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  1. sipar69

    Nissans own 370z aftermarket parts test mule

    That exhaust set up looks and sounds daft.
  2. sipar69

    Brexit again

    I appreciate this won't be a popular view but I honestly believe this was a really bad issue to have a referendum on in the first place. I reckon most people, including me, don't have sufficient understanding of the comlexities of issues such as the economic pros and cons to make a properly informed decision, or the time to get properly infromed. So it just comes down to whose sound bite has the most impact and who can be most effective at playing to people's basic fears and prejudices. Cynical I know but that's how I see it.
  3. I’ve seen that thanks Adrian. The issue is how far down into the door the connection for the wire is. The piece she refers to unscrewing is corroded on my handles just like her’s. I don’t mind taking the new ones to Sly for fitting. He’s only half an hour away.
  4. In the metal, they are quite a bit darker than the originals. Much nicer and more classy than black IMO. I had a go at fitting mine yesterday, but the connector with the wire attached is really difficult to get at through the hole in the outside of the door when you take out the original handle. I didn’t fancy taking the inside of the door off with my limited technical skills so I’m taking them to Sly at Kaizer motors in a few weeks. If if you’re not keen on the silver handles and don’t fancy getting them painted I would defo recommend these.
  5. sipar69

    nubs White 370Z GT Edition

    Thanks. Thought so.
  6. sipar69

    nubs White 370Z GT Edition

    Do Art pipes = MOT fail?
  7. sipar69

    370z Nismo automatic in UK? do they exist?

    As above, spend some of your budget on a decent GT auto and use the balance to mod it to your preference.
  8. sipar69

    Chris Harris TG Lap: 370z Nismo

    For me personally the 370Z’s appeal has changed over time. I bought my first one when they were new to the market and it was quite exciting to have a car that few people had ever seen and was a competitor for more expensive rivals. Now, nearly ten years on, and having spent time away from Zs when I had the remapped A45 AMG, I find I enjoy the car in a different way. It’s slower, less comfortable and less techy than the Merc, but despite that l get more pleasure out of it because the Merc was just too easy to drive and nobody ever gave it a second look, even though it had the aero pack .
  9. sipar69

    Chris Harris TG Lap: 370z Nismo

    Yes. Definitely. I remember it because in deciding whether to get one I watched and read every review I could get my hands on. The car was very well received at the time. Obviously later reviews have been less positive as the car has aged and sales have been poor, but the critical reception was generally very good.
  10. sipar69

    Chris Harris TG Lap: 370z Nismo

    There is sometimes a misapprehension on this forum that the 370 has always received poor reviews. In fact, reviews were largely very positive when the car came out, praising it as an improvement over the 350 and for being a lot of bang for buck compared to rivals.
  11. sipar69

    Nismo exhaust

    When I had a Nismo I briefly had Cobra High Flow Cats paired with the stock exhaust. They made a noticeable difference but it was a bit too subtle for me, so I swapped out the exhaust after a while. Another option is to get a custom rear section made up. My current 370 (GT) had this when I bought it. The sound is much improved from stock and this would be cheaper than replacing the whole exhaust system. A further option is short tails, but I believe they are generally on the loud side. Personally, I would suggest bite the bullet and replacing the whole system. Yes it costs a grand plus for a decent system but few, if any, seem to regret the spend. Most aftermarket systems are not overly loud and you can pick one that suits your preferred look and sound. Something like an Ark Grip, Invidia Gemini or Stillen would be ideal.
  12. sipar69

    High flow cats and akraprovic exhaust.

    No MOT issues for me but it does happen.
  13. sipar69

    High flow cats and akraprovic exhaust.

    HFCs with any catback will significantly increase volume on start up and when driving above 3,000 revs. I had a fairly civilised Stillen exhaust and then added Cobra HFCs. It wasn't a set up I felt very comfortable with when starting the car in a quiet residential road, but once the initial din had died down it was fine because the additional volume only kicked in when you wanted it to. Can't say I ever noticed much if any performance gains from adding HFCs.