept his gracious offer of allowing me to pay him £300 directly. So, any thoughts would be appreciated. Physique gym, Walsden, Todmorden.
  14. TT350

    350z clutch

    They do have lots of experience with 350s. The owner is good friends with Abbey Motorsports owner and they are in partnership with them. They fit my turbo kit on my Z, they changed the clutch too as Well as did a stage 1 tube before i went forced induction. Hope that helps.