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  1. Is your 370 wide body still for sale?



    1. SHEZZA


      I’m sure it’s sold Tapps 

  2. Please can you let me know whether the 370 is still for sale.



  3. Thanks for the advice. Ideally I really wanted to have the car sold before Christmas, but I'll maybe hold off dropping it for a bit longer. Cheers, Daniel
  4. Thanks, and yes being so far north can be a curse! I'll maybe add to the advert that I'm willing to deliver the car within a radius, or meet someone in the middle.
  5. Anyone? I've still not had any offers, is it the price? I think that it is very good value at that price, but then I know what's been spent on it, maybe from the outside it seems too expensive? Any offers/advice considered. Cheers, Daniel
  6. Price dropped by a massive £1,000. I would love this to go to an enthusiast who will look after it, someone make me an offer on it
  7. Thanks guys. Also, price drop! It's very hard to value a car like this, it cost over £40,000 to build, but I'm not under any illusion that I will be able to recover even half of that. So if you're interested please make an offer. Kind regards Daniel
  8. Hi all, I have decided to sell my pride and joy, my Nissan 370Z. I have owned this car for nearly 5 years and it had one previous owner before me (a doctor who also spared no expense on the car). It has never been accident damaged or stolen and has no outstanding finance owed on it. Throughout my ownership I have spent a small fortune on this car, and it has been maintained by me to the highest standard. This has also been my daily driver, and I drive it to work nearly every day. It is a truly fantastic car, very quick and agile, yet refined and reasonably economical when cruising. I would much prefer to sell the car as is, with all the current parts, because it makes a fantastic package that I think checks all the boxes, and I would rather not remove some of the high-end parts which would cheapen it. I have listed the full spec further down, but I have gone through some of the best (and not so best) points here first: The Engine/Exhaust: The car pulls hard as it should, these engines are well known for their reliability, and I have changed the oil and oil filter every 6 months (with receipts to prove). The exhaust on the car has a switch in the cabin to change the volume. It uses the standard backbox in quiet mode, so there is very little noise at all, but when the system is open, the exhaust bypasses this and goes straight to the tailpipes, letting the V6 sing with a very exotic note, thanks to the x-flow section. This system was built by J-Fab (Paul Jamieson) who is known locally for being the best of the best, the welding is pure art (see pics). The Audio: The audio system in the car really needs to be heard to be appreciated. The Hertz components sound superb in the custom-built door adapters (behind the OEM grills), and the 1000w RMS Alpine subwoofer delivers plenty punch to match. The system is tuned using an Audison audio processor which has been tuned for the exact acoustics of this car and has time correction enabled for the best listening experience. The wide kit: The kit on the car is aggressive looking but isn't insanely wide, which means the car is very streetable, it adds only about 30mm each side. I worked hard to get the stance of the car just right, while still making it daily drivable. It will clear all but the very largest speed bumps without bottoming out, and yet has an aggressive stance. The current tyres don’t rub on the arches at all. The 'not-so-best': The car is used daily, and has been driven on long journeys to shows, and as a result, there are some stone chips on the arches, skirts and fins. The arches also have some imperfections in the paint, that appeared shortly after the car came out of the bodyshop. The underside of the skirts are scuffed from tall speedbumps, although this isn’t visible unless the car is in the air. The cap on the subwoofer has been cracked by a loose item in the boot, however I have taped it as a temporary measure and it doesn’t affect the operation of the subwoofer. I have managed to find a replacement cap from the US. STANDARD SPEC: 2010 | 3.7l V6 | 330bhp | Manual Satellite Navigation Gunmetal Grey Synchro-Rev automatic rev matching, LSD, cruise control & max speed control, xenon headlights, LED tail lights, HDD music system, USB & iPod compatible (with album art), steering wheel controls, electric and heated mirrors, electric and heated seats, climate control with AC, CURRENT SPEC: Body: 2015 Genuine Nismo front-end Carbonsignal Moonbeam widebody overarchesa Carbonsignal Moonbeam side skirts, Side fins and rear diffuser Carbonsignal 2015 Nismo lip Carbonsignal V2 front fenders Blacked out headlight bezel Triton V3 LED indicators all round Genuine Hella DRL system Gloss black wrapped roof Wheels: 20” 10.5j Judd T311 wheels (all round) 285 30 20 Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres (all round) Rays lightweight bronze wheel nuts Interior: Genuine Nismo gear knob (JDM model) LED footwell and accent lighting Reversing camera Sound-deadened doors and boot floor Audison Bit-ten audio processor Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165.3 component speakers 2 x 110w RMS Hertz HCP4 amplifier running bridged set to 2 x 110w RMS Alpine Type-R Subwoofer 1000w RMS Pioneer Champion Series Amplifier 1200w RMS Performance: Custom designed and fabricated stainless-steel dual 2.5” exhaust system with x-flow section and valves to vary the volume Eibach suspension HKS Super Hybrid intake filters The car was also featured in Banzai Magazine. The car is located in Aberdeen, Scotland, and is on 57,517 miles. The private plate will not be included in the sale. Price: £16,900
  9. Bump, cracking set of coilovers and bargain for someone!
  10. Hi mate, I'm in Aberdeen, but I can split courier costs with you if you would like them posted? Would be £15 each unless you can find something cheaper and want to arrange it. Cheers, Dan
  11. Hi, I have a set of BC Racing BR RS coilovers for sale. This is a brand new set, boxed, never opened. I have decided to go a different direction with the car so these are surplus to requirement. These cost £800+ from most places, including eBay etc. so grab a bargain. Price is nearest offer, but lets keep it sensible £650 ono Will post to UK or Europe. Cheers, Dan
  12. Hi all, I have for sale an electronic cutout exhaust kit that is brand new and never been fitted (only tested as shown in the video). This is a dual kit and comes with everything you will need to get it up and running on the car. The kit has a manual switch as in the video but also comes with a key fob remote to open and clove the valves similar to Akrapovic systems etc. The cutout can be fitted anywhere on the system there is space, nearer the front for more volume or closer to the rear for less. The great thing about these valves is that when closed the car sounds perfectly standard. I am fitting a set of these to my own car, the only reason I am selling is because I ordered the wrong size (facepalm) so grab a bargain I am absorbing the shipping and import on these. Don't be fooled by the cheap ebay listings, lots of import duty to pay on them and a 3 month wait. £160 posted within the UK. Thanks for looking Cheers, Dan





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