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  1. Damn they look well nice! I might have to have a look at them! Thanks for tje recommendation
  2. Lauren_Davinaz


    Me again! I'm torn between what wheels to go for, can anyone recommend any reasonably priced wheels for daily use.. I will be lowering my 350z at some point also
  3. Well I mean if it's worth the money then I don't mind spending that bit extra to be honest. Thank you for replying
  4. Can't decide on what coilovers to get. I would like adjustable dampering ones for my 350z HR gt 2008, I have had a look around and found some good ones, also had a look at HSD dualtech ones. Can anyone recommend any really good coilovers that are 700 or below thanks
  5. Yh suppose it's down to the individual but yh thanks 😄
  6. Hi guys, I was thinking about getting some clear tail lights for my 350z gt spec and wanted to ask if they are road legal, and if so where is the best place to get some. Here my 350z also. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone knows what the best vinyl to use is for making a pair of eyelids for the 350z. I have recently restored the headlights and relaquered them too, and thought some eyelids would look good. Thanks.
  8. I shall have a look at his stuff, and I have thought about hydro dipping but not sure what sites to go on for it. Thank you for your response @Azurez33
  9. Hi all! So I managed to get my 350z insured finally! I don't understand why I could not get insurance earlier on in the month however I have a few questions regarding interior. Does anyone know any good genuine sites where I can find carbon fibre parts? Or can recommend anyone that is selling carbon fibre interior parts. Thanks, Lauren 😄
  10. Thank you everyone who has replied to this post really appreciate it, I have decided that for now I am just going to put it in a lock up garage and start buying small bits for it, then when I turn 25 in December I will try again then.
  11. Because the guys at work for some reason are not insured to drive other cars, Think I might just try calling adrian flux
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