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  1. Mar/Apr 2018 Yorkshire meet poll

    Unfortunately the weekend after Easter is now not viable for me i am sorry to say.
  2. The dreaded steering lock issue.

    Can you remind me which one it is that needs removing please as I think i now need to get this done ASAP !
  3. The dreaded steering lock issue.

    Sorry to hear your tail of woe mate. I contacted Nissan and the recall (P3208) was for cars between 2009 - 2010 up to 24/3/10 with VIN numbers up to 0300691. They told me that there were no recalls for my car which was produced on 24/4/10 . This i assumed meant that the problem was obviously known to them and future cars would/have been fitted with the correct parts to stop this issue happening. Obviously not as your 2011 car has fallen foul. I would expect that given the "Known Issue" that they should honor the repair if you kick up enough fuss?. The email address that I used to contact them is below if its any help. I am now back worrying that mine will die a death now at some point ! gb@nissan-services.eu
  4. Yorkshire modified car show June 2018

    1. Rickdon 2. ATTAK Z 3.MikDu 4. Fergie1471 5. Chris141084 6. Tspar
  5. Injen or Takeda Intakes ?

    Both priced the same and both giving the same boost in performance give or take. Which do folk have and which do you prefer sound wise ?. The K&N + Stillen offerings seem over priced compared to these. Can there really be £100 - £200 noticeable difference ?
  6. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    This is the Nismo fitting one https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/aam-competition-370z-sports-tail-section-20190.html
  7. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    That's a recommendation in itself
  8. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    There are two options, one for the Nismo and one for the 370z https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/aam-competition-370z-sports-tail-section-20191.html
  9. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    The deed has been done folks. Thanks to all for your input, much appreciated. I have opted for the AAM Short Tail - Resonated (Polished Tips) . 0% Finance option a no brainer over 12 months. Cant wait now ! ......YouTube linky below to how it will sound. Thanks again to everyone for their input
  10. AAM Short Tails Price?

    Seems to be the going rate if you want the resonated version. This link is to Tarmac Sports who seem to be very popular on here and they handily offer finance for the bigger purchases. https://goo.gl/rgLVNc
  11. Oil query if I may...

    Purchased, thanks for the tip off
  12. Gregson Custom Exhausts

    Fair enough. I will pick the one near that price and I can't go far wrong !
  13. Gregson Custom Exhausts

    What wattage did you get. I am assuming one of the lower wattage ones as don't want to hurt the paintwork ?