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  1. Gtechniq are pretty good products in my experience. To be honest though if you just follow a basic cleaning routine the interior should stay in decent condition.
  2. I wouldn't buy another peal' white car after the hassles I had with my Nismo. Even really good bodyshops struggle to match it because it's a three stage finish. I had to shell out for a complete bumper respray when I got a one inch scratch in a car park. That said, it's a very nice colour - just be careful. I used a car cover for four years with no trouble or damage to the paintwork. The car just needs to be clean before the cover goes on. They are a hassle to put on and off to begin with, but you soon get the hang of it. My advice would be go for something relatively inexpensive and replace it once a year. I used the Halfords large outdoor cover on my Nismo. It's a surprisingly decent cover for £50. The large size is a good fit for a Nismo Z. Another advantage of a less expensive cover is that you can see if you get on with them without blowing £100s on an expensive one. Raceglaze Alcantara cleaner. Good stuff. I'm not sure about the Mk2 Nismo but the Mk1 was surprisingly good for minimal stone chips on the bumper. My other two non Nismo 370Zs were very prone to them. I think it was something about the shape of the bumper. I tried a lot of different detailing products over time on the pearl white. My favourites regime was - wash, clay, White Diamond Glaze followed by Gtechniq G2 sealant. Hope that helps. Enjoy your new car.
  3. Daytona blue or Storm white

    The white looks great, but bear in mind that, due to being a three stage finish, it's very difficult to colour match if you ever get a scratch
  4. Sky Q, Any good, Any problems?

    I've had Q since release. To begin with it was really buggy, but updates have made it solid now. I have BT broadband and haven't experienced any issues. We run a second Q box in the bedroom and it all works very well.
  5. Project: WeaponiZed

    Awesome. Love It!
  6. How to make my 17 370z Nismo faster (HELP REQ.)

    As Alex says, unless you're prepared to spend thousands to go forced induction it's best to be realistic in your expectations. An aftermarket exhaust, HFCs and some new filters followed by a remap will get you a better sounding, more responsive Z with a very modest hike in overall power. I did all of the above to my Nismo and while it was worth it for the sound and responsiveness, the power hike was barely noticeable.
  7. War on pigeons

    Some very interesting history availsble online about homing pigeons that carried messages in WW1. Quite moving. I get that people are frustrated by the mess birds like pigeons create etc. I just wonder how many people make the link between that and the amount of rubbish we leave lying around etc.
  8. War on pigeons

    Pigeons were introduced by people and proliferate because of people. Seems to me that if you park under a tree for long enough you're gonna get some sort of crap on your car; if not poop, tree sap etc.
  9. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    Agree with that. Can't say I think about the size of the engine when I put my foot down in the '45 and it takes off like a rocket
  10. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    The Alpine is an interesting prospect. If they'd been available when I moved on from the Z I might have gone for one. I'm not sure the incoming version will have much of the road presence the OP is looking for. It'll be interesting to see if they follow up with a more aggressive looking version down the line.
  11. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

  12. Another - what would you get for 30-50k post.

    Well as a former fellow Nismo owner I would say give the A45 AMG a whirl. Very different obviously but great fun and blisteringly quick. Since it doesn't really meet your criteria though, how about a 981 Cayman GTS or Evora 400?
  13. Gutted about my Z

    Hope this all gets sorted to your satisfaction mate. Totally normal to feel shaken up. I know I would.
  14. Where is The North?

    Anywhere that the residents hide their inate sense of inferiority behind a sporran of regional pride.
  15. Potential New Car - Cash Purchase - Advice Please

    My ex's uncle took £8k into town to pay for a car and lost it. He was though a complete idiot at the best of times.