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  1. That must have been lot of work to try and sort the welds, but those rails look so much better than the others. Glad you got them to fit Now, where is the obligatory vid for us ?!
  2. Context? Hopefully intentional, rather than some carpark jerk
  3. Such a disappointment when supposedly 'engineered' kit has so obvious a flaw - I'm sure you were tempted to take the rails back to OBX in person and beat the designer with them till they fit properly Have you got any other injectors that are longer, to help with the clearance?
  4. Such a shame, you got so far into this. Have you considered rotating all the individual throttle body links so they are positioned on the outside of the common throttle bars, and so rotate downward - it would involve adapting/making new butterfly link plates for each TB, but would mean all your hard work won't go to waste. Don't give up on it ......... this has been such an inspiration Draco
  5. Having been thwarted recently trying to mod the car, I took it out on my computer and beat my 8+year old Packard Bell breeze block into something a lot more aesthetic ! A sleek NZXT H400i with Kraken x52 cooler loop: Cleaning out my old systems guts to transplant was an experience - surprised it hadn't cooked itself before now ! Gross
  6. Been a bit, but finally got a decent bit of weather in order to stand under the bonnet with tape measure, notebook & pencil and do my best to put a massive crick in my spine Still, my perseverance held and I got a good plan of the clearances around the engine bay, took it inside, fired up the laptop and spent another hour translating it into layout I could lay the intake CAD over.... .... only to find the intake won't fit Bugger. The issue is the dirty great VVEL servo motor hanging off the back of the B bank, that sits
  7. Thanks for the offer, but preferably I'm after a 370 plenum, just to be sure the measurements will be correct. I don't know what the differences are, so don't want to take any chances It's a combination of balancing the draw between the banks and trying to maintain the plenum volume. As you can see in the simulation images, the draw is actually fairly even split each side, no matter which cylinder is drawing. The other reason is - it looks cool !
  8. Perseverance man, it'll get there! Think of what an incredible sight and sound it will be when done. In any case, the work you've shown in this thread is an inspiration to the rest of us to up our mod game ! The Zeditus only gets stronger after following quality work like yours.
  9. So, after a brief respite from having a tooth pulled out of my head I made a trip to the local plumbers merchants to get some pipe as a guide: That's a 68mm coupler, so also gives an idea of clearance too - on putting it place to see, everything suddenly seemed at lot smaller than I remember! The idea of going to 100m diameter didn't make it passed opening the bonnet The main issue looks like I will have to move the fuel rail damper (the top hat cylinder on the left between the orange topped bolts). Otherwise there should be enough clearance between the oil filler and t
  10. Ok, as promised here are the results of the flow analysis: Cylinder 1 (Passenger front) Cylinder 2 (Drivers front) Cylinder 3 (Passenger Middle) Cylinder 4 (Drivers Middle) Cylinder 5 (Passengers rear) Cylinder 6 (Drivers rear) As you can see they are all pretty much dead on the same in the flow speeds and the flow paths are nice and smooth. I was surprised at how balanced the draw is side-to-side, I thought the front cylinders would draw much more from their respective throttle bo
  11. The simulations side of things is moving on! I have managed to build a model that I can use within the fluid dynamics FEA part of my CAD software You have no idea how much pain it gave me trying to close the gaps between the main intake tube and the manifold tubes The model meshing is so accurate it fails on gaps as small as 5 microns ! ffs, but managed to get the joins to match after a considerable amount of copying and pasting between part models. First runs of the simulation look good, nice and linear round the main tube and smooth transition into the manifold with no tumbling over
  12. As a few of you may have seen, I have had the idea of making a new intake for my 370Z - taking up a chunk of space in @andybp thread ! Thanks - The idea grew out of the result of me buying a set of Stillen Gen2 intakes, to replace the standard airboxes. I liked the final result and it did add a little underlying gurgle to the engine note that i was looking for. However, my low-level OCD hasn't taken to the mis-matched side-to-side bent/straight tubes - as well as having the Zeditus itch to make my car just that little bit more different ! So, my brain came u
  13. Thinking of getting one of the NextBase with a hardwire kit - Where is the recommended permanent live to tie the kit into?
  14. Indeed, the horseshoe is for additional volume. I think it will also help balance the draw for the rear cylinders, but that's really a bit of 'finger-in-the-air' fluid dynamics ! The CAD s/w I have does have fluid flow simulation, so I can see what the airflow paths will be - I should be able to simulate draw on each individual inlet port too, so I won't be going at it completely blind. I did think about angling the intake pipes to the airflow, but the space available on top of the engine is a bit restricted by the rear bulkhead of the bay and the cam covers at the front, so I have only
  15. Yeah, the flanges would be CNC, but I figure I should be able to find the 40mm & 60mm stainless tube in pre-bent sections and straights and weld it up from that. Getting the 40mm tubes squared off to match the intake port shape is the bigger issue though. The full piece: I do have a 3D printer, but as the bed size is only 140x140, I think I will have to settle for a miniature of it for inspiration!
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