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  1. Haha...I know what it’s capable of but we shall just see how it goes.
  2. No idea really. Cross that bridge when I come to it
  3. Nah nothing this year. Just concentrating on getting the car built. Next year though. Aiming to have the car finished for Scottish car show 2020
  4. Welcome...looks like a clean zed
  5. Well it’s been sometime since I was last on here. Whats changed? Well me and the wife found out we were having a baby so for most people they would just through down the tools and decide that’s the project never going to happen now. Me on the other hand saw it as a challenge to get the car finished before the baby is here...haha This may be because we had already pulled the engine and sold it on when we found out...doh So since last update got a big new lockup so it’s been all systems go. Old VQ got taken out and sold to Clark motorsports and now Chris at tarmac own it. Test fitted the rb26 and it fits...woop woop Now the engine has been stripped and sent away to the machinist to get some work before the forged rebuild starts. I know every one loves photos so here’s some to sink your teeth into until the next wee update.
  6. Welcome and hello from another fellow Aberdeen zedhead
  7. Looking to find out what the widest size of tyre and wheels people have went on the rear with no stretch, no stupid camber and no wide body kits...rolling of the arches is fine though. Currently have 265 on the rear of mine an mine and feeling once the winter project is complete that 265 wont be substantial anymore
  8. hey buddy, I'll take it if its still available
  9. Well its been almost a year since ive posted on here and all thats happened in the last year was i finished the air and audio install so nothing exciting. Thought id give this thread a new lease of life as i finally prepare to get the rb26/28 swapped into the zed. Away to check out a unit when im home after this trip offshore and its going to be all hands on deck getting the engine and everything stripped out and have a nice fresh bay to get started on...this includes the air suspension as its just not my scene Parts have started to come in from all parts of the world for the build and i can say im excited. So for now watch this space and the next update will be when i finally start ripping the car apart
  10. If any of these meets come any closer to the north give me a shout. Last time we had a joint meet we went to Perth for a half way compromise
  11. Hmm I just want something I can jump in and have fun in really. I’ve got in my head I want an evo x. Got a spin in my mates the other month and the thing is just crazy so now I’ve kind of set myself on one I think



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