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  1. Thanks but need an uprated clutch. Gonna be drifiting
  2. HI all Anyone got a clutch kit for a 2003 de that they want to sell. Need an uprated one. Can be a good used one also Thanks
  3. do these decats throw the eml code on a de?
  4. jamesd

    w brace

    hi all Anyone got a used aftermarket w brace for sale? Thanks
  5. Ya theyre 100 quid each side new so hoping someone breaking a car has a good set before i buy new
  6. Hi all Anyone got a pair of good condition rear suspension stay brackets for sale as mine are rusted bad. They are the bit the w brace bolts on to which then bolts to the car in front of each rear arch. Thanks
  7. hi all After a cheap 350z front bumper in azure blue. Pref aftermarket. Doesnt need to be pristine as for a track car.
  8. Hi Whats the difference in the 2 poly sets you have? Any offers on at the moment? Thanks
  9. Anyone got diff bushes for sale
  10. Hi all After some strong poly or else solid rear frame and diff bushes for my 2003 de 350z Thanks
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