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  1. I get the whole climate change thing. It's obviously true and it matters. But, having encountered them, the people who are preachy about this particular issue strike me as incredibly smug. I wonder how many of them have kids. I'd say to them if you practice what you preach, don't have kids because having one child will have a far greater impact on the environment over a lifetime than driving any kind of car.
  2. Seriously, once the plastic ones are on you'll forget about them.
  3. Yes. Fancy metal valve caps are nice but you are much better off with bog standard plastic ones, precisely because they won't corrode and get stuck on the valves.
  4. Say hello to Arial, Lucien, and (Golden) Graham. They were due to be sent off for slaughter, but will now live with us as much loved pets.
  5. Sadly no more concrete info here than all the previous articles.
  6. Ideal for a re-trim project or to replace a damaged wheel. Excellent condition - no scratches etc. £80 Postage within mainland UK included in the price. Please PM me if interested.
  7. Now sold. Thread can be locked. Thanks
  8. PS2 now sold. Thread can be locked, thanks.
  9. Bump - price reduced to £120.
  10. Bump PS2 still available, reduced to £60
  11. I’ve posted about this many times having owned two 370s in white. It’s a three stage paint so is difficult to blend a repair even by a very good body shop. I’m not saying it’s impossible but not as easy as two stage non-pearl paints.
  12. Great. Glad you're enjoying it. I liked it too. Just never seem to have the time these days!
  13. Absurd though an expensive piece of banana art no doubt is, it seems no more absurd to me than a Premier League footballer getting paid more than an A&E doctor or a zero talent Instagram celeb coining it in for posting pics of themselves doing nothing out of the ordinary.





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