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  1. Raceglaze Alcantara cleaner is good stuff. Try that.
  2. What would you choose.

    Fair play bud. Horses for courses. I'm happy with what I got for the money. One big thing I've learnt from my experience is that you can still have an awful lot of fun in a car with auto box and 4wd. Different kind of fun to a manual/RWD but still fun.
  3. What would you choose.

    I say this as somebody who loves Zs, owned three in succession and would happily own another one if they ever properly update the platform. In every way I can think - performance, interior, handling, the A45 AMG is streets ahead of my 370Z Nismo. The Z had more character and sounded better (but only once I'd blown nearly £2k on mods), but that's it. Don't think it would be a great track car, but for road use I'm having much more fun with it than I ever had in the Z because of how you can drive it on twisty British B roads. It would obviously be a big difference to your VX though. It's not a raw car under normal conditions, but it's very adjustable - stick it in Sport or Sport+ and it becomes a whole lot of fun. Looks are a very subjective thing. Personally I think the A45 is the best looking "hot hatch" out there and (sorry) looks a lot better than the 350Z which is now starting to look very dated. The 370 is wearing its age really well though and is still a great looking car. If you've got £40k to spend you'd be looking at a well optioned facelift A45, which is exactly what I got. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the car.
  4. Car mats

    I never found the carpet ones very durable. There are quite a few sites on the web where you can put in your car's details and they will make up a set for you. I paid £50 for a set of heavy duty rubber mats that were brilliant - much easier to keep clean than the carpet ones.
  5. Thoughts on this particular 370Z/advice needed

    The paint match on white 370Zs between the body and bumpers can vary greatly. As Keyser said - apparently, it's due to them being plastic v metal, pearl, and painted in different locations in the factory. The first of my three 370s was white and had a really bad rear body to bumper match. The bumper looked a dirty cream colour, especially on a dull day. My Nismo was much better but a good body shop that repainted both bumpers on different occasions achieved an almost perfect match, so it can be done. Don't be automatically put off by the car being an ex demonstrator. Two of my three were ex-demos and they were great. A private owner can abuse a car just as easily. I agree with Keyser that the marks could be residue from polish etc. If not, looks like a shoddy repaint. One other thing to be aware of about the pearl white - it is a very nice colour, but it is very difficult for bodyshops to match if you get a ding. I had to have my whole front bumper resprayed when I got a one inch scratch on it because of this. It's a three stage finish with an intermediate coat of pearl, which every bodyshop I spoke to said was the hardest finish to blend. I wouldn't personally go for a pearl paint in future (my Merc is white but not pearl).
  6. Thinking of a Nismo 370z

    I sold my Nismo recently for a few reasons, but not disatisfaction. It's all about what you want from the car really. There are undeniably 'better' cars for similar money and the 370 platform is showing it's age, but they put such a big smile on your face, turn heads and feel special in a way that few other cars do. I doubt you'd be disappointed with the Nismo. Just remember that you will definitely want to change the exhaust so budget for that.
  7. 370Z Full Cobra Exhaust (Inc. Y-pipe) & Berk HFC

    I expect this combo sounds quite similar to the one I had on my Nismo - Stillen CBE and Cobra HFCs. The exhaust will sound good on its own, but HFCs are a great addition as they enable you to make the car sound more aggressive when you want it to, but perfectly civilised when needed.
  8. 370z 2018 refresh

    Agreed. Although I'm loving the A45 AMG, I will always have a soft spot for the Z and would defo consider returning to one in future if they brought out a properly next gen version that retained the core character of the car.
  9. Yep. Damage it might seem like a good idea at the time, but chances are his property will receive similar treatment in return.
  10. "is always in constant use..." Call the grammar police!
  11. Thankyou to Will370z

    Great contributor to the forum.
  12. Premium Z emblems (reduced)

    Starter button now sold. Emblems still available.
  13. For sale Premium Z emblems to replace the Nissan burgers - excellent quality and highly resistant to tarnishing etc. Cost me £60 new. Buyer will just need to add some double side 3m tape to fix them - £25 including postage (START BUTTON NOW SOLD) Please pm me if interested - payment will need to be made by online banking. Thanks
  14. Hi Mods - plesse could you lock the thread - part ex deal now agreed.
  15. Cheers bud. Mine seems to be about the only Mk1 for sale right now.