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  1. tspar

    Tarmacsportz resonated short tails

    Got my AAM shot tails from Tarmac. What an improvement from the OEM zaust . Drive everywhere with the window down now, much to the disgust of her indoors when its cold !!
  2. tspar

    New MOT Rules - May 18

    Did it all go well mate ?
  3. tspar

    When is the Clutch Fluid Changed?

    @ZMANALEX Thanks for the reply mate. It is blacker than the ace of spades so not been changed by the previous owner at all I would suspect sadly. Need a P1 so will get that done at the same time. Many thanks
  4. Is this part of the P1 / P2 / P3 Services or is it independant of these and done when required ?
  5. tspar

    New MOT Rules - May 18

    MOT Today. All passed with flying colours with no advisories. The worry about the new rules and the AAM Sports exhaust are over !
  6. tspar

    Gave the old girl a good Harley Wax today

    Got the Nissan Burgers removed today as well.
  7. tspar

    Brake Fluid Low - Query?

    Thanks everyone. In at the local garage tomorrow. What a forum this is
  8. Snow foam, clean and Harley Wax today. Looking good I must say
  9. tspar

    Brake Fluid Low - Query?

    Just doing my monthly checks and noticed the brake fluid is low. Do you think I should be able to top this up myself or is it something you would recommend I give to local Nissan or Indie to do for me?. Nothing has popped up as a warning however?
  10. tspar

    New MOT Rules - Anyone faced any issues?

    @Jetpilot Not sure if there are any actual new rules mate, I was only asking if anyone with an exhaust that is not the standard one had been for one of the new MOT tests and if they had been given any grief with regards emissions. Some on here seem to suggest that the bar has been lowered with regards emissions ?
  11. tspar

    New MOT Rules - Anyone faced any issues?

    They have contradicted themselves as they say you cannot drive with a dangerous on the failure sheet but in the next breath they say you can?. So if you get the MOT done on the day it runs out (for arguments sake) and you have a "Dangerous" fault recorded then supposedly you can not drive it but below it says you can drive it to get it repaired so you don't have to be fleeced by the garage that does the MOT test would be my argument. If the MOT has run out You cannot drive your vehicle on the road if the MOT has run out. You can be prosecuted if caught. The only exceptions are to drive it: to or from somewhere to be repaired to a pre-arranged MOT test
  12. tspar

    New MOT Rules - Anyone faced any issues?

    The new MOT test was introduced on the 20th May. Just wondering if anyone's modified cars have fallen foul of it yet.
  13. Just wondered if anyone had faced snags since the new MOT rules came into force. Especially with non-standard exhausts ?
  14. Unfortunately I can not make this now sadly. Ticket free to a good home. Please PM me with your email address and I will pop it across to you
  15. tspar

    350z to E46 M3, what do you think?

    Well i have come from the Z4M to the 370z . Liked the car but it didn't grab me like I was expecting. Also the servicing costs were eye watering. Cheapest indy prices started North of £800 for an inspection 2 which I simply could not just justify paying in the end. Performed well and the engine was a peach but those inspection costs killed the ownership feel for me. 370Z on the other hand is equally as fast, looks better and especially the 40th Anny edition I have, has all the toys included. Insurance is cheaper and servicing costs are sensible. Now it has its AAM exhaust fitted it sounds better too. Hope you enjoy the M3 though. My mate has had his for 10 years or more and loves it