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  1. Hi bud any chance you could fit a 350z my RJM clutch pedal and cost of labour  I left a voicemail however I forgot it's a sat. Cheers Paul


  2. I'm after a decent 350 DE revup engine - anyone got anything?
  3. Sorry - don't get a chance to come on here often. It usually take 1-2 hrs as mentioned above
  4. 646bhp / 600 ft.lbs at the fly. 1.2 bar boost. Will run more when I swap out the wastegate springs Brief spec: H-Dev VQ35DE forged engine with closed deck Forged CP pistons + steel rods Kelford cams GTM turbo kit with a few modifications 2 x GT2871R turbos ID1000 injectors H-Dev fuel system Syvecs S6+ ECU with H-Dev loom Accusump (could do with a dry sump system to be honest) Loads of additional sensors: oil pressure, oil temperature, coolant pressure, 2 x EGT, 2 x lambda, fuel pressure, 4 x ride height sensors (to help to develop the aero)
  5. We're having a fundraising dyno day at H-Dev in aid of the Anthony Nolan charity. Barbeque and coffees / teas and dyno power runs for £39.99 - all proceeds go to the charity. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/106302820088692/
  6. Thanks for the feedback - glad you're pleased
  7. We can do it in one day but prefer to do it over 2 day if possible. We could do the chain too if you like
  8. Overheating in traffic is usually because the fans have failed - its very common. We sell replacement motors that should fix your problem (Assuming it is the motors that have failed): https://h-dev.co.uk/product-category/350z/engine/engine-cooling-and-management/
  9. Could be alignment - I found replacing the suspension bushes made a huge different to stability going over bumpy surfaces
  10. We've turbo'd our GT86 - best thing we've done to it so far. God knows why they didn't release a turbo option - Subaru have the same engine, turbo'd but put it in a Forrester...
  11. The VQ35HR engine usually makes around 310 ish on our dyno.
  12. The ZetaCRD are the ones included at £1149 - we can supply others in the deal but the price may change. http://h-dev.co.uk/product/350z-meisterr-zetacrd-coilovers/
  13. I used to do a few sprints / hillclimbs - they're great fun. I ran in the over 2000cc mod production saloon class with my 200SX - my quickest was a 39.3 which was enough to win the class back in 2003. I used to really like the Abingdon carnival as they ran 2 courses simultaneously, so not much hanging around.



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