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  1. Yep. I went for darker wheels on mine and the darker door handles from the 2019 370.
  2. Cute little fella. Kudos to you for the humane solution.
  3. Interesting. Never really occurred to me when I modded the Nismo with an exhaust and HFCs. I had that on PCP but paid off the balance when I sold it on to an independent dealer.
  4. If I’m totally honest your bumble bee is a bit much for my taste but I really admire your enthusiasm for the platform. This is what makes Z ownership such a community thing. All power to you and the yellow beast .
  5. sipar69

    370Z Nismo

    If I was to go back to a Nismo I'd look to have the Mk1 and 2 bumbers with the Mk1 spoiler and wheels. Seen a few examples on the US forum which look the part.
  6. I’m a big fan of Yamaha receivers. I only have a Yamaha sound bar these days but I used to have Monitor Audio 7.1 speakers paired with a Yamaha receiver - sounded great. The only downside of home cinema for me is you need very deep pockets to keep up with the tech. I’m also yet to be convinced that shelling out for expensive cables brings noticable benefits.
  7. Oh dear. Not a patch on the 40th.
  8. Assuming you're genuinely interested in what people think, I think it looks pretty weird with a hefty spacer at the back and nothing at the front. Definitely needs at least 20mm at the front to balance it out.
  9. I’ve had a few of these with my Torqen orders. Didn’t even realise they were vegan until I looked at the label. Delicious!
  10. I updated my 2011 for the same reason. Does seem pricey but I just bit the bullet and paid.
  11. Same here. We’re talking about mass produced mainstream manufacturered cars here. I’ll put whatever premium fuel the nearest, least busy, petrol station happens to be flogging in mine thanks.
  12. I’m not really fussed about her as an individual. I doubt she’s a threat to the UK in the real sense of the word. From what I’ve seen and read she seems a bit thick and little more than a gullible hanger-on who was daft enough to believe she’d have a jolly old time over there and marry the man of her dreams. I suspect the decision to keep her out is mostly about deterring others from doing this sort of thing in future. If that works, it’s fine by me.
  13. Does it sound better than a 370 with a stock exhaust? Just curious.
  14. Can’t do cinemas these days. Too old and grumpy to put up with all the noise people make during the film. Big TV and a decent sound bar is as close as I get. I would quite like an Atmos home system.



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