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  1. sipar69

    Vue cinema pre show.... love the bass!

    Can’t do cinemas these days. Too old and grumpy to put up with all the noise people make during the film. Big TV and a decent sound bar is as close as I get. I would quite like an Atmos home system.
  2. sipar69

    Stock Really That Quiet?

    I have Ark Grip too. Lovely exhaust but I had a major fitment issue that couldn’t be resolved by any amount of adjustment - ended up requiring one of the tips to be removed, shortened and welded back on so it didn’t stick out about an inch more than the other one. Total PITA! Happy with it now though.
  3. sipar69

    Stock Really That Quiet?

    Bear in mind it's not just that the OEM exhaust is too quiet - it also sounds rubbish when you put your foot down. Replacing it is an essential modification to budget for.
  4. sipar69

    A performance daily?

    I got bored of my 2016 A45 AMG pretty quickly and that was after a remap that it took it well over 400bhp. They're very capable, but a bit soulless and don't attract nearly as much interest when out and about as my much cheaper, slower, 370Z (if that matters to you).
  5. sipar69

    A performance daily?

    Unless you're a very good home mechanic, buying anything that sits right at the bottom of the price range for these sorts of cars is liable to be a false economy.
  6. sipar69

    Scratch proof paint, anyone got it?

    Oops, duplicate post. Content deleted.
  7. sipar69

    Scratch proof paint, anyone got it?

    I thought it (whatever "it" actually is) came as standard on all 370Zs. Never paid any heed to it to myself. Sounds like a too good to be true gimmick. I doubt you'll get any joy out of Nissan. Best to invest in a DA polisher, correct the paint, protect it, and try and follow good washing techniques. My current Z came with bad swirl marks. I managed to get a pretty decent outcome with a modest investment, a bit of research and my first ever go at correction.
  8. sipar69

    Looking for opinions

    Agree with those who said it spoils the lines.
  9. sipar69

    Brexit again

    Couldn't agree more. In a similar vein, I am proper fed up with the way the media has worked to create an young v old narrative around this for a bit of drama. The idea that if you're "old" your vote is somehow less relevant because you won't be around for long is complete BS and totally disregards the whole point of democracy.
  10. sipar69

    Potential new 370Z owner

    Welcome to the forum. Look carefully at the paint on the repaired area - the pearl white is very difficult to match properly.
  11. sipar69

    Alpine A110 by Renault

    I saw one on the road a few months back. I’m not a fan of big cars in general but the diminutive proportions made it look a bit too small and lacking in road presence.
  12. sipar69


    To just enjoy the latest Z, having spent recent months getting it how I want it. I find I’m always looking ahead to the next opportunity to blow more cash, so going to try and kick that habit and just enjoy what I have.
  13. Had mine fitted. Very happy with them. Just be aware they require the inside of the door to be removed for installation (took a pro approx 2 hours to fit them). They look a bit darker in the metal than in these pics.
  14. sipar69

    A Happy Christmas to one and all

    Have a grand day folks!