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  1. sipar69

    Paycos Latest Mod

    Nice job. The internal plastics do seem prone to scratching at the slightest provocation.
  2. A certain equilibrium - casually racist populist buffoons in charge on either side of the Atlantic.
  3. sipar69


    You do know that gay people don’t “choose” to be gay right? They’re just are.
  4. sipar69


    The phrase ”ignorance is bliss” was invented for some of the posts on here!
  5. sipar69


    No offence bud but your whole left wing right wing preoccupation seems to be stopping you from recognising that topics like the one you started cannot be turned into a simple left v right argument. They are much too complicated and nuanced to be neatly packaged up in that way. Also, have you really thought what “total freedom of speech” would actually mean? I guess it would be ok for anyone who felt like it to go around saying “Hey everyone, let’s kill some black people for fun, let’s molest some kiddies etc?” You can’t say no to that or anything else if you have “total freedom of speech”. There are certain restrictions on what people can say for very good reasons.
  6. sipar69


    That’s nice of you
  7. sipar69


    The OP thinks there is a ”left wing majority” on here. Interesting. If left wing = tolerance I think somebody should tell the Labour party. And I still see posts on here using ”gay” to describe things pejoratively. As far as I'm concerned, the golden rule in life should be if a person wants or feels they have to do something that a) makes them happier and b) isn't hurting anyone else, let them get on with it. Education and tolerance are the key to a good life and a happier World. I'd rather live in a country where transgenderism is accepted and featured in education than in one of the numerous countries where it can land a person in prison or dead.
  8. Grin and bear it. Longer term do what I’m in the process of doing - find a house with no neighbours at all. Seriously though, you could a lot worse than a neighbour who gabbles on too much. Anything you say to put him off is likely to offend and could make it more unpleasant in the long run.
  9. This was mine. I got £21k part ex. on an A45 AMG. Often wish I’d kept it but selling made sense at the time. At 50 I feel a bit less conspicuous in the GT I have now.
  10. Feel your pain. Currently selling two properties and buying a third. Such a stressful experience!
  11. I can recommend these as a good alternative to painting the floor. I have this brand on the floor of my garage. They're really durable, look great and are easy to keep clean. https://www.screwfix.com/p/coba-europe-tough-lock-pvc-interlocking-floor-tiles-black-500mm-x-500mm-4-pack/82048?tc=LT4&ds_kid=92700038925503047&gclsrc=aw.ds&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249407&gclid=CjwKCAjw0tHoBRBhEiwAvP1GFfkccBFYKQqNFMLgLWiqVq9Cz_t2ZlxbnwStauPXNtSS9b_f6YW6pBoCSFIQAvD_BwE
  12. Can't speak for Porsches but if you can't afford a 2011+ Evora S don't go there. I'd have one in a heartbeat, but pre 2011/12 cars have too many shortcomings.
  13. I've had no issues with the MPS4S. Seem great to me.
  14. Yep. I went for darker wheels on mine and the darker door handles from the 2019 370.



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