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  1. Think this was me! Around mid day ish?
  2. swillo

    Stolen 350z

    I dont think so no, I think you can make an apple account on their website for it to work but not 100% sure on that. I think Samsung have their own version so could try them instead
  3. swillo

    Stolen 350z

    Sorry to hear this, my previous car was stolen in 2019, police did find it so don't lose hope! Apple airtags are a cheap solution to give some sort of tracking and easy to hide in the car
  4. You could get a quote for a full year and then cancel for refund the next day? Might have to pay a cancellation fee but could be a cheaper way to get it for a day
  5. Looks good! This worked quite well for me to improve the pop of the boot
  6. Hi all, I've seen the custom boot dividers others have had made om the forum and fancy one for myself, I got in touch with Ian a few months ago but no response yet - does anyone know if he is still making them? If not anyone know of anyone else doing this? If anyone has a spare one laying around I'd be interested in purchasing it Thanks!
  7. Came accross this on Facebook marketplace, looks a very good price for a retrimmed interior. Colour isnt to my taste but might be good for someone! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/961329637968189/?ref=facebook_story_share
  8. A bit above your range but this one looks decent and seems decent price for the mileage and age https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3797430676976970/?ref=facebook_story_share
  9. Id try Evans Halshaw for a trade in price, I've taken a few cars there the checks are (very!) light and gave me better money than Wbac. Took a fiat 500 only worth £3.5k to wbac and the guy spent 45 minutes going round every inch of the car and then offered 1850 Went down the road to Evans Halshaw they spent 5 minutes looking max and matched their online quote.
  10. Welcome along mate, nice car very jealous of the seats, look like the frost colour? My transmission was quite noisy I changed the gearbox oil helped slightly, mine does clunk a bit if changing gear harshly so not sure if maybe just a characteristic of the car
  11. I read this on moneysupermarket a while ago which I found quite interesting. 'Take the age you start your pension and halve it. Then put this % of your pre-tax salary into your pension each year until you retire.' Half your age you started the pension can seem quite high but once youve included your employers contribution its a bit more manageable. Obviously just a rough guide but gives you some sort of idea
  12. Drop @ZMANALEX a PM, he will have what you need most likely!
  13. I'd say if it hasn't even been 30 days there's a decent chance the dealership will sort it all out for you unless you bought as a trade sale etc. Worth a try, worst thing that happens is they say no and you can negotiate that they fit the part that you will buy if thats your current plan anyway?
  14. I sometimes don't get quotes from Admiral on certain comparison sites for some reason. Try confused.com/comparethemarket if you haven't already as I can normally get quotes from the Admiral group (admiral, bell etc) on those sites
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