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  1. Haha I know...best take off the guide of how to install 2 sets of golf clubs. Be lucky to fit my detailing bag in there now let alone anything else
  2. Made some more progress on the boot
  3. Fife Meet?

    Sounds like it’s gonna be a good day. Shame the car isn’t operational just now and Falkirk is a bit of a distance to go
  4. Went for airlift performance with 3p management
  5. The winter build begins
  6. Tablet installation build thread...(Brainiac)

    Looks cool...can’t wait to get mine started now. Just got it all sitting in the spare room waiting to go in with a full audio install.
  7. Tablet installation build thread...(Brainiac)

    How you getting on with the install? any updates? Ive ordered the same facia...got everything waiting for me to just get stuck into it all.
  8. Z33 Clear Rear LED Tail Lights

    No no no Gary they are awful

    Think your Z is upside down on the passenger side
  10. Aftermarket rear cluster light help?

    just cut and splice the cabling together on ur old connector
  11. Wanted - bose sub cover

    What price people wanting for them?
  12. Wanted - bose sub cover

    Looking for a bose sub cover if anyone has one spare laying about. Thanks
  13. Airlift performance 3p

    Long shot here but wondering if anyone is selling an airlift performance 3p kit with bags and shocks for the 350z