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  1. I bought some SPEC - D aftermarket headlights for my 04 350z. As you probably know, aftermarket headlights may not be the best sealed headlights. I was preparing my car for the new season. Drove around the garage just to wake it up. after 15 min drive or so I noticed that the new headlights had some fog building up in the corners of each headlight. It is not condensation (water), just fog/mist. The weather outside is 5+C and it was not raining. It disappeared after about 1-2h in the garage. There must be a leak somewhere, for sure? Should I run an extra line of sealant around the headlight housing? Maybe they haven't sealed properly? Also, this might be a stupid question, but the headlights have this hose thing on the back that is supposed to get some air inside the housing, correct? If there is air coming in from that thing on the back, why would it matter if the silicone wasn't applied correctly from the factory? I mean air get inside no matter what? Thanks
  2. Sweden. The 4 I got recomended all use their own program and they cant do everything UpRev can
  3. Thank you. I did not post this with the intention of offending any company at all. I have actually been talking to Horsham, Jez. As I am not in the UK I have no experience with Horsham. I wanted to post this and see what other people thought about it. Just to make me feel better when sending the ECU I appreciate your answer!
  4. There are 0 UpRev tuners in my country. I only have 2 options: 1. e-tune. That will run me like 850 euros 2. Sending away my ECU and it will cost me half of that incl shipping. so about 400 I have all bolt on tunes, with the car still NA, but the headers (costs too much since i cant DIY) I understand that getting 1 map and that's it will not be 100% accurate as on a dyno. I am happy with having, say 1-3 bhp less, but save 400+ euros for something else. I just want my bolt on mods to be used to the fullest. Is it safe and I wonder if anyone have done it before?
  5. I mailed you guys over 1 month ago asking if you do UpRev standard tune over email like you can get from Uprev themselves in the US? Thanks
  6. They slap me with a 80 euro shipping on top of the 60-80 usd price + 25% taxes
  7. I will give them a call. The ones you link are perfect! I really want the logo to be orange, but they are only for RHD. RIP. I have LHD aka I am not in the UK
  8. Hello I am looking for a new set of the floor mats I have. The driver side is very worn down, but I cannot find any with the 350z logo (see pic) Thanks
  9. Hope I am in the right section Hello, Before season starts I want to get UpRev on my 04. I have all bolt on mods you can get but headers (way to expensive for maybe 1 whp). I even got the velocity stack 3D printed from a seller here. My car is still NA, but there is no tuner over here that tunes 350z (Sweden). I need to buy the cable from USA, unless there is a seller in the UK that ships it and does it the same way as they do in the USA. Now. There are 2 versions. Standard and Tuner. As I understand it the Tuner version is if you have FI and really need to take it to a tuner? Standard is the one I should go with with NA car, right? Best regards
  10. I see! Thanks a lot anyway. Ill ask the seller if they are Bi xenons or just xenons
  11. I am not located in the UK, so LHD is what I own. Will the 06+ fit my 03 then? the screw placements are the same according to one, but he was not sure about the pins
  12. Hello, I hope I am posting this in the correct section. I have a 04 with factory Xenon lights. I am looking for a new pair of headlights and those I want are for 06-09 Xenon (HID). I don't see how there should be any fitment issue at all even if they are made for the 06+? The headlight ballast should be the same? The shipping from the US + TAX is 200 USD to where I live, so I really need to make sure. Best Regards
  13. Did you guys wait before driving after installation? I hope mine will be in the mailbox when I get home tomorrow.
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