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  1. Pearl white does look good on a Z but has its downsides. It is an absolute nightmare to colour match if you get a scratch due to the three stage finish. I had so many hassles getting a minor bumper scratch properly matched on my previous Nismo I ended up having to get the whole bumper redone.
  2. Looking for 2013 Mk1 Nismo No 0075

    That's a shame. It's a great car. I regret letting it go myself but probably wouldn't have bought it again if id seen it for sale - I'm looking for a 370 that doesn't have so much money tied up in it as I only get to drive it occasionally.
  3. Looking for 2013 Mk1 Nismo No 0075

    No that's my old car. I sold it in August last year and they sold it on pretty quickly. Looks like it's been in and out again. New owner didn't hang on to it for long then.
  4. Anyone know this car (Le Mans blue)

    Thanks for the offer mate but I'm looking to get one that has connect premium. Cheers anyway.
  5. I'm thinking of letting the A45 go and returning to zed land. Great car but I can't justify the amount of money I've got tied up in a car I only get to drive every 2 or 3 weeks. I've always liked the Le Mans blue so just wondering if this one is known on the forum. It has an Invidia exhaust. Dealer seems to have quite a good rep. Cheers. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222898559304
  6. Performance Mods question

    Interesting stuff. I had both a 370 GT then a Mk1 Nismo with Stillen CBE, HFCs, HFCs and an uprev. I agree with you - in terms of power and straighline speed there wasn't much between them. The main difference was actually the handling.
  7. Performance Mods question

    No offence but I'd be surprised if a non Nismo 370 got close to 360bhp with those mods. I don't think my modded remapped Nismo was making that when I had it. Did you get a dyno sheet?
  8. Looking for 2013 Mk1 Nismo No 0075

    I miss mine too. Remapped A45 is a different league performance wise (430bhp), but my heart belongs to the Z!
  9. Car cover....

    If it's for ouside get the Halfords large size outdoor car cover. Fits a 370 well and is actually pretty decent for £50. I learnt over several years of car cover use that it's best to get an affordable one and replace it ever year or so. Even the pricey ones will become tatty after a fairly short time.
  10. 343 bhp 370z??

    I think official figure for the standard (non Nismo) 370 is more than 320 nip without mods.
  11. Parking Protection From Dings Inside Car Parks

    I say this as a self confessed former obsessive about parking to minimise the risk of dings - I think I'd rather risk a scratch than be seen attaching something as daft as that to my car. And I definitely agree with others about attracting unwantwd attention. Dare I say that even I think you're worrying too much. Drive it, park sensibly and remind yourself there are more important things in life.
  12. Stubaru BRZ

    Very nice work on the detailing. Can you come and do mine?!
  13. Hi bud, Marcus (disc skimmers) bought my Nismo exhaust for his GT several years ago. I think he's still a member on here. You could drop him a PM to see if he had any fitting issues.
  14. Building a 1/24 scale 350Z

    Awesome work.
  15. Successor to 370z

    Hope it gets a decent sounding exhaust this time!