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  1. flyboy

    Velocity stack.

    I still have a few left.
  2. Hi everyone. Velocity stacks are still in stock but I am on holiday next week. PM me and I'll send you details. Can't dispatch until week after next though unless I can get them away tomorrow.
  3. I have one you could have. Where are you
  4. The videos of working 370 modules are either faked or had the mirror fold motors re wired completely so that they are not working on the can ban system. Re wiring isn't all that difficult but takes a long time.
  5. Hi guys I have replied to all PM's Velocity stack is in stock and ready to go at the weekend. Thanks Martin
  6. Hi all I'm not on the forum much at the moment. Kits are available in stock but I can only send out at the weekends Just send me a PM and I'll reply with payment details martin
  7. CS2000 will be taking over selling these kits with my approval. I don't have the time at the moment but may be back next year. Martin
  8. I'll send the kits out to those who have paid at the weekend
  9. Pm sent to everyone who has asked for a kit
  10. Ok folks first 12 kits are ready I'll send out payment details via pm
  11. Over Two hundred of these kits have sold on this forum alone. Its been going for 6 years and I have never had one back or a single complaint. Fits perfectly first time and does what it says on the tin. I now have these back in stock This is what the kit is 2006 Airbox conversion kit (Velocity Stack) £37.00 + P&P £5.50. (First Class Signed for) Total price £42.50 Made from 1.5mm thick metal (mild steel) and then zinc plated to ensure it never goes rusty. This part will not break up, disintegrate, or ever get any con
  12. Ok folks the hard bit is done I have stock of the velocity stack again and about a dozen kits can be made immediately. I need more silicone to make more but that's the easy bit I'll start a new list for you all to put your names down on. The price will be a couple of pounds more than last time due to increased in postage and from my suppliers I'll put the link to the new list here.
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