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  1. Came accross this on Facebook marketplace, looks a very good price for a retrimmed interior. Colour isnt to my taste but might be good for someone! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/961329637968189/?ref=facebook_story_share
  2. A bit above your range but this one looks decent and seems decent price for the mileage and age https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3797430676976970/?ref=facebook_story_share
  3. Id try Evans Halshaw for a trade in price, I've taken a few cars there the checks are (very!) light and gave me better money than Wbac. Took a fiat 500 only worth £3.5k to wbac and the guy spent 45 minutes going round every inch of the car and then offered 1850 Went down the road to Evans Halshaw they spent 5 minutes looking max and matched their online quote.
  4. Welcome along mate, nice car very jealous of the seats, look like the frost colour? My transmission was quite noisy I changed the gearbox oil helped slightly, mine does clunk a bit if changing gear harshly so not sure if maybe just a characteristic of the car
  5. I read this on moneysupermarket a while ago which I found quite interesting. 'Take the age you start your pension and halve it. Then put this % of your pre-tax salary into your pension each year until you retire.' Half your age you started the pension can seem quite high but once youve included your employers contribution its a bit more manageable. Obviously just a rough guide but gives you some sort of idea
  6. Drop @ZMANALEX a PM, he will have what you need most likely!
  7. I'd say if it hasn't even been 30 days there's a decent chance the dealership will sort it all out for you unless you bought as a trade sale etc. Worth a try, worst thing that happens is they say no and you can negotiate that they fit the part that you will buy if thats your current plan anyway?
  8. I sometimes don't get quotes from Admiral on certain comparison sites for some reason. Try confused.com/comparethemarket if you haven't already as I can normally get quotes from the Admiral group (admiral, bell etc) on those sites
  9. Got my wheel back from Royal Steering Wheels today and really pleased with how it came out, much prefer it to my original! Its leather on top an bottom with alcantara inbetween with grey stitching. Fits in with the interior quite well imo
  10. Bit of alternative viewpoint, I am in the same position as you with not owning a house with little bills to pay. I previously had an m140 which while new and shiny, I almost disliked because of how expensive (to me) it was if that makes sense! Since I have replaced it with a 350z I have enjoyed driving the Z far more, as much less of my savings sunk into it and feels like less to worry about. Not sure if it would appeal to you having already owned one but could go down 350z route again as fair bit cheaper? I agree with the others though I would imagine the 400z is a while off so if depreciatio
  11. Hi all, I would be interested in purchasing some frost/cream leather seats for 350z if anyone happens to have a pair they have removed/don't want? Don't need to be perfect but would need to be in a half decent condition Thanks, Steve
  12. Not sure if already mentioned but I'd double check the headlights for condensation etc as quite common, I had to change one of mine soon after purchasing as it failed. The facelift headlight is really expensive from dealer £600+ so unless you get lucky buying one from a scrapper etc can be quite a big bill! I would be using the virus to your advantage definitely a good bargaining tool to have! Dealers will be struggling to sell cars & private sellers will be struggling too as all the major trade in car places e.g. WBAC have slashed their values massively so not much of a back u
  13. Hi all, Recently picked up my new to me 350z! Bit of a change from my previous car (m140) but a much more enjoyable drive! Bit of TLC needed, new headlight and one restored aswell as refurbing the wheels. Looking forward to fixing/adding a few things in the future! Steve
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