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  1. Yeah it definitely seems like it. I'll order left side as I'm sure the left side is the issue. Change it at the weekend . Fingers crossed that's it
  2. LHS is left hand side? I guess you replace both at the same time.. I don't have much money right now as I replaced the cats 'nearside cat was rattling' so we thought it was that, then with the braking.. bought stoptech brake pads with hardware kit and changed the back.. was going to change the front but seems solid so thats why I came digging on the forums to see whats what. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/tarmac-sportz-nissan-350z-03-09-oe-replacement-compression-arm-banana-arms.html Should I just get left and right of these to see if it goes away? and is there anything else I need?
  3. - Rattling/clunking sound, sounds as if something is 'loose' and about to fall off. A very repetetive sound when it occurs ie. a constant rattle until you're onto a smooth surface... not just one or two clunks. - Most audible at speeds below 30mph, and on rough roads. - Fades away or completely disappears under braking. -------------------------------- I have all the same symptoms - It almost goes away completely when braking, just the odd noise slips in. 'Play Video with volume up' This is when I'm driving on the pictured road 'nice and bumpy'. When the road is smooth .. no noise unless I hit a pothole or something. Is this the sound of a bad banana arm? - The Garage I took it to has checked the suspension etc and said its all fine, nice solid car and can't see anything loose etc. But I read the banana arm goes undetected. Video Link - https://streamable.com/ibiqnj Picture -
  4. Didn't think of that If I seen this a day earlier I could've.. just got cobra sports cats on the car today lol I'm thinking about getting a custom exhaust made though.. or invidia gemini so can get pictures then
  5. Was a nice watch, I'll go over it again, went to th place, got to look underneath it, £650 quoted, standard price. Th rust isn't actually that bad underneath my Z, I think I got lucky lol, pretty damn clean so think I should probably get it done to make it all nice =p.
  6. Was wondering if anyone has used https://preserveprotect.co.uk/ I'm going to be taking my car down at th weekend for a quote but prices do start around 650 Has anyone had anything similar done?
  7. cheers bud I contacted torq, they said its the right one, now just waiting on dealership to see what there plan is
  8. Not trade sale, they're like 200miles away, they sent it like this and I wasn't there when it was accepted, they tried to fix it by replacing the droplinks, didn't tell me the issue was still there when delivered So I'm gonna get it all priced up and ask them to pay for the parts @Ebized https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/high-flow-cats/62687-350z-de-z33-torqen-high-flow-cats-v2-trq-vqde-hfc-v2.html is this it here?
  9. Hey guys, I'm needing help sourcing a nearside catalytic converter for 2004 Nissan 350Z coupe It has rattling underneath, garage said it was needing replaced, I bought it from a dealership, hasn't been over 30days.. so wanting to source a replacement before contacting them, cheers. Even a pair would do. Not sure where to post so thought I'd stick it in my welcome message
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