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  1. Carbon mirrors are still there, not sure about them though.. haha
  2. I recognize that avatar Mikevv ;-)
  3. Where abouts in Gloucester? I'm familiar with clearwell/newlands/ forest of Dean
  4. I'd need to see more clips of the tarmac sportz short tails to decide whether the sound is for me.
  5. Hi wheelz 370, I'm thinking aam resonated short tails too... Only thing I'm concerned about is the effect on performance. If you know anything more on the potentially negative performance side effects let me know. I'm now going to cry into my pillow as the neighbors kids just kicked their football at my freshly polished nismo.....
  6. I'm liking the suggestions, possibly the cobra the most, however they don't seem to offer a nismo replacement model... Does anyone know of they're compatible with the nismo exhaust? I'm after something loud, with bass and some rasp as I'm a fan of that raspy E46 M3 sound. I like it loud and visceral. When idling or just cruising I would like no drone. Thanks, Donk
  7. I'm unsure whether to **** the neighbors off even more and make her a bit louder. Any recommendations? Also, anyone know how to turn off the fake engine sounds that are pumped in? Thanks, Donk
  8. Cheers guys, cracking roads around these parts. Any meets any time soon ?
  9. Hi all, bagged myself a 370z. I've been lusting after one for years. Nothing like it to blow away the cobwebs. South Wales based. See you soon.
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