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  1. Thanks buddy! Thanks mate, from Falkirk so sorta central lol. Thanks Cheers Umm I'm not sure haha, I've joined the Zcotland facebook page by the way. With working shifts and doing up the house/garden it sometimes doesn't leave me much spare time the now lol Thanks Thanks
  2. Hi folksJust thought I'd post a quick hello & introduce myself. I'm Ross from Central Scotland, recently picked up my 370z Connect Premium & already got a few things on the way for it lol.First things first it's getting a full new set of Michelin PS4S fitted on Thursday and heading into Nissan for a full service (P3 service including spark plugs & coolant change). As for mods, I've got the GTR button on the way along with a Tarmac Sportz short shifter & WC Lathe Werks knob getting delivered too. Also looking at ordering the rear view camera kit, as I'm not confident with revers
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