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  1. I saw your post about a London meet. I’m really keen to do this, do you know any others? 

  2. But controversial but I love the nismo rear bumper! Is that a genuine import from the US?
  3. JakeHardy2011


    Nice one!! Good luck with the project
  4. I presume some people don't stick with exactly the same sidewall profile even on the same size rim... very small difference but thought it would make a difference.
  5. May I be cheeky and ask why you need them?
  6. If you have 19's you also have a little bit extra ground clearance to play with of course
  7. Do you offer these engine modifications as a package? If so could you PM me a rough price? Or even the price for this sort of job
  8. And also ignition cut severity of course
  9. How far does the ignition timing need to be retarted? And is this adjusted by a fuel cut severity % ? I use Life Racing software and ECU's (LMP car stuff) and just wondered what level of adjustability you have with the UP REV software!
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