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  1. If you have a life racing ECU then there are no limits, in the UpRev software there are some and only a certain amount of adjustment in this area is possible
  2. This was on a decat system but was a quiet-ish exhaust. The louder the exhaust the louder the pops and bangs It only happens on overrun, the rest of the driving is as it should be. I tried to video it but the go pro mount clip rattled the entire drive
  3. We've just finished another 350Z tune on Uprev and were specifically asked for pops and bangs, here's a (very) short clip of them.
  4. No need for double clamps, it'll only be extra weight and slow you down
  5. I've only just noticed this, thanks for the kind words We'll get you to your 400HHP no bother next time so long as your boost leaks sorted
  6. Your three closest are TDP in southern Ireland, TDi North in Warrington (England) and ourselves in East Kilbride (just south of Glasgow, Scotland)
  7. It's also worth adding into the mix that not all dyno's are the same, some are a pure inertia dyno, some have retarders. Mapping on the road can have it's flaws too, what if you tune it on a nice flat straight and then the driver goes up a hill causing the ECU to hit load sites that weren't seen during tuning? As a dyno owner/operator/tuner I have seen the pro's and con's of dyno Vs Road tunes. As someone has said you can have everything set up sweet as a nut on the dyno and then hit the road and the boost can over shoot quite easily if not set right, that's why a road test is always advised after a dyno session. This is a bit difficult for track cars but that's why a lot of tuners will offer track side support to review the data from on-board loggers (where available). All of the hard work will have already been done, timing will be optimised, fuelling will be correct, it's just the real world behaviour of the turbo that can be an unknown, which is probably why some operators will hold it back slightly, making the car feel less responsive. When road tuning unless you have a huge wealth of experience and/or are dealing with a knock limited engine there is no way to know if you've truly got the timing right, this is where dyno's with retarders come into their own (and inertia dyno's fail), the ability to hold the engine at a set RPM point whilst the operator optimises the timing is a phenomenal tool. Back on topic, Uprev is just a software like ECUTEK, the owners are protecting their investment and recouping their costs by having a licence, this way they can continue to pay their staff to improve their products. The ability to remap the OEM ECU can be done using other tools but to edit the file you're best to know hexadecimal code to understand the data before making changes, I for one am not a software engineer which is why I pay for products like Uprev to allow me to do what I know what to do.
  8. Rates are £30+vat per hour for garage time, this will be going up to £35+vat in April. Dyno time is £55+vat per hour and again in April this will be going up to £60+vat in April. Geometry is not something I do at all, I use either Kenny Brown or Automek as they specialise in that area
  9. Was it a red Scottish SCd 370Z? If so the normal belt for a Stillen kit doesn't fit as the original owner fitted an extra idler to get around a belt slip issue.
  10. Sorry for the shameless plug but we're in as well ;-) it's not just tuning we do but also all servicing, repairs and modifications
  11. Not to mention the near zero chance of it coming off in the first place, zero chance of a strap breaking and the car getting loose, zero chance of a tyre failure or loss of traction etc etc Thanks for all the kind comments
  12. Looks likes Simon has done another great job for you Paul, can't wait to see it in the sun.
  13. I think a bit more information is needed here, here's a copy of the power, after the plenum spacer was fitted, before and after tuning: As I explained on the day you can see the first run netted 233bhp@the hubs, down considerably on the original 248 bhp, this could have been due to a number of reasons, fuel choice in particular. After tuning it gained 17bhp @ the hubs. I can't remember for certain what fuel was used for the original tune but for this one Nissanjuke confirmed it was standard supermarket petrol (95RON), although it only gained 2bhp over the last power figures on the day it gained 17bhp.
  14. It certainly is. I know of only one other in Scotland, it's bright red.
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