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  1. Will offer £20 for the plasma dials, why did you have them done in KM ?
  2. Gordon69

    HR bonnet original

    Looking for an original 350Z HR bonnet any colour but good condition, no dents
  3. Gordon69

    [SOLD]Chargespeed Rear Bumper - Azure Blue

    Has this gone?
  4. does this work with the bose system?
  5. Gordon69

    HR Original bonnet

    Thanks for the help and advice guys, think I will just go to Nissan.
  6. Gordon69

    HR Original bonnet

    Hi all, Looking for an original HR style bonnet for my 350 not a fibreglass one. Azure blue if possible or black ( any colour if none of those available ), in a good condition. Thanks Gordon
  7. Gordon69

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    This is my baby after a few subtle mods