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  1. Is this still available ? If it is give me a price to post to PR85ER please Gordon
  2. Hi Alex Do you sell the bolts for these sumps? Gordon
  3. Thanks Iain, Yeah one is a lot worse but can you still send me some more pictures tomorrow as still interested. Thanks Gordon
  4. Hi are the headlights still available and are there any carazing/ spider cracks on the lenses? I have read there are some lights scratches but they shouldnt be a problem. Thanks Gordon
  5. Hi Alex me again and a long shot, do you have any front bumpers azure blue? If not that colour any others?
  6. Hey bud where you based? Interested in the centre console for a project, does the ash tray work?
  7. Will offer £20 for the plasma dials, why did you have them done in KM ?
  8. Looking for an original 350Z HR bonnet any colour but good condition, no dents
  9. Thanks for the help and advice guys, think I will just go to Nissan.
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