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    Think your Z is upside down on the passenger side
  2. Aftermarket rear cluster light help?

    just cut and splice the cabling together on ur old connector
  3. Wanted - bose sub cover

    What price people wanting for them?
  4. Wanted - bose sub cover

    Looking for a bose sub cover if anyone has one spare laying about. Thanks
  5. Airlift performance 3p

    Long shot here but wondering if anyone is selling an airlift performance 3p kit with bags and shocks for the 350z
  6. Wanted - 2x non Bose covers

    I'm looking for 2x non bose covers that are behind the drivers seat without the grill See picture for an example
  7. Help! Tomei Expreme Ti Excessively Loud!

    I'll swap you my invidia true dual and 60mm invidia test pipes
  8. How To Do Things In The New Forum

    Being able to send pictures in private messages rather than only being able to send pictures you have attached to your account might be helpful if at all possible
  9. Cant remember off the top of my head but was somewhere in the states.
  10. Recently had a friend make me some custom LED rear clusters. Never liked the look of the LED ones on the market so went for a more oem look with LEDS This is just a taster until i get them back and on the car but already with these snap shots I'm pretty impressed.
  11. Project Mu parts?

    i just used black diamond grooved discs
  12. Project Mu parts?

    Ive got project mu pads on my car front and back and christ they can stop you quick.
  13. Carbon Fibre Cooling Panel

    I've one in my shed I'm not using