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  1. Cheer @coldel @stevezzz - just get in touch if we can help - we're based near Newbury
  2. Sorry for not replying earlier - not been on for the forum for ages! The jerking at low rpm on the HR is caused by the cam timing overshooting - a remap can work around the problem. If you want to solve the root cause you have to replace the cam retarders which are very expensive.
  3. Not been on the forum for a while - great to read all the positive reviews
  4. I don't think I received your email? We can remap the ECU via post for most sets of modifications - what do you have fitted?
  5. Hi bud any chance you could fit a 350z my RJM clutch pedal and cost of labour  I left a voicemail however I forgot it's a sat. Cheers Paul


  6. I'm after a decent 350 DE revup engine - anyone got anything?
  7. Sorry - don't get a chance to come on here often. It usually take 1-2 hrs as mentioned above
  8. 646bhp / 600 ft.lbs at the fly. 1.2 bar boost. Will run more when I swap out the wastegate springs Brief spec: H-Dev VQ35DE forged engine with closed deck Forged CP pistons + steel rods Kelford cams GTM turbo kit with a few modifications 2 x GT2871R turbos ID1000 injectors H-Dev fuel system Syvecs S6+ ECU with H-Dev loom Accusump (could do with a dry sump system to be honest) Loads of additional sensors: oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant pressure, 2 x EGT, 2 x lambda, fuel pressure, 4 x ride height sensors (to help to develop t
  9. We're having a fundraising dyno day at H-Dev in aid of the Anthony Nolan charity. Barbeque and coffees / teas and dyno power runs for £39.99 - all proceeds go to the charity. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/106302820088692/
  10. Thanks for the feedback - glad you're pleased
  11. We can do it in one day but prefer to do it over 2 day if possible. We could do the chain too if you like
  12. Overheating in traffic is usually because the fans have failed - its very common. We sell replacement motors that should fix your problem (Assuming it is the motors that have failed): https://h-dev.co.uk/product-category/350z/engine/engine-cooling-and-management/
  13. Could be alignment - I found replacing the suspension bushes made a huge different to stability going over bumpy surfaces
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