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  1. Being able to send pictures in private messages rather than only being able to send pictures you have attached to your account might be helpful if at all possible
  2. Cant remember off the top of my head but was somewhere in the states.
  3. Recently had a friend make me some custom LED rear clusters. Never liked the look of the LED ones on the market so went for a more oem look with LEDS This is just a taster until i get them back and on the car but already with these snap shots I'm pretty impressed.
  4. i just used black diamond grooved discs
  5. Ive got project mu pads on my car front and back and christ they can stop you quick.
  6. I've one in my shed I'm not using
  7. Just use an apc on the interior
  8. Do what I did and secure a spacer in front on the toe eye then secure plate to spacer. That way you can run a standard sized plate and no issues
  9. Speak to Nissan...cheap enough from there
  10. To be fair unless you know someone personally or a friend of a friend then most won't. You could be anyone coming along to get it and possibly goto the authorities.
  11. Dark tints on the rear and small windows, medium on the sides
  12. may price up a spare board and give it a go! where did you source the replacement LED's from if you don't mind me buggin you with questions lol! Bought it in the states when I was on holiday. Can't actually remember where I got the kit. Think buster has the same kit so maybe ask him.
  13. Haha...nothing else to do just now. Did electronics at collage though so it helps
  14. Well talk about ten points for effort! If I did that it would be one molten, burnt sad excuse of a circuit board! can you get the replacement LED's in green and on a scale of 'once i soldered some speaker wire' to 'I just soldered my own version of a intel 6700k with nothin but a coathanger and some pinapple' would you grade the difficulty of this job? I think they look amazing and would love a green version Depends how much confidence you have really. Not enough heat and it won't melt the solder...to much heat and you will burn out the led. If you are doing it yourself you'll need a professional soldering iron with a super small tip and adjustable heat controls. Practise on the window switches or something first to build up confidence.