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  1. sipar69

    370Z Nismo Service

    Let's be honest, servicing a Nismo isn't any different to servicing a standard 370. I'm now on my fourth 370, having owned a Nismo and non Nismo variants. I've used main dealers to service all of them with no issues. If a particular dealer has a poor reputation avoid, but if you look at the list of jobs on the service schedule it's not complicated stuff.
  2. sipar69

    My new car mats

    My only problem with carpet mats is that no matter what you pay for them they always end up looking a bit tatty. I'm a big fan of the heavy duty rubber ones you can get for about £40. They're dead easy to keep clean and stay looking smart.
  3. sipar69

    New Prices

    The price after options was what eventually put me off a new Cayman. The configurator is addictive!
  4. sipar69

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    I think you'll struggle to source a mk1 Nismo rear bumper. Some jerk dented my rear bumper when I had a mk1 Nismo and it needed replacing. The body shop made enquires about a replacement, but because the mk2 had been released it was going to be a long wait and cost an absolute bomb for a Mk1 bumper. I went with the mk2 instead. It was a lot cheaper and immediately available.
  5. sipar69

    Re-Badge or not Re-Badge

    If you dont mind keeping the Nissan logo but fancy a bit of colour the coloured centre caps Nissan make for the Juke fit the 19 inch Rays perfectly. I got some black ones when I had my wheels painted. https://goo.gl/images/JyTSg8
  6. sipar69

    Re-Badge or not Re-Badge

    Very difficult with the Nismo lettering. I had my rear bumper done when I had the Nismo. The Nismo letters are individual plus come with a fitting template. Best to bite the bullet and buy new ones.
  7. sipar69

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    I think this thread is rapidly depreciating in value and ought to be sent to the scrap yard.
  8. sipar69

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    Agree with all of this.
  9. sipar69

    Z Badge

    Assuming you are referring to the 370Z version (which doesn't fit the 350Z) I got mine from Tarmac Sportz.
  10. sipar69

    370Z Stillen Exhaust for 370Z Nismo MK2 Exhaust

    Don't think they made any changes to the exhaust.
  11. sipar69

    370Z Stillen Exhaust for 370Z Nismo MK2 Exhaust

    Its defo a Stillen. I've had two of them. Good system, especially when paired with hi flow cats.
  12. sipar69

    Back once again..

    A cover is fine provided the car is clean when you put it on and you secure it properly. I used one for my Mk1 Nismo for about 5 years with no issues. The Halfords large outdoor cover is a decent shout for £50 and fits a 370 quite nicely. Expect to replace it every 18 months or so as they do get tatty after several months in the wind and rain. And be prepared to persevere - it takes practice to get them on and off when you first start.
  13. sipar69

    Is this Exhaust Standard on the 2017 Nismo?

    Fair enough. Does get quite a lot louder with HFCs though.
  14. sipar69

    Is this Exhaust Standard on the 2017 Nismo?

    I had a Stillen on my Nismo. It's a great system so why change it? If you want more volume just add HFCs. I added Cobra HFCs and it sounded awesome.
  15. Sorry for your loss.