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  1. Yeah, I was actually just thinking with people losing lives and incomes left right and centre, a “me” here or and “I” there, a missing comma etc. doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things does it? I hope you, your family and everyone on the forum are doing ok in these in crazy times we live in now. Peace!
  2. You’ve rather missed the point I was making about the scope for a degree of flexibility between perfect grammar and context in modern language. If I chose to be the self-appointed punctuation liaison officer, you also omitted the full stop after ‘grammar’ and, preferably, the comma after ‘Sorry’.
  3. 'Me and the management team.' would be ok really. 'The management team and I' is grammatically correct but sounds quite formal in this context. Just avoid 'myself and 'yourself' when 'me' or 'you' will do.
  4. Your “facts” are way off mate. Public sector employees, many of whom are working harder than ever in this crisis, pay exactly the same taxes and at the same rates as private sector sector employees. Also worth remembering that most public sector annual salary increases have been limited to 1% for over a decade since the financial crash (so a pay cut every year when compared to inflation etc.). The more people whose pay is cut the harder the economy will be hit. Now is not the time for finger pointing and resentment.
  5. I had what I thought was flu about a week before the first cases were reported in the UK. No fever or shortness of breath, but aches, shivers, persistent cough, and huge fatigue that ended up with me being signed off work for two weeks. My GP said she thought it was flu but I do wonder now......
  6. I’m head of an office that deals with complaints about judges. Fortunately, we can work effectively from home. (I thought we’d see a downturn in complaints when people have other things on their mind, but the workload has stayed fairly constant.) I really feel for all the people whose businesses and incomes are being affected by this situation.
  7. Get a Zed but please contemplate one in a less boring colour ;).
  8. Nothing wrong with a bit of football in the garden if you have a suitable garden, but the gardens where we lived were tiny and every time the little sh*t kicked the ball hard against the fence it sounded like a gunshot. His other exploits included hitting our elderly neighbour on her back with a cricket ball. No apology from the parents.
  9. Thought exactly the same thing on seeing that ad. We used to live in a row of terraced houses with small gardens. Two doors down there was a family with a spoiled brat who repeatedly kicked a football hard against a fence and constantly kicked balls into neighbours gardens. Parents seemed to think it was unreasonable for anyone to object. One of the reasons we now happily live in a house with no immediate neighbours.
  10. sipar69

    Which HFCs

    The brand of HFC you buy will make very little difference to how they sound as they all have basically the same characteristics when paired with an aftermarket exhaust system. The car will be very loud on cold start but should then be fairly civilised up to around 3,000 RPM, after which you get a nice howl when you put your foot down. You will need to get the car remapped to maximise gains and at the same time you should have the relevant 02 sensor disabled to stop the engine warning light repeatedly tripping. Bear in mind also that you are not guaranteed to pass MOT emissions tests with HFCs fitted. I had Cobra HFCs on my previous Nismo. Passed the one and only MOT I had on that car with no problems.
  11. Fairly common issue on the 370. It’s just a bit of condensation. Nothing to worry about. Should clear as the car warms up.
  12. Now sold. Thread can be locked. Thanks
  13. Yes, still available. As it’s a large item I estimate postage would be £30. I would be prepared to cover some of that so the total price would £135. If you are seriously interested please PM me.
  14. Now that is a nice positive post. I’ve also learnt a ton of useful stuff over the years from all the knowledgeable folks on here.
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