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  1. Yep. My research pretty much resulted in the same conclusion. Not worth the outlay. Just get some decent drop-ins.
  2. Betraying my lack of technical knowledge here..... Took my Z for a service last week. Although this wasn’t an MOT I noticed when I got home that the garage jotted down a couple of what they said were minor advisories. One was “Aux belt looks old but not cracked”. I had my drive belt replaced at the last service so is the “Aux belt” something different? Cheers
  3. Sorry to see this but glad you’re ok.
  4. sipar69

    Exhaust Advice

    I believe some exhausts come in a Nismo and non Nismo version.
  5. sipar69

    Exhaust Advice

    I’ve owned both variants of the 370. Some systems do fit both and some don’t so best not to assume that a part from one will fit the other. I think Milltek is a very quiet system so you might not get much benefit sound wise anyway.
  6. Not heard that particular combo but I'm guessing it might be a bit too too loud for most tastes. If you can find someone with a similar set up to listen to in person that would be best as vids never seem to give a true impression of loudness.
  7. Just my opinion but having previously had 370Zs, including a Nismo, remapped, I don't think it's worth the outlay if your only mod is an aftermarket exhaust.
  8. With the exception of the Mk1 Nismo wing, I don't think I've ever seen an aftermarket wing on a 350 or 370 that didn't make me think the car would look better without it.
  9. Ditto mine. It was definitely fitted correctly. I always do my research and was aware the pipes can easily be fitted the wrong way around. The problem with my mine was that because the issue was not lateral misalignment no amount of adjustment made a difference. One tip pretty much lined up with the edge of the bumper and poking out about an inch and a half. Fabrication was the only option, which was disappointing for one of the more pricey systems.
  10. Yep I’m happy with mine now but it was s bit disappointing to have to shell out an extra £100 quid to get it to look right. I’m too OCD to have misaligned tips
  11. Actually it wasn't. It was originally fitted by Sly. The fitting was then double checked by a very reputable garage. It was fitted correctly.
  12. I have an Ark Grip. It’s quieter than short tails but a very good sound. It also looks the business. However, be aware that a small proportion of owners have fitting issues with this exhaust. I had to pay a local fabricator to have mine shortened on one side because one tip was sticking out significantly more than the other. No amount of adjustment would sort the issue so it was case of remove one tip, shorten and weld back on.
  13. sipar69

    Paycos Latest Mod

    Nice job. The internal plastics do seem prone to scratching at the slightest provocation.
  14. A certain equilibrium - casually racist populist buffoons in charge on either side of the Atlantic.



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