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  1. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    Thanks to everyone so far for their input. Food for thought. Much appreciated
  2. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    I am over near Hull mate. I may well take you up on that at some point thanks
  3. Z4M To 370z today......

    143 thanks
  4. 19 Rays on the 40th Anny.....

    That's great Shezza, much appreciated
  5. 19 Rays on the 40th Anny.....

    Thanks Ekona. I know some are such as the ones on the M3 but am no expert either !. I am sure that some one here will know the answer
  6. Exhaust recommends please folks....

    I am assuming that there are a few options from Cobra. Any particular folks on here plump for ?
  7. 19 Rays on the 40th Anny.....

    Roger that, standby....
  8. I would like an exhaust that is a little throatier that the stock one. A lovely audible burble on startup and idle would be good. Not after something that wakes the neighbours however !! Any thoughts / ideas much appreciated as ever
  9. 19 Rays on the 40th Anny.....

    You don't have crystal balls?..... You might want to ask for some for Xmas mate They are the standard 19 Rays that were given to the 40th Anny Car. Hopefully the linky works. https://1drv.ms/f/s!Anzv3O_dax9Didg1JpJVY_bvEB1mIQ
  10. 19 Rays on the 40th Anny.....

    Can anyone confirm if these are diamond cut or can they be done at a normal alloy repair shop ?
  11. Car seat covers 370z

    Afternoon folks. Can someone recommend any seat covers and a place of purchase. The 40th Anny interior has been very well looked after by the previous owner so want to keep it that way
  12. Z4M To 370z today......

    Yes, my Z4M was appreciating and it was a big decision to lose that financial security if you like but I cannot afford to have both unfortunately. C'est la vie as they say
  13. Z4M To 370z today......

    She is lovely that's for sure. Enjoyed the Beemer, cracking engine but just didn't gel with the whole package in the end. Looking forward to a more enjoyable Datsun experience
  14. Z4M To 370z today......

    Sorry mate, had already posted them here so didn't want to repeat myself