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  1. Hello from Aberdeen

    Hello from a fellow Aberdeen zedhead
  2. Yeah was a really good day out. Quite a good selection of cars and drag strip was full the whole day. Even managed to pick an award for top 5 which surprised me
  3. Shame...was looking out for you all appearing
  4. What happened to everyone today?
  5. 350z cargo net - sold

    Sold please lock
  6. Tell me about it. That’s why I gave up my position as REO. Well I’ll see you this weekend none the less
  7. Did you get a stand inside? Just wondered as inside spaces are full now I found out
  8. Haha thanks...need to get it finished first
  9. PC Builds - Show us yours!

    Like my car I just can’t leave stuff as it is...so custom cabling now installed. Now I’m just debating if I should delid the 8700k and watercool the whole lot.
  10. I’ll be on my club stand but I’ll say hi when im there
  11. PC Builds - Show us yours!

    That’s the cables ordered for the build now...yes of course they had to be purple
  12. Currently away offshore just now but I can check when I’m home next week for you. Pm me ur address and I’ll get a quote
  13. 350z cargo net - sold

    Yeah I know this. That’s why mine is £25 plus postage. Its a cargo net in mint condition and cheaper than Torqen as it’s second hand.