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  1. Pioneer avh-x3600dab with harness and facia

    Currently away offshore just now but I can check when I’m home next week for you. Pm me ur address and I’ll get a quote
  2. 350z cargo net

    Yeah I know this. That’s why mine is £25 plus postage. Its a cargo net in mint condition and cheaper than Torqen as it’s second hand.
  3. 350z cargo net

    £25 plus postage
  4. 350z cargo net

    Bump...price update
  5. PC Builds - Show us yours!

    Some new lighting in build today...now I think it’s finished. Well after I get some custom cabling
  6. Pioneer avh-x3600dab with harness and facia

    Yeah it was the bose system I had it hooked up to
  7. Scottish meets 2018

    Yeah we had a few last year but mostly just meet up through another car club. be good to see you all at a show this year. Think a few of us heading down for the first show at crail this year...11th March I think it is. Just need to get my car finished before then
  8. Scottish meets 2018

    It was me for sometime but I gave up the role as it was hard to organise with work commitments. Did suggest the gary took over the role but nothing came of it with the forum.
  9. 350z 04 Rear Lights to 06+ LEDS

    Jdm car loom as it’s that that’s going to have the extra tab causing it not to fit
  10. Scottish meets 2018

    I’m up for this if there is anything a bit closer to Aberdeen direction
  11. 350z 04 Rear Lights to 06+ LEDS

    If I’m right I’m positive you just have to snip of the one bit that’s getting in the way
  12. 350z 04 Rear Lights to 06+ LEDS

    Is ur car an import by any chance?
  13. PC Builds - Show us yours!

    Just built my gaming rig. Thinking about going for a watercooled install next. Some specs Case - nzxt s340 elite Cooler - NZXT Kraken x62 Motherboard Asus Z370 F Processor - i7 8700k Ram - 32gb (4x8gb) Corsair vengence 3200mhz PSU - RM750X Corsair Graphics card - ASUS ROG Strix gtx 1080 ti Storage 250gb m.2 Samsung evo 2tb Seagate barracuda Fans - nzxt aer rgb 1x 120 1x 140 Lighting - Hue + 4 led strips Internal extras - nzxt usb hub Mouse - Razer deathadder elite Keyboard - Razer BlackWidow chroma Headset - Razer kraken 7.1 v2 chroma Monitor - asus rog pg278qr
  14. 350z cargo net

    Still available
  15. 350z genuine bootmat

    Sold please lock