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  1. sipar69

    My for sale post got approved then deleted?

    I think a good amendment to the policy would be for members who have been registered for at least a year, but have a sub 100 count to be able to ask the mods to pre-approve a listing.
  2. sipar69

    Another "what cars" question.... for £70k

    Evora 400.
  3. sipar69

    My White 370z GT

    It's about the easiest mod you can do. 1) Carefully pry out the surround piece and button by sliding a trim tool under it. 2) Unplug the wire harness. 3) Slide the button out of the surround piece. 4) Slip the new button in to the surround piece. 5) Plug in the wire harness 6) Push the surround piece back into the dash (it will click into place). As an optional extra, you can also replace the button surround with the red Nismo one at the same time.
  4. sipar69

    Nismo on its way.

    When your ability to spell "too" correctly starts to go.
  5. sipar69

    It's Humpy's birthday!

    Happy b'day!
  6. sipar69

    *** TORQEN *** New website in development - Feedback please :)

    PS. Happy to help proofing new text.
  7. sipar69

    *** TORQEN *** New website in development - Feedback please :)

    Any way of including an indication of whether items are in stock and if not what the lead time is?
  8. sipar69

    Ride Comfort

    True re Nismo reviews although I've often wondered if the review vehicles were wearing their shipping spacers.
  9. sipar69

    Ride Comfort

    I never really noticed much difference in ride quality going from GT to Nismo then back to GT again. It's not great either be perfectly liveable.
  10. sipar69

    Is a catback worth it?

    Even the louder systems quiten down after start up and most don't tend to wake up until you go past 3k revs. Plenty to choose from. Ark grip seems a popular choice these days.
  11. sipar69

    Nismo on its way.

    The Nismo exhaust is a nice bit of kit but it isn't much louder than the stock GT system. Stick the Cobra on.
  12. sipar69

    370Z Nismo

    If it's the facelift version check for wear on the Recaros. No real issues with the Mk1.
  13. sipar69

    [SOLD]My 350z pride and joy for sale

    Lots of great info there and a very tidy looking car. It might be worth making the price a bit more visible - took me some searching to spot it.
  14. sipar69

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    My GT has 50,000 on it with virtually no sign of wear on the seats.
  15. sipar69

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    Shockingly poor. There is no way Nissan can justify trying wriggle out of replacing the seat.